Told Ya! LA Times Calls Out Bogus Film Subsidy Study

Well well well, I was chuckling all night when a fellow reader forwarded me the following LA Times article entitled Upon review, shine comes off glowing report on film tax credit:

The finding by the L.A. County Economic Development Corp. that California’s film tax credit has been a huge economic boon sounds great until the realization that the MPAA commissioned the study.

Read the whole article and then read a post I made 4 weeks ago on the issue. I’m kinda flattered that many of the same arguments I made in my post are echoed in the LA Times article.

Again what this points out is the ability of the media conglomerates to basically corrupt many of the institutions we consider off limits: government and media. When the bogus LAEDC report came out, so many media outlets across the nation reported it. How many are going to report these findings by the LA Times? Not many.

This isn’t unique to the US. Look at what the studios were able to do in New Zealand. Look at what a conglomerate like News Corp are able to do to the UK government and Scotland Yard.

If Californians want to bring back a significant amount of VFX and film work to California, it would be more cost effective to lobby the US Trade Representative to go to the WTO and eliminate the international film subsidies used by the US Studios.

Soldier On.


One Response to Told Ya! LA Times Calls Out Bogus Film Subsidy Study

  1. Adrian says:

    Just because the MPAA paid for it does not make the findings invalid. Should we be skeptical? Yes. Reading it skeptically, the study’s analysis seems sound, informed, comprehensive and fair. The other reports funded by the MPAA have been discredited for their methodologies, not the source of the funding. The LAEDC does not include the questionable methodologies used in Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina etc. This editorial clearly has a bias against the MPAA. This bias precluded a critical examination on any substantive level of the actual report.

    A fair analysis of the report was in the Film Works blog recently. If you want to discredit the report, then stick to the pages of the report…not who paid for them. If he could have undermined the rereport, I suspect he would have used this column to do so. He did not. Finally, the subsidies are legal and we already tried the USTR route. IT FAILED. Its not helping when you promote this as the sollution….because it was not.

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