Lucasfilm/Pixar Collusion Lawsuit Investigation

You all remember that in January I posted about the DOJ’s investigation and complaint of collusion between Pixar and Lucasfilm.

The DOJ settled the claims against Lucasfilm and Pixar, but left the door open for current and former employees to bring a class action lawsuit to try to recover monetary damages.

I recently spoke to a class action attorney, Michael Schrag, and learned that his firm is investigating this issue and looking to file an antitrust class action suit against Lucasfilm and Pixar.

If you have any information that might be helpful, feel free to contact him:



3 Responses to Lucasfilm/Pixar Collusion Lawsuit Investigation

  1. Fxperson says:

    I like how no one really seem to care about what they did. All vfx peasants just go: Meh..?

  2. some name says:

    i’m glad.
    I have a question.
    If a top guy(say a CEO for e.g) from one shop calls another top guy from another shop requesting not to take his people or should we say *Filter-out* the resumes coming from his shop.Does that make it collusion ?
    If yes, then these shenanigans are happening at other big companies as well.


  3. Dave Rand says:

    Sometimes over zealous HR folks conveniently forget the portion of their education that dealt with the law, if indeed they even have that education. In an effort to do an even better job at pleasing their employers or to get that bonus, or maybe to appease their own jealousy over the wages the hard working talent receive, will enter into collusive agreements with friends competing for the same talent. It’s yet another billboard daring us to unionize or at least form our own collective.

    This has bubbled up before and these are just the people getting caught. It’s an easy thing to hide among friends especially if they are smart enough to not leave a paper or e-paper trail as alluded to below. I personally dealt with some of these people and it’s my opinion that this is a true story:

    On another occasion, when one of the large budget films I worked on changed hands, I went with the show. The HR dept at the place the show landed new exactly how much I was making at the former location and offered me the same exact percentage increase as they did all my friends…How did they know this? They hired our former HR person that’s how. Although I appreciated the increase and the opportunity to continue the project, It still seemed my privacy was invaded, and the law was broken. This same place threatened to blacklist me when my deal was up if I did not stay on for the next show. They even sent a letter to my new employer threatening to sue them if I took any of my “friends” with me.

    Finding real talent is hard and they’d prefer we did not know our own value.

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