VFX Law Out

VFX Law Out.

That was usually how VFX Law, an anonymous blogger who was a CG Supervisor by day and law student by night, ended his popular posts.

However if you have visited his/her site, twitter, or even tried to send an email, you’ll realize he/she is for real this time. On Saturday the VFX Law blog, twitter account, and email were all deleted.

It’s a sad day for the VFX community as his/her posts were very informative. One of VFX Law’s posts on Vancouver labor law has generated a response from a Vancouver labor attorney.

My guess is someone VFX Law worked with caught on to who he was and it wasn’t worth continuing. I’ve heard that there are executives that have been trying to guess who VFX Soldier is.

I’m inclined to re-post many of the deleted articles, however I do remember VFX Law’s site explicitly stating to not re-produce them without permission. If you are out there shoot me an email if you permit.

Soldier On.


16 Responses to VFX Law Out

  1. sdsdfsdfsdf says:

    Hope hes ok, I will miss that blog. Hope yours doesnt vanish either!

  2. sad says:

    Regardless of one’s stance on VFXLaw and his (or her) articles, this should be a giant wakeup call that something’s wrong in this industry if views can’t be aired in public, however controversial.

    Discussion should never be stifled. If you don’t like an opinion, refute it with facts, not threats and censorship.

    • Shootsy says:

      …giant wake up call?! In case you haven’t noticed this is pussy generation. How many people watch or even post here compare to the thousands in this industry?

      When you try in the real world to talk to people about standing up for something other than bowing down or begging to comp for $20/hour they ALL bail out.

      Soldier on? Yes! …Grow a pair should be added too!

    • Spleni Kovalski says:

      Everyone is shouting about problems in industry. Wake up. Industry is fine and works perfectly according to capitalist rules. Don’t you understand that?

  3. X says:

    Shootsy, that’s because the vfx shops have become over competitive, and the artists have also. Nobody cares about one another, or the industry as a whole, only themselves. Very few will stand up because they don’t want to rock the boat. Once we learn to help one another out and stop being so goddamn competitive, will we learn to stand up as one work-force.

  4. Anon says:

    Same thing happened to VFXHELL.com when the high paid studio lawyers came out

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  6. VFX Law says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I will miss my blog as well, and felt it was just starting to take off. It is ,apparently, “unethical to offer legal advice without having first passed the bar”. Additionally, I was informed “while your intentions are good, only a practicing lawyer should offer legal advice, and only after carefully considering the case and circumstances”. Lest I forget, “that the law can be interpreted a myriad of ways, and every case is unique”, or that, “the law is determined by precedents set by the judicial system, not by legislation”.

    When your law school gets wind of your legal blog they shut you down and tell you to “get back to your studies”.

    VFX Law, out.

    Soldier On, VFX Soldier…please, do!

    • vfxmafia says:

      What is “unethical” is the trade laws that are on the books now….
      not the man who points out how phony they are….

      you will me missed…..

  7. citizen says:

    VFX Law,

    Couldn’t you get around all that mess with a disclaimer? Because you’re in law school, you aren’t entitled to express an opinion based on experiences and observations nor are you able to point knowledge-seeking individuals to the information they seek? Thanks for your effort, regardless. It made an impression.

  8. VFX Soldier says:

    VFX Law,

    While I can agree that it may be unethical to provide legal advice without passing the bar, I think your blog gave great insight into how things are done on the studio side. It would be great to see you blog again in the future about the industry.

  9. skaplan839 says:

    VFX Law –

    I am sad to hear that the blog and all the insight you offered won’t be around. I hope that doesn’t mean you’ll be scarce on these forums as well. Your ideas are thought provoking and its always nice to have intelligent people stoking the conversations. I hope to continue reading your ideas and wish you well in your schooling.

    Steve Kaplan

  10. alanalanalan says:

    The content is still there if you want it bad enough. I am sure you can figure it out. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vfxlaw2012.wordpress.com/

  11. […] Well that was fast. Writer VFX Law has abruptly disappeared  today with the twitter account locked up and tweets deleted. This isn’t the first time this has happened. If any of you remember this happened before 2 years ago. […]

  12. smart choice says:

    Whilst the sentiment of the blog was great I always questioned legal opinion from a student. Its like going to see a 1st year med student and asking them to perform open heart surgery on you. It was only putting his future career at risk and I think we can all support him in trying to create a better future for himself. Perhaps in a few years he will be back in the entertainment law field.

    I just had a funny thought how most of you would take VFX advice or critique from a student at some film school. Not many i expect;)

    • VFX Soldier says:

      This is an old post from 2 years ago. Not sure if VFX law got his/her law degree but that seems to be the assumption.

      As I always say: don’t trust what you read on this blog or others, verify it for yourself.

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