Steve Wright On Being Wrong

The Pallbearer of the VFX Industry?

VFX artist and teacher Steve Wright recently sounded off on unionization and he has a strong warning for all you VFX artists in California:

Unionize and it will be the “final nail in the coffin” for VFX.

Got it? Don’t you even think about it! All this talk about death by Mr. Wright reminds me of an eery resemblance to the WWE’s Paul Bearer. In fact, I will now dub him “The Pallbearer of the VFX Industry”!

Now all jokes aside, I think Paul is a good guy who just has it all wrong. In fact, he contradicts himself to the point of silliness.

It’s All Going To India, No.. Wait It’s All Leaving India!?

Throughout his piece he talks about VFX going to places where labor is cheaper. Yet in a previous op ed, he proclaimed that VFX work would leave places like India because the costs were rising and the quality was still subpar:

The Indian digital artists may have learned the “button pushing” but they usually lack the depth of knowledge to put together a real visual effects shot. Knowing how to operate Maya does not make you a character animator.

Of course, the obvious advantage of the Indian talent pool is their low cost. You may be interested to hear that they are rapidly losing that advantage. Here’s why; since setting up visual effects in India has become the “hot new thing,” everybody is setting up a visual effects operation there because there is no shortage of investors. There are now more VFX studio workstations than artists.  As a result, they are poaching each others’ staff.

In fact, I pointed out that “commoditized” work such as roto has made a come back here in the US. There are regular job postings daily for roto artists. Why aren’t they all just going to India if it’s so cheap? Quality and talent matters. Whether you are an Indian or an American, if you are talented you will demand high pay. I recieved an email from an artist in India who talks about similar problems there.

VFX Is Easy. You Don’t Need Talent.

He then mentions an example of how software has become cheaper and more available. He draws an incredible conclusion that you need “no talent” in this example:

It used to be that  if you wanted 50,000 Orks stampeding across the screen you had to write very sophisticated “crowd behavior” software. Now you can just buy Massive for $18,000, a tiny fraction of what cost to  write, and requiring no talent. You still need talented animators to make it look good, of course.

I love how he just glances over the fact you need talented animators to make it look good. Steve have you even used Massive? I know a few Massive TDs and they are incredibly talented and hard to find. You think anyone can do the complicated brainwork and motion editing to get it to work right? I saw a job postings by Hydraulx looking for Massive TDs for the last month. I doubt that position has been filled. Would you like to volunteer to help Steve?

California Artists Are The Most Expensive?

He wrongly accuses Californian VFX artists of being too expensive as if the labor is cheap in thriving markets like the UK and NZ. What he forgets to tell you is that artists at Weta Digital, where much of the vfx work has gone, are some of the highest paid artists in the industry. One of the big reasons is because the government subsidizes their salaries to lure US studios to do the work there. Trade Law experts contend these subsidies are illegal.

Unions Don’t Stifle Innovation

Here is the thing that bothers me the most about Mr. Wright’s piece. In the same newsletter he emailed out with his op ed I saw this tidbit:

Steve Returns To Disney! Steve has a return engagement to the Walt Disney Animation studios in Burbank in the fourth week of March for some more of that good Shake to Nuke transition training – one of Steve’s specialties – that they loved so much in February! Steve always likes doing Disney because the commissary food is so good.

Disney Animation is a unionized facility under The Animation Guild yet he says the union would stifle innovation because it would prevent lighters from doing compositing.

Steve, did TAG call you about your class to make sure you are only allowed to teach Nuke to compositors only? Nope. You pulled that accusation out of thin air and owe TAG an apology. The fact that you are teaching Nuke there shows they are allowed to be innovative by learning new software.

The Triple OT Lie

You also owe them an apology for your accusation that they mandate triple pay in overtime. Wrong again. There is nothing in the union contract that mandates that.

However given that other countries don’t have OT laws, and California VFX has to compete with those markets, are you advocating gutting OT laws? Are you saying we should get rid of labor laws because other countries don’t have them?

