CG Censorship

I hate censorship and I especially hate the censorship that exists on many of the cg forums out there on the web. Case in point is a recent incident that occurred on a thread at

I’ve linked to a cached version of the thread as the site owner apparently has taken down the thread. I would advise that the owner not try to delete the cache. I have a local copy available which I will simply replace if these links do not work:

Update: The caches have been deleted. I’ve taken a screenshot of the whole thread available here:

Here is a quick synopsis of what I understand happened.

The owner of vfxtalk who goes by the name of “Jah” resides in India (EDIT:correction, Jah does not reside in India.) and posted a request asking artists to do some work for him where the artist that did the best job would win $500. Obviously this is a pretty shady system and some of the forum members and moderators objected to the idea that artists should work for free. This leads into a pretty entertaining flame war that gets really ugly.

At some point the owner of vfxtalk locks and bans the accounts of the members who in his words “are fighting against the system.” He then replaces the avatars of those posters with something he calls an “asshole badge.” How scary.

Furthermore, He proclaims the end of the vfx industry because Indian and Chinese workers are willing to do the same work for cheap. In recognition of this, he decides to offer vip access to his site to those who reside in India and China (There were a number of people who object to this on the thread and their comments are being deleted). How nice:

so far i havent seen a serious argument or one that makes sense… just a lot of bitching attitude, and dudes who prefer to stay home and starve instead of do easy cheap work since it seams its below your standards.

jobs are going to india because they are cheaper and the quality is the same. as a film maker why would i pay more if i could pay less ? do you think thats going to change? why do you think pretty much everything is manufactured in china? same story.

i really dont care where your jobs are are going i am trying to show you guys that the industry sucks because they dont give you full time jobs anyway so theres no future in it. i could never raise my family under those rules and there aint gonna be a union just more work going to india.

meanwhile there is a ton of work online, like the job i posted here, that if you got your heads out of your asses you could make a ton of cash doing.

As of today I will be giving out free VIP memberships to anyone doing in VFX in india. if you are a VFX artist in india please PM me.

Anyone with a brain can see how this point of view is wrong but just to finish his rant off, he does something even more shocking and downright ugly:

i just want the job done if its below your standards then dont post in my thread. You might as well call those ‘poor little chinese and indian workers’ who are stealing your jobs and shutting down your facilites and lowering the ‘stadnrd’ niggers while you are at it since apparently its not below their standards. what are they, trash?

It’s threads like these made me choose to start this blog. How can we have an honest conversation like this when we allow ourselves to denigrate our craft by censoring those who dissent?

Apparently the owner must have realized how bad this was looking because the next morning he proclaims that he will be selling the site:

Ok so after taking a deep breath I have realised there are two sides to every coin. Maybe I am not a cultured vfx professional like you guys and so I apologise if I offended anyone.


I can’t continue to support a community that treats me and other people like me ie noobs the way I was treated which set off my flame war. I also can’t keep supporting a hole in my pocket.

So apparently he has no problem with vfx artists working for free, but is emphatically against running a website for free. Nice to know people hold themselves to higher standards these days.

Look, as the owner of the site he has every right to do whatever he damn pleases. Forums are great for students who have technical questions or would like constructive criticism of their work. Other than that I wouldn’t rely too much on career or industry business advice from these forums. Many of the posters are people who have never done vfx for features or major clients and have never even lived in cities where the vfx market is for that matter.

Soldier On.

71 Responses to CG Censorship

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  2. anon says:

    Look, his opening line in his one post says it all:

    “i have run this site for the past 7 years and taught vfx and animation for over 7 years”

    The key part there being “taught”. He’s the classic case of “those that can’t, teach”. He obviously knows absolutely fuck all about the industry and I doubt anyone of any importance cares about what he says. Everyone should just ignore him.

  3. Matt says:

    Looks like the same Jah behind the over-promising and under-delivering ‘Jahshaka’ application…

  4. MattWBP says:

    This whole debacle was quite an eye opener for me – I was one of the members who objected to the shady crowd-sourcing, and then to the banning, and then to the free VIP status being randomly given out who had their posts edited or deleted.

    It’s true that Jah can do whatever he wants with his website, but I think at some point he forgot what gave the community it’s value. I can see no other reason why he would create an environment so toxic to frank, honest and intelligent discussion.

    At some point, VFXTalk was a great hub of people with experience – I met my future employers through it! Though after around 2 years of neglect and then this behaviour… Time to leave it behind.

