European Commission Responds To VFX Soldier

In my last post I sent a letter to the European Commission which was inviting public consultation on film subsidy policy in Europe. If you take a look at the comments, you’ll notice that many readers responded to the post with huge doubts that the EC would even bother to read my letter.

Well, last week not only did the EC read the letter, they published it on their site and Obhi Chatterjee, an EU staff member involved in the consultation, posted a comment on my last post:

Dear VFX Soldier

As you know, our public consultation invited comments on this draft document:
All the contributions we received have now been published:

The consultation is now closed but, as you will see, the topics raised in your letter were also reflected in other contributions. The Commission will be guided by the published contributions and the final Communication is due to be adopted by the Commission in the last quarter of 2012.

Thank you for your interest

Obhi Chatterjee
(EU staff member involved in the consultation)

 I’d like to thank Mr. Chatterjee and the EC for reviewing my letter. I look forward to their decision later this year.

Adrian McDonald has a very thorough post on the issue.

Soldier On.


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    European Commission Responds to VFX Soldier

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