Take That James Franco

Here is something we don’t see often. A vfx company finally getting a star billing. And you’ll  probably be delighted to know that James Franco doesn’t even get mentioned. There was a little mini controversy when he disrespected the vfx community as co-host of this year’s Oscars.

Kudos to Weta, let’s see more of this:


5 Responses to Take That James Franco

  1. vfxworker says:

    mr. franco isn’t mentioned as is none of the other stars. also, he doesn’t need to be named…but weta does. what’s the point of this non-post!?

  2. n says:

    Probably because there isn’t much else you can advertise this movie on. No major stars (James Franco aside), unknown director… what, should they have gone with “From the co-producer of The Day After Tomorrow”?

  3. […] in April I was really encouraged by Fox’s marketing campaign for the film as Weta received top billing in the film’s trailer. Unfortunately that all […]

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