Andy Who? Ctd: Performance Enhancing Visual Effects

Continuing the discussion from my last post on Andy Serkis, It turns out Tim Borrelli is a power lifter which caused me to think of… wait for it: An analogy!

Hey Tim,

Great post. It’s funny that you mentioned powerlifting because I feel it’s related to this subject.

It’s unfair for Andy Serkis to take credit for Caesar because he essentially used performance enhancing visual effects! 🙂

If you were in a powerlifting competition, you would be disqualified for using steroids: It’s a performance enhancing drug that gives you an unfair competitive advantage. We wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was your performance or the work of the steroids that gives you a great performance.

What about a situation like John Hurt in Elephant Man which garnered him an Oscar nomination even though he was in makeup and wearing a mask?

Unlike visual effects which can dramatically alter the performance after the fact, makeup aids and suppliments the actors performance.

The same can be said with the use of protein drinks, weightlifting shoes, etc. These items supplement your performance, but do not enhance it.

I think we should stop using the words motion capture or performance capture. It should be called performance enhancing visual effects.


2 Responses to Andy Who? Ctd: Performance Enhancing Visual Effects

  1. mike says:

    jeez, it’s just an award… and cg would be enriched by Andy receiving an award….


  2. […] personally feel this article settles the recent debate as to whether Andy Serkis deserves recognition over the hundreds of talented VFX artist who […]

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