Family Matters

Motionographer conducted a survey of 2,236 professionals in the motion-graphics industry concerning family. The results are available here:

– 63% of the respondents didn’t (At the time of responding) have kids!

– Unsurprisingly having kids takes its tole on extra-curricular creative projects. Nonetheless 40% of mographers with kids still find time outside work to do motion things. Kudos!

– Once kids are on the scene, most motion workers try and get some kind of grip on their hours, but late working is still a regular part of professional life for most.

– We seem to have great partners who by and large tolerate long hours, although patience thins once kids are around.

– And 50% of those with kids said that having kids has made them think about leaving the industry.

I’m not surprised by these stats and would probably expect these numbers to be worse for the VFX industry. It’s one thing to work job to job in a city but when you have to do that on an international level it’s almost impossible with a family.

A colleague mentioned to me how relatives of the same age were getting married and having children. Their parents obviously asked why he wasn’t doing the same and he had to explain how our profession expects us to work project to project in subsidized locations.

The logistics are daunting and while there are those who are able to make it happen, it’s and incredible high-wire act. In the US the problem is also compounded by how expensive health insurance can be for a family when you are in between gigs.

We work in this industry to make a living yet some of us wonder what that really means.

Soldier On.


5 Responses to Family Matters

  1. Matt Moses says:

    Well is was “fun” while it lasted.

  2. J says:

    My spouse and I both work in the VFX industry. We do not have children, and we do not plan to have children. Luckily, this was a choice we both made before we learned how uncertain our VFX income could get.

    I am impressed with my many co-workers who do raise children. Some have spouses with a non-VFX job that provides health benefits for the entire family, and I think that helps.

    On the flip side, I know one VFX artist who is “saving” $1000/month by not buying health insurance for himself and his family. He sincerely believes that setting aside $12,000/year is enough to self-insure his children against a medical crisis. He has no idea how much modern medicine costs in the United States.

  3. vfxguy says:

    one other point that should be addressed regarding when families or couples relocate to work under visa / work permit usually the significant other in unable to legally work so your stuck with one income.

    fun times for all involved in vfx industry

  4. Dave Rand says:

    Turning a farm into a dustbowl

  5. Pssst says:

    FYI Weta provides subsidized laundry service 7 days a week,1316/

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