There are companies overseas that used pirated software. Steve are you now an advocate of digital piracy because someone else can do it cheaper by doing it illegally? It’s all a stretch but with the wild accusations your recent article makes it just really opens the door to anything.

Unionization Is So Expensive?

Mr. Wright goes off about how expensive unionization is, yet Disney is able to provide non-essentials such as free food for Steve Wright to enjoy. The same is true for DreamWorks Animation which is also unionized. I bet the minute Mr. Wright’s free lunch is taken away he’ll cry murder and blame it on the union!

Remote Collaboration Provides Many Obstacles

Speaking of DreamWorks, Steve Wright talks a bit about remote collaboration that allows people to work with each other across the globe. So easy right? DreamWorks has 2 facilities, PDI in Northern CA which is non-union and a union facility in Glendale. The company has state of the art remote collaboration tools including a video wall for face to face interaction with people hundreds of miles away. Yet artists will tell you how cumbersome it is to have to schedule a booking for teleconferencing and the lag times involved. This is part of the reason why many of the productions are kept separate until near the end of the show.

Remote collaboration has it’s extra overhead costs. You now need redundant systems and production personnel to serve both sides: That more money spent on overhead, and less on artists that actually produce the work.

The VFX facilities are spending all this money for extra infrastructure so their clients can obtain a government subsidy. Well at least you save on labor right? Well not if the same poaching wars occur that happened in India as Mr Wright reports.

Furthermore, if unionization is so expensive, you’d think DreamWorks would do everything they could to move the work to PDI. The reality is the Glendale campus works on more films and has even expanded capacity to crew more talent.

I’ve actually seen the costs of fringe benefits for a non-union worker and a union worker at one facility and the union fringe benefits were actually cheaper. Why? Because 50% of the health and pension benefits are funded by studio residuals.

So here’s the thing Steve, I thought your Indian Exodus piece was great because you spoke about your experience teaching VFX in India. As far as unionization is concerned, The Pallbearer of the VFX Industry needs to do his homework.

I spend so much time trying to get myself and my readers the facts on unionization. Yet someone with no knowledge at all can just put up a piece that will probably influence many VFX artists to be against unionization. It’s wrong but what are YOU going to do about it?

Soldier On.


28 Responses to Steve Wright On Being Wrong

  1. misha says:

    Your response echoes many of the ideas I have of the Steve Wright piece, a very subjective scare article, with not much fact to back it up. There is a strong movement to unionize vfx people now, and we need to create an atmosphere where organization can happen. The rhetoric can last for a very long time, but hopefully we can organize soon. As pointed out many times, we are the only group in movie production not unionized. Hopefully, that will end soon. The times might not be right to unionize now, with our present political climate, but we have to persevere. It may be difficult, but it will definitely be worthwhile.

  2. skaplan839 says:

    Very well written Soldier. We have similar points in the posts TAG and I put up. Steve Wright is an obvious union detractor and Pro-Conservative voice. His union-bashing parallels what’s happening in Wisconsin quite neatly.

    I’ve read on Scott Squires blog and in the comment above that the push for organization needs to happen now .. with an implication that there is a finite amount of time to complete the task. I completely disagree with that concept.

    Organization will take time. More artists are aware of the existence of unions than ever before. The strengths and benefits of collective action are the topic of most discussions about unions. This is a significant step in the right direction.

    However, as we’ve recently seen, there are plenty of dissenting voices still to be challenged. These voices serve to keep the uninitiated or under-informed in fear of their options. Rather, people like Steve Wright would rather VFX Artists be mushrooms .. kept in the dark and covered in Bullshit (while taking his courses, naturally).

    Artists are the ones with the ability to make this happen. Artists need to take the important first step of signing a Rep Card and contact Jim Goodman or myself to collect it. The IATSE will not ignore any group of artists who have made the choice to stand up for themselves.

