The Worst Animated Film Of The Year

This has been a really great year for animated films. Toy Story 3 and How To Train Your Dragon were the top two highest ranking films of the year on The incredibly talented animators of France flexed their muscle with the surprise hit Despicable Me. Yes I know there was a Shrek 4. The world can’t be perfect, but it did bring down some major money.

I came across an artist’s desk that had the trailer for a film I never heard of: Alpha And Omega. The film was done in India and it looked pretty good from far, but upon closer inspection, it looked far from good.

Now I know I shouldn’t judge a film by its trailer but unless Crest Animation can somehow bring Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men back to life to fix this thing there is simply no hope. It’s no surprise that only a few people who worked on the film are in a rush to add this to their credits on imdb.

I usually don’t nitpick the quality of films because it just reminds me of being at work but if you have a moment, take a close look at this film in HD. After viewing it I am going out on a limb and dubbing this the worst animated film of the year.

The animation is horrible. Look at the facial animation and you’ll notice that almost no attempt was made to do any lip sync animation at all. Is it me or did some of the animators accidentally leave some of the blendshape facial poses on? At the 2:27 mark the female wolf practically breaks her arm.

Don’t even get me started on the lighting and composting. I’m not sure how powerful the computers are down in India but it’s almost as though they used a Speak & Spell to render the motion blur. It feels like someone stabbed the contacts out of my eyes at the 1:18 mark. You can almost see each layer used in the comp because each edge looked like some smear filter was applied to it.

Worst of all, it’s going to be released in 3D.

I’m going to warn Lionsgate right now: If you release this film in 3D there will be a class action lawsuit by people who get an epileptic seizure watching this in 3D. This kind of animation is hazardous to your health.


5 Responses to The Worst Animated Film Of The Year

  1. mc says:

    Whoa. Got dizzy watching the super heavy motion blured fire exhaust truck.

    You sure the english wasn’t dubbed on top of a different language? Might explain why the lip-sync is sooooo off.

  2. lewis says:

    On top of all that,this film is aimed at kids. That’s the disgusting part after listening to the sexual inferences used in the dialog,in every other line. I was like WTF is this? The sad part is a lot of people don’t pay attention to this kind of garbage. I saw a lady blindly telling her child she was going to take him to see it. As if their isn’t enough garbage coming our way on tv with the courts ruling over FCC rules,we now get more in an animated film aimed at kids.

  3. jake says:

    yes lewis, it’s better to show blood, guts and killing…

    Personally, I didn’t see absolutely anything that would be offending or ‘disgusting’ in this trailer. Come on guys.

    As for the movie itslef, it was probably done on a budget at least ten times smaller than the Pixar movies you compared it to. Don’t expect Pixar quality with-not-so-Pixar budgets.

  4. […] This past weekend was the debut of Alpha And Omega, an animated film developed in the US with the bulk of the VFX work done in India. It was also my choice for the worst animated film of the year. […]

  5. Tom says:

    Well, its being release in LA area. Just seen a trailer last week… Sad really.

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