Thank You Michael Bay

Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay have been campaigning for Oscars – but not for themselves. They are campaigning for the VFX and Sound artists involved in the film:

Roughly 3,000 people worked on thisTransformers. Some have been with me since 1995’s Bad Boys. The people I work with are animals. They’re passionate. It irks me that VFX and VFX movies aren’t considered art. It’s a different type of art, but it’s definitely art.

I remember having a conversation with a veteran VFX artist who worked on some of the best VFX films in the biz:

Me: So which film was your most favorite to work on?

Him: Armageddon

Me: Armageddon? Seriously? That movie sucked!

Him: Yeah but dailies with Michael Bay was a riot. It was so fun.

One colleague told me another story where a group of VFX artists were about to go into dailies with Michael Bay. Bay stops the group and assertively asks:

Bay: Which one of you is the VFX Supervisor?

VFX Supe: I am.

Bay: Okay you stay out here, the rest of you come with me into the screening room.

What’s amazing is that Michael Bay is probably the biggest perceived egomaniac in Hollywood. Yet here he is humbly campaigning for all the artists and technicians who worked on the VFX and sound (which many of his nominees are union members).

I can’t help but wonder what Michael Bay would’ve done if Andy Serkis tried to take credit for the work of his VFX artists like he tried to do on Apes. We all know what happened to Megan Fox. Thank You Michael Bay.

Soldier On.


12 Responses to Thank You Michael Bay

  1. rfk says:

    Well, it ain’t residuals, but a little respect goes a long way.

  2. Jeff Heusser says:

    Wow, just saw this spot run on air during KTLA morning news!

  3. joyia11 says:

    Reblogged this on Transmedia Development Blog and commented:
    I love this post by VFX soldier.

  4. fizz says:

    Hmm, wasn’t Transformers:Dark of the Moon the movie that ILM shipped out to Singapore? Perhaps the campaign should include a “recognize the 25% kickback” line?

  5. X_X says:

    Some of it was done by Singapore, and they did a great job.

  6. Dave Rand says:

    I was the fx lead for DD in Vancouver. It was a great run and we were treated well and paid well. Really great to see Mr Bay make a special gesture like this.

  7. I worked on all three TF films at Digital Domain in Venice and can agree with Dave– I was treated well, my checks were good in all senses, and Michael Bay showed genuine love for the work when he’d assemble the crew for a special teaser screening or other event.

  8. Ciaran says:

    He understands that the vfx crew are an essential part of the film and involves himself fully, which is fantastic no matter what you think of the films.

    If you’re facility is screwing you on the show that’s because your vfx producer made a shit deal, and I’m not sure that’s Bay’s fault.

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