Tremendous Response To VFX Soldier


The response to my first post has been overwhelmingly successful. I was expecting to maybe get 10 views if I was lucky but almost 1000?

What was really interesting was how strong the response was from very senior people in the industry. Just goes to show that there are a lot of people around the world that are very interested in the issues facing the Visual Effects Industry. Twitter was buzzing with retweets about the story. Other industry bloggers gave honorable mentions and a good consensus about what I expressed it out there. You are not alone!

It would be nice to have this discussion on but the amount of censorship on that site is disgusting. Any attempt to talk about organization or the guilds is taken down.

However it was also nice to see a big response to the company reviews at Some were down right hilarious. Others that eluded to unpaid OT and 1099 situations were sobering. Keep those reviews going!

I’ll be working on some further posts so let me know what you think.


5 Responses to Tremendous Response To VFX Soldier

  1. Thanks for starting the blog and creating another forum where people can be part of the conversation.

    Speaking personally, I’m not opposed to subsidies. I moved to New Mexico a year ago because their long term commitment to to film subsidies has created a nice community and a better, more affordable lifestyle than the sinking ship that is the state of California, where the state’s budget problems are basically unsolvable due to the fractured state legislature.

    Moving to New Mexico for me and my family and I actually wish they’d be more aggressive in trying to bring some of the big effects facilities out here. I love California but it’s mess — too many people, too much traffic, high rents and declining public services.

    In the United States, subsidies on a state level are one effective block to keeping the work from going overseas. California can’t / won’t match what places like Canada and the UK can do…so it’s up to places like New Mexico and Louisiana to give producers reasons to stay in the U.S.

    I plan to have a Town Hall on subsidies in the future – the next one is going to be about labor issues, from guilds and unions to labor law to independent contractor status.

    I bring up this minor point of contention because I like debate…but I don’t want to lose my main point, which is praising The Solider for putting together this site…

    I leave you with one wacky idea – I’d love it if some people created fake movie trailers for “The VFX Soldier” – the whole idea screams of one of those ‘In a world…” trailers, with a shadowy VFX working lurking over the city and swooping down to knock the donuts out of Jon Favreau’s mouth….

    (I’m a fan of JF’s and I don’t begrudge him his donuts, but I know a good scene when I hear one.)

  2. Oops – forgot to mention…

    Stage one of is up, with daily news and information about VFX + making movies (and 2 contests right now). Stage TWO will be a message board that won’t censor this topic, although it will ask for a basic sort of civility. But the CGTalk censorship sucks, yeah…

    Hopefully the message board can roll out this week. If anyone wants to moderate a message board and won’t go on a power trip, give me a shout…

  3. Shannon says:

    I hate that I get paid for an 8 hour day when I work 20 hours instead.
    This whole unpaid overtime thing drives me insane!!! Literally.


    • vfxsoldier says:

      Hey Shannon,

      You should file a complaint with the local labor department in your area. Working unpaid overtime like that is illegal. I’ll be putting up some posts on advice for artists.

      • Shannon says:

        There are certain laws in BC (Canada) where they can get away with it. If you look up “High Technology Professional” it’s a very gray section of work, but they seem to lump VFX artists into it. Using that loophole they’re not required to pay overtime after 8 hours as the regular labor laws state. Some places will set up their own OT policies and pay OT after 10 hours a day or 50 hours a week. I think it’s more of a government problem and a VFX house taking advantage of the loophole thing.
        I have worked at one place where they paid OT after 8 hours and double OT after 12 though. That was nice.

        I look forward to your other posts.


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