    Glad these conversations were cached and glad that someone else noticed what was happening.


  5. Doug says:

    I was surprised today when I visited the forum this morning and saw the rubble from this flame war. I didn’t get a chance to see it first hand, only the bits and pieces that hadn’t been deleted. But after reading the article you wrote, I’m joining the growing group of VFX artist who will be deleting their account from VFXTalk.

    It really is too bad to see things degrade so quickly with this community. I’ve been a member since my college days and it was a great resource at one time. But the writing is on the wall. And I can’t give my professional support to a site that behaves this unprofessionally. I only hope that other artist working professionally in the VFX industry will feel the same way and a clear message can be sent.

    • Chad says:

      Hiya Doug!

      I’m with you, what happened at VFXtalk is a disgrace and Jah is a lunatic. The forum needs some serious house cleaning, but I’m a big fan of Gentle Fury and know Andreas in real life. Our of respect for them I’ll stick around a bit longer to see if the forum can regain a semblance of what it once was, as long as Jah never shows his face again.

      In the meantime I’ll also be checking out the lefora board as well, so hope to see you online still contributing your knowledge and sharing you work!


  6. Tom says:

    This is just a small example of what I expect will start to infect the industry. We are slowly moving to an all digital age. I just hope the film industry along with the rest of the world realizes it before its too late.

    “The Death Star” is approaching, I can see the light way off in the distance. This is either a start of a new VFX artist revolution or the beginning of its demise. Hate to be the bring of reality. But someone has to say it.

  7. T says:

    I too have been a member of that forum for a while now and was shocked to see what was going on. It’s sad to see a vfx community go down in flames by the hands of it’s owner, who was supposedly a vfx artist.

    How can he expect to scam people with a job like that, treat his members and mods poorly, ban anyone who has an opposed opinion and then turn around and ostracize half the world? How can he still have people want to be apart of that community. I, like others, can’t support a site like that and will be deleting my account.

    Thanks VFX Soldier for sharing this with the world since the owner of that site has deleted any evidence of his wrong doings.

  8. A says:

    same thing happened at
    alienate the working professionals who post because their opinions are not your own, lock them out and wonder why your forum is a shell of its original.

    too many people in this biz blinded by their egos. And too many newbies who think
    they know everything.

  9. curiousgeorge says:

    I’m trying to get a handle on this as related to other art forms.

    I didn’t dig (apologies in avance) to find out what the “job” was or how it was explained, but if it had been termed a “contest”, or a “challenge”,would it have been ok to solicit artists to provide works that would be use to make profit?

    I wonder, because for example has “challenges that invite artists to submit work to publish in their books and sell. Do all those artists (even the ones who don’t win a grand prize) get paid more than $500? Is there work less?

    And what about all the other artists sub,itting work to the forum galleries…sicne CGS has membershp fees and people come the site mainly to look at “eye candy” shouldn’t they also be compensated?

    And what about all the rest of the contests and challenges etc? Writers, Film makers, Phototgraphers…on and on…What ae the REAL legal implications and rules for this type of thing?

    curious george

    • VFX Soldier says:

      That’s really up to the artist to decide. For me personally, the fact he wanted iterative control means it wasn’t a contest but in the end my opinion doesn’t matter.

      What matters to me is that there were forum members and moderators who wanted to warn unsuspecting artists about this and were banned and locked out.

  10. anon says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been a member of vfxtalk for a long time and can’t believe Jah is doing this. The fact that he doesn’t even realize what’s wrong with it is even worse. I’m never going back there again.

    Who wants to start a new forum?

  11. Invader777 says:

    Ok… here’s the deal… I was there for the flamewar (Even participated to a small extent) There were two sides to this argument…
    Jah and Void. Void has a massive ego. (Although he has denied it)
    Jah is the forum leader, and while I do not agree with his method of outsourcing, I have no reason to call it shady. He made his terms very clear.

    Now, while I find the idea of censorship distasteful in the extreme, I have no problem with the administrator of a website, banning people that blatantly argue with his aims. That is pure logic. You may argue with a moderator… but never the administrator. If you do – expect a ban.

    Now, while that is true… I would have liked Jah to have given fair warning to each individual member, before letting off the banhammer.

    On the otherhand, I have flamed with Void before and it is not a pleasant experience. He ignores logic, and refuses to back down or compromise.