  3. misha says:

    yes, organization will take time, but it won’t just happen by signing cards..we need to have organizational meetings that get things done, like creating a contract specific to vfx and it’s inherent issues, and we need to be more vocal. Yeah, we need to be out there, either in print or on the street, spreading the word of unionization. It wasn’t easy for the sanitation workers in Memphis, and it’s not going to be easy for us, with hundreds of workers seeing no benefit to joining a union, and with no big push to convince them otherwise. We have the support of the other unions, we need to reach out to them. I’m sure Scott’s well aware there is no time limit to unionizing, his point is the time is now… with a pro-union movement gaining steam countrywide (or worldwide rights awareness) to organize and not just give empty support to vfx artist rights and then move out of town to the South when the going gets tough. We have the momentum now… let’s take the steps to create the Union: a viral presence on the web (if we can’t do it, no one can), our benefits and rights posted where everyone can see them, an orderly and sensible organization to transition to the Union, etc.
    The idea of a Union is gaining steam, let’s find away to bottle it and give it to our future members. (no, I don’t mean snake-oil) 🙂

  4. skaplan839 says:

    Certainly. A web presence is required. No one has contested that.

    However, I will argue that it *will* just happen by signing cards. Artists need to get involved, learn the facts, sign a representation card and vote to have the IATSE appointed as their bargaining agent.

    I’d also ask artists to talk to their peers, form organization committees at their places of work, confront the FUD that counters their efforts, and reach out to the IATSE. I support the idea that the time is now .. so act now.

    There has been a lot of weight put on the importance of the impending vfx local site. I will not argue against the need for a web location to house answers and provide a contemporary venue for communication to the union. I will argue that it will not be the Wonka Golden Ticket that will give you entrance to the chocolate factory. There are venues for getting the information currently. Use them. The website will come.

    Steve Kaplan
    Labor Organizer
    The Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE

  5. misha says:

    The argument that vfx falls under iatse839 is fine for the members of 839, but vfx is not animation, it’s visual effects. I was offered to join 839 after I left ILM, but there were no job openings for me, I wasn’t an animator. Now the fields are blending, but we’re talking about a union for vfx people, not just folding everyone into 839. Also, I’m not just pointing to a website, but a web presence, one actively used by interested parties. 839 is here, but the challenge is for 839 to convince vfx workers it’s relevant to vfx workers. And that’s only part of the issue. There will be a lot of resistance to unionizing vfx. That fact needs to be emphasized. 839 can be a great partner, but I feel 839 doesn’t cover vfx at this point. Anyway, there are more important issues than arguing which local will cover vfx, like creating an entity which does cover vfx.

    • skaplan839 says:

      I believe you’re misunderstanding my point, and the position of 839 with regards to organizing Visual Effects. Please review this post to clarify your understanding of how 839 fits in with the organization effort of Visual Effects.

      While I personally believe 839 has done an incredible job at representing artists of visual effects, I applaud the IATSE’s plan for a national local and eagerly work at seeing it come to fruition. Its formation will bring a level of comfort and security for visual effects artists yet to be experienced.

      While your bias against 839 isn’t pertinent, your points are valid. The web presence should be interactive and available to anyone interested in the union; artist and facility alike. There will be expected resistance and the national local needs to be formed.

      This brings us to my original point, artists need to be involved and the first step is signing a rep card. The card I linked to is not only the card we hand out in our campaigns, but reading it carefully will reveal that it lists the IATSE as the bargaining agent. It is the first step in getting a contract signed with any facility.

      While its easy to say that the union needs to be more involved and that a web presence will provide that, I want to stress that it is now and will always be in the hands of the artists to act as a collective. The union provides access to the leverage that comes with collective action, but the action lies in the hands of the group.

      I believe we are on the same side of this struggle and hope that you feel the same way.

      Steve Kaplan
      Labor Organizer
      The Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE

  6. tk1099 says:

    Wow… don’t even know where to start with his posting.
    I’m really left simply shaking my head.

    We have way more bargaining clout and leverage than it would appear at first glance.

    I agree with Steve though, that this will be a slower process – but I also realize that market forces will also continue to make decisions FOR us, if we fail to act.

    The dialog must continue – and the FUD/misinformation needs to be corrected whenever it gets out there.

    Thanks to VFXSoldier, SteveK and the tweet patrol for linking this one – and as a counterpoint, Scott Squires has a new posting that should be read by all of us as well.

