Scott Squires: VFX Trade Organization 101

Scott Squires has a great overview on what a VFX trade organization could mean:

Visual Effects Trade Organization

Mr. Squires mentions an already existing trade organization for commercial producers that some facilities are a part of: AICP.

You can look at the contract and see there is really little the contract can do to mitigate the lethal underbidding of contracts or any policy concerning the use of subsidies which have been killing some of the facilities. How will the VFX trade organization address this?

I’m also concerned about the labor front: The AICP has no policies about ending Employer of Record and independent contractor contracts which are commonly used on commercial projects. There are just memos that provide advice. In fact, some of the AICP members have been known to be some of the more notorious companies that use EORs.

You can read more about EORs here:

Soldier On.


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