    On the other hand, I feel that Jah’s decision to close the thread down, to be justified. The action of which helped to stem the flamewar, and prevent it from infecting most of the rest of VFXtalk.

    His decision to offer VIP to people in India and China was a wonderful offer.
    In fact – I almost thought about changing my location in my preferences to China, just to take advantage of it: that’s how not well thought out it was.
    One might have considered it racist to make this offer to one arbitrary group of people, and not another… But I think it was an attempt at smoothing over some issues before they occurred. Jah knew there was going to be some backlash from the flamewar and didn’t want to seem like the badguy. (Which no-one was technically)

    The fallout of this is distasteful.
    I would personally like Jah to formally offer to publicly apologise (On the proviso that those banned also publicly apologise for their actions) and rescind all bans handed out during this debacle.
    I feel this is the best way for Jah to make things right, and to put this thing behind VFXtalk.
    Personally, I take Jah’s side, but I think he’s seriously overreacted in the wrong direction with this.

    • radders says:

      I find Void one of the most logical posters on that site. I was short with people, but only the ones that deserved it and that most people couldn’t even be bothered to reply to.

    • Chad says:

      “His decision to offer VIP to people in India and China was a wonderful offer.
      In fact – I almost thought about changing my location in my preferences to China, just to take advantage of it:”

      I can’t tell if this paragraph is oozing with sarcasm, or if you’re as delusional as Jah?

  12. pissupoosa says:

    I personally did not see this thread until Bryan brought this topic up.

    my view is that a community is in its members.. and the members in question, for some of whom i have a lot of respect for have done a lot for the community. Sure, void has a big mouth, and is offensive at times but he says what needs to be done..

    And as far as i knew, VFXTalk was a professional forum, and this whole “Ban and replace avatar” thing is rather childish and immature.

    At the introduction of this VIP thing, i felt that it was a good move as those who were awarded the title was mostly VFS members and those who could afford $50, which meant that in all likelihood, a VIP is a person who was a VIP in the industry.. interestingly, the newer VIPs were anyone from India and china who managed to scavenge 20 posts. The irony is that i see members who have been here less that a year with VIP status, while members like Doodle, georgeivan and void who genuinely are an asset are non-VIPs…

    for me, being a junor and resident of another 3rd world country, the whole point visiting VFXTalk is to engage in quality conversation with an industry professional. But, if the industry professionals are removed and replaced with wanna be teeny bopper VFX artists from india and china, the whole point is lost.

    • normal says:

      Guys, you’re giving that VIP title more than what it deserves. It’s nothing but having access to some dead forums and a ridiculous badge under your nickname.
      I have donated just to support the forums that I have learnt from them what I wanted, nothing more nothing less.
      Then about what happened, I think that jah is just depressed and found a way to let it out 🙂

  13. bob says:

    Vfxsoldier. Thanks for keeping this around.

    Invader777. The first time i’ve ever found out you’ve been offended by any posts is now. Perhaps it’s a case of mis-understanding and “lost in translation” somewhere. Sorry if you’re been offended.. It was never the intention

    As for Jah. I have no apologies.

    Anyone who has been in the industry for a little while has personally sacrificed something. I have had close friends have car crashes due to exhaustion, watch relationships suffer and consequently be destroyed. This is a sensitive topic for everyone for a good reason. It’s also hard to explain to someone you “know your shit” without sounding a little silly.

    Jah is nothing but a poor excuse for a venture capitalist. Profit (at others expense) seems to be the key here. It’s really easy to see.

  14. TobiasK says:

    I’m sad to see vfxtalk falling apart. For a long time it was a valuable recource and a great place to learn. I don’t want to give a comment to the whole contest / outsourcing thing (although I have a firm opinion on that). But seeing the responses and behaviour of Jah I immediately deleted my account there. I think it’s ashaming to treat a community like that and even if Godwins’ Law is against me now the idea of “asshole badges” has same historical connotations to me.

    Thank you VFXSoldier for keeping the cache and for your article. It is good to know, that someone is keeping an eye on the happenings in the industry, as well as in the internet.

  15. postTHis says:

    how do you delete your account there? the control panel has no option to delete account there.

  16. thanks for information buddy.