  7. Tom says:

    I respect Steve for a compositor. I think Steve has made a very bad decision.

    Most VFX artists are stuck in a hard spot. Let me put something in perspective for you Steve…

    Imagine being 25-30 years old in the VFX industry with 120K+ in student loans. I probably summed up about 50% of VFX workers right?

    A mass majority of VFX artists work below the poverty line the first 5 years in this industry. And some make more than 150K a year after 5 years. Even with 150K (taxed at 35%) + cost of living + student loans; even all that money does not get you very far in the LA/SF area.

    Someone making 12/hour in the middle of country can have a better quality of life simply because cost of living is better.

    My point is, as VFX artists that work on real shots, we all have a need for a better quality of life as we grow in the industry. It don’t matter what union gets formed. The fact of the matter is a union is essential to lower the cost per artist and the overall costs for the studios.

    If everyone started using some of the same software rather than re-inventing software that has been written over and over, the cost of development and pipeline infrastructure would reduce dramatically. Every pipeline is different, I know this. Kinda off-topic, but look at Nuke, it was developed in a VFX house, then taken over, and now is probably the only compositing tool in the industry. Now only if we could replace the idea that “renderers” are needed. I play games that have better shadows real-time than most small-medium sized vfx companies and even some big vfx studios.

    The companies that do provide benefits already may pay less in benefits if using the union. And those companies who are providing optional benefits will end up saving money since the cost to both the employee and the company are much much lower.

    The only downside to the union is when you have to go to a company that does not have a union. A union will not destroy the VFX industry in the U.S. It will be the studio executives who decide to go oversees to take advantage of illegal (or even legal) government subsidies. This, combined with the fact that less people are going to the movies and more are downloading the movies and watching them within weeks of the movie release will eat away at the Film Industry.

    United we can control our fate, as one bird on the wire you are probably going to a big lighting bolt coming your way.

  8. Steve Wright says:

    This is Steve Wright, author of the op-ed “United We Fall” responding to your criticisms.

    It certainly isn’t important that you don’t agree with my op-ed “United We Fall”, but your garbling the facts and phony accusations do need a response. You misquote, misinterpret, and invent false statements ascribed to the other person, then attack on those phony points. This is fundamentally dishonest. Here are just a few examples out of many:

    You can’t even quote accurately. At the top of your blog you quote me as saying “Unionize and it will be the “final nail in the coffin” for VFX.” You got this simple point wrong. What I actually said was the “final nail in the coffin of L.A. visual effects”, obviously referring to Los Angeles VFX work. While VFX work is expanding world-wide it is shrinking in L.A., both indisputable facts. Perhaps you just didn’t know this.

    California Artists Are The Most Expensive?

    You take exception to my assertion “We have the best artists in the world here, but also the most expensive.” You retort that the artists at Weta are paid more. Not only is this irrelevant, but its also untrue. The relevant issue is the overall cost of production. I clearly state “There are three well-known basic causes for this. First, cheaper labor, second, aggressive foreign tax incentives, and third, punitive taxes and filming fees here in the state of California.” You unwittingly agreed with me on this exact point later in that same paragraph. Don’t you read your own stuff?

    VFX Is Easy. You Don’t Need Talent.

    Wrong again. My point here was clearly that you can now purchase very sophisticated software such as Massive and you don’t need a pool of talented programmers as before. But I followed with “You still need talented animators to make it look good, of course.” You then claim I say you don’t need talent to do VFX when I clearly said you do. More twisted facts and garbled thinking.

    The rest of your babbling blog runs in a similar vein. There is so much wrong here that rebutting all of it would simply be too time consuming.

    The entire point of my op-ed is that VFX are so expensive in L.A. that the work is going where it is cheaper and that unionizing the L.A. VFX labor force will make things worse and accelerate the process. Unionizing will increase L.A. production costs by driving up wages and benefits, which is exactly what unions do. If you really want to help L.A. VFX artists then go help the artists in Mumbai and London to unionize.

