More VFX/Games Artists Taking A Stand

Slowly but surely artists are beginning to make their voices heard. A new vfx artist blogging anonymously about the UK VFX Industry called VFX Anon has nice blog that is worth a visit:

VFX Anon mentioned on twitter possible collusion occuring between facilities. I’ll have a post in detail about this in the future.

Artists Standing Up To Bad Management

Some people may disagree with some of the views artists and technical directors have about their employers but part of the reason I started my blog was to drive a discussion in the hopes of educating ourselves and making our industry better. Here are some artists and TDs that have taken a stand and worth reading what they have to say.

I was sent a recent post written by a former Electronic Arts worker:

I found out recently that I will be dismissed from Bioware Mythic during the next round of layoffs EA coming this November. I’m sick of seeing EA outsource their art and find every excuse to get rid of us and still not achieve anything. Mythic is dying, and its not us who killed him but we’re taking the fall.

Here is an email sent directly to everyone at MPC Vancouver by a departing artist:

When I joined the studio back in February this year I never had the intention of writing this email, at least not so soon.

I greatly enjoyed working with (names omitted) and and most of all (name omitted) who is an outstanding supervisor and an all around wonderful human being.

I love my team – the fx team with whom I bonded while cherishing the differences in our personalities because that is what made us so wonderfully sparkling and fun as a group. They are a committed, sharp and hard working bunch. On the tough project that was Suckerpunch – they all showed a level of professionalism, dedication and self restraint worthy of praise. Without them going well beyond the call of duty – the project would not have been possible.

To the rest of MPC and specifically to the managerial arm of the studio – this is not a love letter. I am aware of potentially overstepping the boundaries of what is acceptable and customary. At the same time, I don’t feel I could walk away without saying how greatly disappointed I am in the dismissive attitude the company fosters towards its employees. The HR department has been receiving and noting the individual grievances which amount to a sizable stack by now. In my 15 year industry experience, counting 9 studios, I am sad to say that MPC ranks at the bottom of my list as far employee treatment goes, perhaps only on par with The Orphanage which is no longer operational.

By continuing on this path MPC will quickly gain a reputation of one of the less desirable companies to work for in Vancouver.

My only hope is that I happened to pass through this company in tough, transitional times and that the last 6 months are not representative of the general company culture.

To my dear friends and colleagues, please keep in touch. You can always find me on linkedin.

To all of you that are finding some way of taking a stand for your industry, I salute you.

Soldier On.


3 Responses to More VFX/Games Artists Taking A Stand

  1. darquetsar says:

    I could have written this. I had the same exact experience at MPC London. I have a lot of good feelings about a lot of things in this life, but MPC does not make the list. If you can avoid working at MPC, do so at all costs. You will not be happy. They survive on a diet of stress and intrigue.

  2. ≈M≈ says:

    I am very interested in what you have to say about this. I have been offered a position at MPC Vancouver. I currently have a senior full-time position at a studio in Toronto. I have been trying to gather as much info as I can about MPC before quitting my job and moving myself and my family to Vancouver.

    I have not signed a contract nor booked a flight

    Any more legitimate and helpful info would be appreciated.

  3. john says:

    ~M~, did you end up taking the job? I’m now in your shoes and am thinking of moving to Vancouver to work at MPC. Just wondering if you can shed some more light on the working conditions there.


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