  17. s_S says:

    wow, when I saw the forum post the first time I thought that it was a totaly rip off, also thought that I maybe overract and thats that the direction is how things are going to be….but after reading the cache files I know now that I wasn´t overreacting….going to delete my account there too, not just because of this post, but because I think that the site dies slowly…
    Also I have the feeling this whole outsourcing thing is the main topic on this site and not vfx and technologie and the whole art behind it….this is why cgsociety works, the artists there getting celebrated for their work and quality of it, not for how cheap they can produce it.
    Is there another useful site/forum for VFX?

  18. jah says:

    To put things in perspective, i am not the racist. I stood by and watched you guys piss on the indians and chinese, cry about them stealing your work and your jobs, and yet when i posted a low cost yet totally honourable paying job was told to fuck off by the members of the community that i have paid to support for the past 5 years and who have done nothing to help support me or the site in return.

    that includes the vfxsoldier, you racist pig i would love to meet you on the street.

    the people in the threads that were the most vocal and who had the biggest mouths had not even purchased vip memberships which cost only $25 to support vfxtalk and were overly vocal in MANY threads that i am now finding and deleteing pissing on other people.

    so yes you can go to hell and no i dont care what you say as i am not a part of you business or your industry. it doesnt reflect on me and doesnt affect me.

    and to be honest, i have much more respect for the indians and chinese who are slaving their asses off while you all spit on them. i find it beyond disgusting, so i am happy to see you go.

    So you can continue to cry and complain, it means nothing to me. I will continue to delete posts as you try to restart the argument and as you continue to try to be-little the indians.

    I will continue to support them and ban you guys i dont care if the forums die as a result, its YOUR industry that you are killing without your egos and attitiudes.

    you all need to grow up, i am only happy that i can stike out against the system.

    • VFX Soldier says:

      I want to respond to this but I figure it’s best to let you defeat yourself.

    • T says:

      And he just keeps digging. It’s laughable.

    • Jeff says:

      Feel free to point out any racist remarks to Indians or Chinese.

    • Gavin Greenwalt says:

      I made no racist remarks. I just satirically made metaphors for the hypocrisy of running a site based on ads which you charge regardless of return on but then asked us to do work without being payed.

      You then changed my avatar which is EXTREMELY UNETHICAL since an avatar is a personal expression and to use my identity to express your own words is identity fraud. In fact California just passed a law which allows people to sue if you post anything online under someone else’s name.

      It’s clear as a result that you have no professional or ethical integrity. And to call me racist for disagreeing with you about a job post–as I would disagree with anyone posting such an offer shows that you have no class to boot.

      If you’re going to ban me, ban me. But don’t impersonate me and use my account to attempt to defame me.

      I will no longer be using your site. You’re right I never did become a VIP, I have supported CGTalk because unlike VFXTalk I find they actually offer me a product I support. Your only value is your users and with behavior like this you can expect your users to leave in droves. On the bright side, your hosting costs will go down.

      Please revert my avatar to either blank or its original image if you are going to ban me.

      By the way I’m looking at posts I’ve made and some of them have drawn in over 7,000 views. Google would charge its advertisers about $5 for that. There with just one post I’m 1/4 of the way to your VIP account.

      It’s true, you’re clearly not a member of this industry since you don’t seem to have the basic professional etiquette or responsibility of someone I would consider employable.

      – Gavin Greenwalt
      im.thatoneguy *banned*

    • Gavin Greenwalt says:

      Oh and this is why your $500 makes no sense.

      Yes for 10 hours of work that would be $50 an hour and probably cover someone’s living expenses after taxes, FICA, and other 1099 expenses as well as health insurance etc.

      But if 10 equally talented artists compete that means statistically you will ‘win’ 1/10th of jobs. That means you’re paying the $5 since you’ll have to do 10 jobs to get payed at that rate. If say 20 people attempt to do the job then you’re down to $2.50 an hour. You’re literally better off on unemployment which would pay be about $10 to look for a real job.

      And that even assumes the job would actually take 10 hours. With unlimited revisions you could easily be looking at a 50 hour week in which case the *STARTING* hourly rate is $10 an hour. Barely enough to live on in most urban areas without collecting food stamps. Again, say there are 10 people competing for that $10 an hour job (and nobody was guaranteed to win, so that’s assuming that 1 of those 10 will always win) and you’re looking at $1 an hour.

      When studios do spec work to win a bid they always do this same calculation “We can probably win about 1/3rd of all bids. If we charge 3x the cost of doing a spec demo to every winning project we can continue this practice. And 3x the spec cost is usually a very small rate in comparison to the final product.