    Now about you. You are not a VFX “soldier” fighting brave and tall in a uniform. You are a cowardly VFX “sniper” hiding behind the anonymous wall of the internet lobbing hand grenades over the wall at others. At least I have the integrity to sign my opinions. You do not. Man up and reveal your identity. I’ll wager that once your true identity is known you wont be so brave with the anonymous grenades. So, VFX Sniper, are you man enough to stop cringing behind a wall? I think not.

    p.s. loved the picture!

    • VFX Soldier says:

      Here is my point about your article: You didn’t research any facts about the costs of unionization. Where did you get the idea of triple OT amongst other things?

      Read the MVP section of my blog. I painstakingly spend so much time researching what unions provide and how much it costs.

      I know young and old artists in the industry unable to attain health insurance.

      I know artists in my industry who are illegally misclassified as independent contractors and forced to pay employer’s payroll taxes.

      I know artists in the industry who are not paid OT.

      and you say the fact I write about all this and try to get people to talk about solving this problem that it isn’t worth anything because of my anonymity?

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own set of the facts.

    • skaplan839 says:

      The entire point of my op-ed is that VFX are so expensive in L.A. that the work is going where it is cheaper and that unionizing the L.A. VFX labor force will make things worse and accelerate the process. Unionizing will increase L.A. production costs by driving up wages and benefits, which is exactly what unions do.

      Not only is this statement wrong, but not based in any fact and therefore fear mongering. You have nothing upon which to base your claim that organization will raise wages or costs. We have argued successfully that organization can be a cost-saving measure for vfx facilities in Los Angeles.

      Please, enjoy that read.

      Steve Kaplan
      Labor Organizer
      The Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE

  9. Garth O'Bryan says:

    I have to admit after reading your article,
    (I had to manually pull it out of my spam folder. Irony?)
    I was overcome with skepticism about the independence of your viewpoint. It’s such a one-sided argument that it feels as if it’s been paid for. (Not an accusation – I’m sure it’s you own opinion, but it doesn’t even weigh up pros and cons to both sides)

    His quoting is accurate (Just not complete, and severely out of context…) Horrible quoting… but not innaccurate.

    I have to admit – nice rebuttal in general.
    You do seem to nitpick a bit though. So, VFXsoldier agrees in principle some on your ideas… that’s not a bad thing(I still find that his critiques are fair and logical for the exact words you used.)

    I’m not based in LA, so it doesnt impact upon me directly… although if a union is formed there – it will eventually have some effect on my wage. (Positive or negative will depend on the union that is set up. Unions can be both good and bad ideas.)

    But you attacked internet anonymity? Internet anonymity is one of the few things that grant true freedom of speak… (You know – one of the cornerstones that your country was founded on.)
    Please – the man has a name… even if that name is only VFXsoldier. We’re not going to confuse him with the rest of the legion of VFXsoldiers out there…
    If we have a bone to pick with VFXsoldier… we know where to come.

    (all that said – I think the issues that Steve brings up are extrodinarily valid and should be seriously considered, and that it is probably more a position of striking the right balance.)
    (On the other hand… It was inevitable that this was the reaction such a strong one-sided article was going to galvanize from VFXsoldier)

  10. Tom says:

    I think everyone is forgetting that much of the rest of the film industry already has guilds. Every here of SAG? Every person on a set just about is in a guild of sorts. Gripps, Gaffers, DP’s, Directors, Actors, the list goes on. Even many other countries have guilds following the foot steps of the LA area. The only part of the industry that got the short end of the stick is the VFX artists. Why? Well, VFX is something that is seen as unimportant yet is extreamly important. What most people don’t understand they shrug and say computers can do that.

    What they don’t realize is very skilled artists still are needed to “that cool effect”. Skilled artists require base pay. That is really what is at stake here; the bottom line or better known as money.

    I have said this before on other posts. But I can’t help bring in examples. Films are costing 150+ million to make, while a 45 min episode of some of the most CG heavy shows is costing 2-5 million per episode. In a season thats 5 * 24 episodes, thats about 125 million. The demand for more entertainment for longer stretches is very clear. How it plays out in the VFX industry depends on a few factors. The primary one being “will VFX be done on a global scale?”. I think the answer is showing “maybe” but not a definate yes. The reason I say this is that sooner or later those countries bring the bottom line lower will either pull back, or even worse get into international treaty laws and create a big mess.

