The above video has been making the rounds. It’s really entertaining to watch because it’s so over the top.

I wrote about this film a few months ago. At a budget of $41,675,740, it’s India’s biggest VFX film ever. It’s also making money with a worldwide gross of 300 crore which is about $65 million. Much of the popularity of the film is due to the starring role of Indian icon Rajinikanth.

For a film with “cheap” visual effects, this is actually a pretty expensive film. For example, Skyline was made for $10 million dollars and has made the same amount worldwide. Of course nobody knows the marketing budgets of these films.

I’m also reminded of the 2006 film Ultraviolet which had a budget of $30 million. The VFX in that film was produced mostly in China.

It seems to me that low budget VFX can be made anywhere. Even in western countries.

Soldier On.


10 Responses to VFX or WTF?

  1. Phillip Gibb says:

    oh my word, that was very OTT, over the top of my head, the house, the house next door, over a skyscrapper on the other side of the planet …

  2. brad greenspan says:

    I dun get it. Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle (2003) cost US$20M and its VFX looks way much better than this.

  3. Ken Ichiwa says:


    Let’s say that
    1)I decide to make a VFX-heavy movie and,
    2)I lift entire VFX sequence from other blockbuster movies (you know like the highway chase scene in Matrix 2, tunnel chase scene in I, Robot, robot designs from I,Robot, courtyard rumble in Matrix 2) and,
    3) outsourced the VFX work to third world countries ,

    how much cost savings would I reaped?

    I believe this would be a very lucrative business model. Imagine delivering VFX-heavy films for US$15-20M. This would definitely sell like hotcakes at AFM.

  4. Tom says:

    I think I seen this in my dreams once, I would have to say WTF!!!

  5. Anon says:

    Hollywood remakes foreign films all the time (turning culturally sophisticated subtle stories into romantic comedies for Tom Cruise etc) I guess it’s unfortunate now foreigners are remaking cheesy hollywood films

  6. Yogzatot says:

    Hilarious VFX shots :D!
    That made a day and big laugh. But seems very cool to me. In some places eye cached some cheap moments but good to see Indians attacking. Maybe soon Indians will develop great confidence in their VFX skills and price and will finish with cheap outsource job acceptance.
    Maybe they will start to outsource one day, who knows this crazy world..

  7. vfxguy says:

    I would watch this over skyline any day.

  8. WhyHelloThere says:

    This was better than the entire Skyline movie. I’m serious.

  9. Acorn VFX says:

    Everyone looks at this for a laugh!!! I look at potential business investment over “there” 🙂 Why?? Do you think “they” (India)or just one company ‘Reliance’ now own’s a good chunk of “DreamWorks” (where do you think DreamWorks got all these new productions going in the past two years? DreamWorks was out in the market for a sell out,and in $2.6 Billion debt) On The other hand Prime Focus owns “Frantic Films, Machine, Post logic Studios, etc, etc to name a few.. and yeap they are now on 4 continents and 5 different time zones 1600 + people string. So it’s all about the $ and America don’t have it here anymore! Yes, We will be working for “them” eventually just look back in history and you would know…

  10. […] But I know, it’s all going to India no matter what I say. Ra.One follows a succession of attempts in India to blow the lid off how to do VFX cheaply. Yet they seem to keep getting more and more expensive. […]

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