      Just in case you’re curious *why* people think it’s scamy, that’s the economic argument.

      $$ / Hours / Competitors = Hourly Rate.
      $500 / 25 / 20 competitors = Starvation.

    • gman says:

      After reading the email sent around, I was in support of the bans…having never before heard of the situation.

      Then I came here and read this. Jah, your post and attitude in general are pathetic. There is nothing professional about your rhetoric.

      I am deleting my account from VFXTalk and encouraging all others in my path to do the same.

      Absolutely ridiculous.

  19. jah says:

    Done said my piece! you guys can find a good community to join at i am sure they will embrace your mentality there.

  20. jah says:

    and for the record, this is what has been killing the forums, is why most of the senior folk left over the past year and what led to the banning and asshole badges:

  21. Jeff says:

    You’ll strike oil with all that digging…

  22. Das says:

    Well, Jah, it seems like you deleted the thread.

    What a good admin you make.

    • VT says:

      Just to clarify here – it was not Jah who deleted that thread, but a (very reasonable) moderator.

      • VT says:

        Just to clarify, I’m talking about the thread that jah posted a link to a couple of comments up, not the main one that this article is about…

  23. MattWBP says:

    The reason he deleted that thread was likely because the peoples reasoning for being curt with the original poster made total sense.

    Some facts :
    – No one on VFXTalk has ever treated someone differently solely on the basis of their nationality. In my entire time on VFXT, he was the first example of this behaviour I saw.

    – No one has ever cried about Indian’s stealing work. There have been discussions on outsourcing – all of which perfectly polite, and usually ending with the same conclusion amongst people experienced with outsourcing directly.

    I believe that the racism card is simply being dealt here because Jah has absolutely no argument based in either logic, experience or rationale. We are literally talking about someone who believes a crowd-sourcing system powered by a forum system he’s failed to update over the last two years is going to create a manageable business model of the future.


    On a final note – Jah, you probably won’t ever bump into VFXSoldier on the street. It’s most likely he “Spends $500 on Taxi’s a week” Just like me.


  24. anon2 says:

    What has been happening over at vfxtalk is really sad. I am also from a “3rd world country”, and it has made no difference at all during my time at vfxtalk. I have enjoyed learning a great deal from vfxtalk over the past couple years. There have been many helpful people on there. I am disheartened to see people like Void and others being banned etc. as like others have said, they have a lot of knowledge to share.

    vfxtalk somehow feels “empty” now, as some of the top users have left the building. I have seen a couple people ask about starting a new forum. I think that would be a brilliant idea, and if anyone did decide to do that, I would gladly join that forum, and hopefully it would become a thriving, helpful community.

  25. […] of being banned, VFXTalk owner Jah was so convinced that he could crowdsource vfx work that he banned objecting senior vfx artists. He […]

  26. the truth says:

    Jah is Indian and has obviously taken the whole outsourcing issue very personal – simple as that.

    What has happened over the last year at vfxtalk is a HUGE influx of Indian users. 99% of which create posts in broken English asking the same basic questions over and over and over and over again. It’s not the fact they are Indian, they would get the same treatment if they were American and creating posts in broken English asking retarded questions. Any forum on the internet would treat those specific users like that.

    BUT just because Jah is Indian too, he takes it personally and thinks everyone is racist.

    That’s the truth about what happened. This whole crowd-sourcing – Void debate was just the tipping point for him I guess.

  27. Anon says:

    Sadly, he’s the racist one here feeding off stereotypes of “Hollywood” artists. Can’t remember the last time I caught a cab in london. Let alone paid £400 like he states. This is great example by him on how not to handle something like this. You know his profile states he’s 38? Immature much? He also stated he has earned up to a million dollars in his time. You would think this qualifies as someone who knows an artist should be paid

    • MattWBP says:

      Yeah, his accusing me of spending ridiculous amounts of money on Taxi’s alongside throwing out figures of how much he has apparently paid running VFXTalk/made himself was rather peculiar.

  28. jay says:

    The links posted on the very top regarding the cached discussions are no longer working.

  29. jay says:

    Anyone care to move the group and forum to facebook — where everyone are equals (and there are no VIP thread for VIP peeps)?

  30. VFX Soldier says:

    Hey All,

    I see the cache has been deleted. I’ll post the screen grabs of the thread over the weekend. cheers.