    I guess my overall point is. Having a union throughout the VFX industry will help propell it to better working conditions, better wages, better “quality of life”.

    I cant save for retirement because I am always worrying about where my next paycheck will come from and what sort of benefits I will get. Plus, its a pain to roll over your 401k to IRAs all the time. Keeping everything in a simple one-stop-shop makes the switching from company to company every 6-12 months much easier and far less stress.

    Having a union will help me (and many other) start planning for the future. And if done correctly, most companies will save much money not loose money.

  11. patrick says:

    Why is it that when people write about work going overseas they seem to have to state that they have the best artists, what does having the ‘best’ artists have to do with economic reason?

  12. TK1099 says:

    If a show needs to find creative storytelling solutions because they can’t afford as many effects shots due to our portable healthcare and retirement options – I’m not going to shed any tears.

    Not all the work is going away – even if we start charging real world rates for it.

    High quality VFX for your project will STILL be a wise expendature of production money.

  13. […] Wasn’t someone proclaiming the death of VFX in California just the other day? Yet vfx companies like Red Earth VFX in New Mexico was recently shuttered. It will be interesting to what Imageworks will do. […]

  14. VFX_Artist says:

    Steve, I think your (baffling) “star status” among some members of this industry has left you immensely out of touch with those who actually work in it.

    It’s easy to speak your mind with your name attached when you’re in a position to skate on your reputation and doubtless impressive ability to command an astronomical day-rate. It’s even easier when you’re standing with the people who can black-list artists who would otherwise speak out using their real names.

    When was the last time you had to worry about your health insurance payments? I mean actually WORRY about them.

    • Tom says:

      I would add, when was the last time you had to worry about retirement, or your next paycheck, or if you can buy a home, or make your next payment on a home?

      Artists starting out in this industry make sometimes less than 20/hour. Do you even know what its like to live on 20/hour when gas is 4/gallon, milk is about the same. Many people for the first 5-10 years in this industry work long hours, don’t get OT at all, no benignity, and worst of all, no quality of life outside work.

      Granted we all are addicted to making films and will do anything to work on films. But does that make it right for artists to get the short end of the stick. And … when a film is successful, do any of the artists get residuals? Hell no, only the directors, voice talent, and maybe a few supervisors. And if you are lucky you may get a $500 check as an artist.

      Did you know some companies outside this industry give royalties to employees after being at a company for a period of time (cough, blizzard)?

      A union is a good thing for many reasons stated by the IATSE reps. But the #1 reason in my book is portability of benefits from shop-to-shop.

      Steve, I respect you and your videos, but please take a Roto job at a small shop for a few years and you will feel the pain. Long hours, little pay, and you “may” get your name in the credits.

      • VFX_Artist says:

        Artists starting out in this industry make sometimes less than 20/hour.

        I am one of these. I live in L.A, and am not a roto artist, PA, runner, or any of the other positions one might normally associate with “bargain-bin” rates. Though I haven’t yet been jaded by excessive trips through the ringer (I’ve only been in the industry ~2.5 years), I’m not really interested in being talked down to by a celebrity.

        Care to trade places Steve?

  15. maple leaf says:

    I dont understand why some vfx individuals are anti-union!

    For example:

    A Crew member on set working a 12 hour day has allot of waiting time and they are compensated for every minute and receive OT.

    A VFX artist that works a 12 hour day, is WORKING the majority of their 12 hour day and may not get paid OT properly…. that’s if they do get any OT!!

  16. […] so we subscribed to the fear that was a part of a larger narrative presented by some in the industry that went kinda like this: VFX labor in California is too expensive. VFX labor […]

  17. […] looks like vfx teacher Steve Wright has his work cut out for him! You’ll remember I criticized him for trying to instill fear in Californian VFX artists who wer…. Tag Organizer Steve Kaplan recently penned a piece about his […]

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