IBEW Union Invites VFX Artists

Jeff Heusser of fxguide caught this interesting piece of info:

This Saturday evening, October 16th, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 40 is holding an informational meeting pertaining to the visual effects industry. Everyone is invited.

IBEW Local 40 Informational Meeting
Saturday October 16, 2010 from 6pm -8:30pm
Pickwick Gardens, Terrace Room
1001 Riverside Drive
Burbank, Ca 91506

Dave Grabowski, Business and Membership Development Director is the contact at 818 762-4239.

As the film industry grows even more dependent on groundbreaking VFX with the advent of 3D, more and more organizations are becoming interested in courting artists. I believe we are the only professionals in the film industry that doesn’t have a guild (which is why we are always last when the credits role). It’ll be interesting to compare how what the IBEW offers compares to the IATSE’s Animation Guild.

If organization is done methodically and correctly, I believe we will see a very effective and prominent guild that will change the film and vfx industry for many artists and their families (might even be able to start a family for a change!) .

Soldier On.


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