  31. jay says:

    Hey guys,

    For a few years now, we –the members of the VFXTalk site — have formed a pretty well-established community and camaraderie where we were able to discuss pretty much anything related to our industry (even unrelated ones too). Suffice it to say, most of us want to save this “community” we’ve established (after all, it took years for it to be formed).

    I firmly believe that this community we created is not bound by websites, servers, and URLs. So regardless of the webserver that hosts our discussions, as long as we’re all together and are actively participating we still have this community.

    I and a few others have banded together and have moved to facebook ( ). With all the chaos on the VFXTalk site, the facebook group is the most feasible solution at the moment (it’s free, easily accessible, and all are equals (no VIPS). We would love to see you join us, so we can preserve our community:

    And in case a new site arises in the future to replace VFXTalk, at least we know where to find you (i.e., on the facebook group) and send you additional info when necessary.

    Lovingly Yours,

  32. […] Recently, an online discussion forum for visual effects that I have been a member of — — has undergone a lot of internal controversy related to the care and handling of newbs.  You can read more about it here. […]

  33. Will says:

    Looking forward to the restoration of the thread. I think it’s possible to have reasonable disagreements, but once Jah started trying to rewrite history in a misguided effort to control things, he was basically trying to make it impossible for somebody to look at what happened and draw their own conclusions. Reasonable discussion is simply impossible in that environment. I also just posted my thoughts about an aspect of the vfxtalk breakdown on my site. Like Jah, I would also like to meet you in the street, vfxsoldier. If that happened, we could duck into a bar and I’d buy you a beer.

  34. VFX Soldier says:

    Hey all,

    I updated my article with a link to a screenshot of the whole thread. Let me know if the site I used to upload it sucks. I’ve never used it before.

  35. MattWBP says:

    And now it appears Jah’s banning more people. I’m banned, but I admit – I was sort of aiming for that outcome.

  36. mc says:


    I’m a noobie at this, but are people actually worried about outsourcing??? I’ve talked to a couple places that have studios in india on studio visits and they all say that while the studios in 3rd world countries are equally matched pipeline-wise, they still don’t have the quality aspect down, so nothing big will be shipped out overseas.


    btw, big fan of void if he ever reads this. if not, oh well.

  37. MattWBP says:

    Out-Sourcing and the treatment of the idiot noobs is all an aside to what this argument was really about, guys.

    The argument was about Jah trying to crowd-source work, and his defense of that method of working as a ‘business model of the future’ when people questioned it’s ethics. Everything else that came up is either totally unrelated or being used by Jah to try and justify his increasingly erratic behaviour.


  38. […] generated this post was my article on something that happened at a VFXTalk forum. What angered me was unsuspecting VFX artists in […]

  39. T says:

    UPDATE: Jah is on a banning streak and his latest words and pictures hit a new low.

    As someone on the forums pointed out it’s like a car wreck. It’s hard to look away.

  40. the truth says:

    He’s been deleting posts all morning from members today. He’s an idiot.

  41. VFX Soldier says:

    Hey all,

    I never delete posts but just had to delete one because someone was trying to impersonate me.

    I’m all for free speech and anonymity but I’m forced to delete any post that tries to impersonate me.

  42. Alexgk says:

    He seems to be pushing the “crowdsourcing” and all that in such a positive spin, like we’re all a$$holes.

    And did anyone get that form letter from Vfxtalk today? Had veiled insults, and was almost passive aggressive.

  43. Jason says:

    Does anyone have a picture of Jah from facebook or something? I am curious to see how does a person that stupid look.

  44. […] a recent article I pointed out a scam being run at a vfx forum run by a shady businessman. The response was tremendous with artists banding together against VFXTalk. What I couldn’t […]

  45. […] regularly posted about scams and most recently posted various opinions by those working in the Indian VFX industry here and […]

  46. […] 3 weeks so hadn’t been on VFX Talk but when I got home I found an e-mail with a link to this post by VFX Soldier, which links to a cached version of a deleted thread between several high-profile members of the […]

  47. Austin says:

    Same thing here with censorship. Jah Shaka is a joke to the VFX industry. He is unfair, unethical and knows nothing about being an industry pro. Never do any work for this guy! I’m joining everyone else here and I deleted my VFXTalk account.

  48. […] If you want to read about what happened over at VFXtalk read this article on vfx soldier’s blog. […]

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