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I joke to myself sometimes that you almost need a law degree to work in the VFX industry. When you read my last post you see that some employers not only break the law, they casually lie or admit it. It would be nice if the good employers speak out about it but even they are silent.

So it’s no surprise that a new player has entered the game: VFX Law. According to his twitter page, he is a CG Supervisor by day and law student by night. I encourage you to read his/her articles.

Film Labor Stability Bill In Canada

Perhaps I could induce VFX Law to write a post on a recent development in Ontario, Canada:

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns introduced a private member’s bill in the Ontario legislature Monday that he says will support labour stability in the film and television industry.

I’m not familiar with Canadian labor laws but I am familiar with some very bad labor situations in the Canadian VFX industry. We’ve already had 2 incidents where a Canadian VFX facility shuts down and left artists unpaid. I’m now hearing rumors of another similar incident occuring again up there. I’ll comment on it when official word gets out.

You can read the full text of the law here. It looks like what the law will try to do is bring the framework of agreements made between unions and studios into existing Ontario labor law. If it passes then it’s a great thing for fellow VFX artists working in Ontario but as my previous post points out, you are only breaking the law if you get caught. Some facility owners will cut corners when it comes to the law if they can get away with it. A labor union can help prevent that and I encourage artists in Canada to check out VFX Union IATSE 891 .

Soldier On.


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  1. Vito says:

    Some genuinely fantastic blog posts on this website, thanks for contribution.

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