Digital Domain New Mexico

Digital Domain Kindergarten

Former Digital Domain CEO and ILM Founder Scott Ross tweeted about HUGE news that Digital Domain is opening a 16,000 square foot training facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico as reported in a new vfx blog called VFX Final.

So what’s so different about this? Well instead of an actual university like the one in Florida, this new VFX training facility is a kindergarten:

DIGITAL DOMAIN, Venice, LA, CA,  has announced today plans to build an upscale kindergarten together with a nursery in Alberqueque, New Mexico. This is the next step in closing the loop withDigital Domain University (DDU) where talent will be trained to handle all aspects of the multiple-pipeline approach the Digital Domain has been perfecting for past several years.

I was actually tipped off about this development over the summer by a few parents who have already enrolled their children in summer school at the new kindergarten.

Parents will pay Digital Domain to enroll their children in the Kindergarten to learn and work on actual feature films that they can build towards a demo reel.

The facility and salaries of VFX artists that will be partially subsidized by the New Mexico government’s film tax rebates.

Upon graduation, the students will be able to use their demo reel to get recruited to work on other feature films. Digital Domain hopes to leverage a combination of subsidies and student tuition to build substantial profits.

It also will be able to lower costs by contracting Employee Of Record company Yurcor to pay the young VFX artists through their parents’ allowance money and avoid any payroll taxes. They also intend to avoid healthcare costs as most children are covered by their parents healthcare plan.

For the most part the children seem pretty excited to finally be able to live their dream of doing big movie VFX. One child had one gripe:

Dey change da pipeline mo den mah parents change mah doytee diepaz!

Some associated with the venture said the new business model would help compete against low labor areas like India and China because the labor costs in New Mexico would essentially be cost-free:

Free labor is better than cheap labor!

Soldier On.


13 Responses to Digital Domain New Mexico

  1. Mike Vargas says:

    VFX final is like The Onion for VFX. Pure fiction with humorous intent.

  2. Guest says:

    your kidding right? I mean sure the business model makes sense but its kinda scary…

  3. anon4cec says:

    look for the truth in this humor.

  4. iptat says:

    Was this post just an excuse to put up an abusive image of someone you don’t like complete with a sexually suggestive slur? Way to go – you’re one classy dude!

  5. vfx soldier says:


  6. meh says:

    Wow – I wonder if this idea came from DDs new partner, reliance media works? ;P

  7. Paul says:

    What’s worse is that I only started to get it at the child quote…

    After all China does that for music gymnastic etc..they beat the shit out of children so they become masters by 10 yrs old, 4 hours of piano in the morning, 4 hours of nuke in the afternoon!

  8. Claudette says:

    For the reason that the admin of this web site is working, no doubt very soon it will be famous,
    due to its quality contents.

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