Oscar Winning IA Members Show Union Support

I mentioned how I noticed Oscar winners thanking the unions they are a part of. News outlets also noticed and reported on it. Oscar Winning DP Wally Pfister couldn’t have said it better in his post acceptance press conference:

I have been a union member for 30 years and what the union has given to me is security for my family. They have given me health care in a country that doesn’t provide health care and I think unions are a very important part of the middle class in America all we are trying to do is get a decent wage and have medical care.

Mr Pfister is in a league of his own but if you read his biography, you will learn that he started off as a production assistant and then a cameraman for the local news. He rose all the way to the top becoming THE cinematographer for Christopher Nolan in pretty much all his films.

All along the way he was a member of the IA. While some would consider his words “strong arming” people like me who have experienced the benefits of being in a union consider his words just a matter of fact.

Soldier On.


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