2010 Motion Graphic Design Census

Hat tip to Bran Dougherty-Johnson and Jake Sargeant for putting together the 2010 Motion Graphic Design Census. According to the survey a whopping 77% of the respondents are not paid overtime by the companies they work for!

Many motionographers do a lot of commercial work along side many vfx artists. If any group needed a union the most it would be them: They work on very short term projects and move job to job very quickly and misclassification is common. I figure if a makeup artist, editor, or cinematographer can get IATSE representation on a commercial project then why can’t vfx and motion graphic artists do too?

It might be worth contacting IA organizer Jim Goodman for this: vfx@iatse-intl.org


2 Responses to 2010 Motion Graphic Design Census

  1. Thanks for the post, VFXLaw! Finding out about OT in our industry was one of the motivating factors behind the survey. We also have a new survey out for US workers now: http://motiongraphicdesigncensus.org/2011/01/2010-motion-graphic-design-census/

    Thanks for all the info here, I’m a regular reader.


  2. Sorry, just noticed that I called you VFXLaw here. My bad. 😉

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