Wise Words From Some VFX Heavy Hitters

Scott Squires posts an entry dedicated to getting the most out of a VFX budget for directors and producers. It’s nice to see some courageous big league VFX artists step up to the plate and try to resolve these issues.

Scott Stokdyk has also commented a bit on ideas being thrown around at the FX Digital Artists Guild proposal. A bit messy but worth a look at to see what’s being thrown around.

I actually think facilities should adopt a simple but brilliant assessment by Senior VFX Supervisor John Dykstra:

There are three ways to do any shot. There’s fast, there’s good and there’s cheap. But you can only work in combinations of two.

You can have it cheap and you can have it fast, but can’t have it good;

you can have it fast and you can have it good, but you can’t have it cheap;

you can have it good and you can have it cheap, but you can’t have it fast.

True words.


4 Responses to Wise Words From Some VFX Heavy Hitters

  1. Hugh Macdonald says:

    The extra bit of the “fast/good/cheap – pick two” thing is the story if the producer who was given this option, and replied with “I’ll take cheap twice”.

    • vfxsoldier says:

      “then you won’t get it good or fast.”

      • chris bond says:

        we used to joke – fast/good/cheap in VFX meant you could pick ONE:

        if its good, it isn’t fast or cheap.
        if its cheap, it isn’t fast or good.
        and if its fast, it isn’t cheap nor will it be as good as you want it be.

        makes more sense to me.


  2. Pete Draper says:

    We used to call it the “Golden Triangle” – Time / Quality / Money. Affect one, it affects the other two.

    I do recall saying exactly that to a producer once and he looked at me perplexed before saying the immortal words “what does being pissed on have anything to do with the quality of the work?”. I think he must have mistook his personal life with his professional one…

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