More Bleak Perspectives On India

I’m always interested in gaining perspective from VFX artists around the world. I get so angry when someone just assumes all work will go to India because it’s such an uneducated point of view.

I dedicated a post called VFX Soldiers In India which was one Indian’s perspective on things there. It should be no suprise that their industry ails from similar problems we all go through.

I came across another perspective on an Indian VFX forum where a VFX artist in India wrote about the industry:

When I was a student couple of years back one of my friend who was already working in ******* company warned me that you are going to hell. I did’nt take it seriously. I thought how can something so beautiful can be that hellish. But after few years in this Industry I can say that the condition is getting grimmer.

The Indian Animation Industry…
It’s like a factory. We are not artist, we are labourers. Animator are always abused mentally and physically to deliver shots at seemingly impossible deadlines. Lighting artist have to render passes after passes with no creativity involved and finally compositor who have create the final ouputs seconds after getting the rendered files.

Why are the big studios not feeling for the artist. Can’t they see that all our outputs are mediocre. Now you know why Harry Potter can’t be made in an Indian studios. Simple..they won’t give you the time. Are bhai.. RND of Harry potter takes years, after that will they start production. Tell me any animated Indian Character which you will always remember like mickey mouse. What.. are we not talented enough?..Any Indian animator can compete with anyone in hollywood. But they don’t get proper time to showcase thier skill. Over time he too becomes accustomed to the quality which to be delivered and whithers away.

I read this article about Delhi Safari and animation Industry @….090711Does.asp
Whatever Delhi Safari’s movie review will be, but this is a welcome trend. I am literally addicted to animation. May God help us turn the tide and produce one blockbuster from India

Soldier On.

3 Responses to More Bleak Perspectives On India

  1. rfk says:

    I was very surprised when I heard that there are no personal service contracts in India — you can bail right in the middle of a project for a higher salary elsewhere. I was surprised that it did not happen more often.

    But if there are lots of trainees willing to take your job for half the price…

  2. chaitanya says:

    With an exception of just FEW companies the entire industry is in indian anim industry is in same condition as it was explained in the above article.I come across situations when some of the enthusiastic folks who’ve spent like a Bomb on learning Animation/VFX in the institutes where the faculty is Ex student of the same institute,ask me how are the job prospects,i cant help but tell them to be prepared for anything.

  3. […] most recently posted various opinions by those working in the Indian VFX industry here and here. I also posted reaction to articles on how Indian VFX is actually being outsourced to the US and […]

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