Canadians Thrive as Soft Money Well Runs Dry in U.S. and Europe

From the Hollywood Reporter:

It’s not so much that the production environment in Canada is rock solid, as rival locales in the U.S. and Europe look shaky as governments end or trim tax credits and other lucrative subsidies to woo Hollywood to their backyards.

And from the Spectator:

Since 43 states have film subsidy programs, “no state can ‘win’ the film subsidy war.”

In my post about the legality of international studies many had diverted the debate into one about nationalism and xenophobia. If you have read my blog, you’ll know that I have railed against both state and international film subsidies for the vfx industy. It artificializes the price of vfx.

In the subsidy war, the last person standing is the biggest loser.

Soldier On.


2 Responses to Canadians Thrive as Soft Money Well Runs Dry in U.S. and Europe

  1. Dave Rand says:

    It’s my belief that those of current influence have kept the incentives out of Los Angeles and California in an effort to scatter the talent away from this center of infrastructure in order to interrupt further unionization efforts in the fx world…a world that has become the bulk of the box office bottom line.
    Dave Rand

    • VFX Soldier says:

      who knows. I have doubts that it’s true given the international reach of the IATSE in Canada and other states. However, it could be possible that having all the talent in one area and unionized would provide alot of leverage for workers that studios don’t want to deal with.

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