Dave Rand Interview On VFX Unionization

Dave Rand did an interview at VFX Filmmaker on VFX unionization and the business. Shout out to Mr. Rand for the honorable mention.

Soldier On.


2 Responses to Dave Rand Interview On VFX Unionization

  1. cloudboy says:

    Multi-national art studio sues for contract breach
    Topically, the Massive Black Inc. case may seem like an isolated incident of an opportunistic attempt at a corporate takeover. It’s something you might see in a John Grisham novel. However, the alleged complaint against Xi Zhang does illuminate the possibilities of greater problems facing the game industry.
    Xi Zhang’s alleged attempt at toppling Massive Black Inc., a Western outsourcing company, to replace with his own studio — the defendant: Studio Takeover — directly connects to the typical problems of outsourcing. In addition to killing Massive Black Inc., and as a result one of the most important art suppliers in the game industry, a takeover would’ve shifted labor out of the West and back to the East, where the labor is cheaper. Not to grandstand, too much — but the case between Massive Black Inc. and James Xi Zhang points at greater issues facing the industry.

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