DD CEO John Textor Being “Cyberstalked”?

A bit of TMZ has hit VFX:

Textor, meanwhile, tried to have his complaint against cyberstalkers John Doe No 1 and No. 2 sealed by a judge in Stuart. His motion was denied.

John Doe No. 1 posts under the name investedjp and No. 2,  flypapernhoney. Both, according to the paperwork, have been posting on a Yahoo Finance message boards statements that Textor described as “increasingly desperate and hostile.”

At some point I just can’t continue commenting. These stories write themselves.

Soldier On.


35 Responses to DD CEO John Textor Being “Cyberstalked”?

  1. Pinkamena Diane Pie says:

    my response:

  2. Dave Rand says:


    • Doobie Brother says:

      And his wife? All ya gotta do is go look at his pictures on google…Huge lavish parties…LOTS of COKE and STRIPPERS. Cmon…this aint a family man nor should we feel any remorse for his misuse of power. Fuck him and the high horse he rode in on…As well as anyone like him who is mishandling all our countries great industries.

      • Doobie Brother says:

        Alright…I wanna clarify why its so easy to feel anger towards human beings like Mr. Textor.
        Maybe its a weakness to not see this man as fallible as we all know he and everyone of us is? Maybe we should understand that what has happened is more complicated than we can grasp from a few news articles?
        Digital Domain has made some incredible products we also all know that. I had never heard of this Textor fella until he was called out for asking students to essentially pay to work on something he thinks he owned…A level of quality.
        I read many comments here and listen to the arguments that what students need has changed and that Jon was doing the a favor by asking them to pay to work on movies whilst gaining this holiest level of quality at DD.
        My attitudes really did change when it became obvious that this wasnt a man of a VFX background…And if it was he had left it all behind for the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood elite. This wasnt a man who dreamed about new visual elements to bring to life with the tools he has access to.
        Jon Textor is not unlike the kinds of minds that brought down Enron it seems? It appears that a sort of purge is happening throughout the corporate world these days.
        Is it so unwarranted to see these similarities?

        Jon Textors demise as a business man is justice. Thats where we should draw the line. Its kinda refreshing to read about the Rupert Murdochs and BP CEO’s meeting the walls that they have created. For way too long this world has seemed to let many of them just ride on-i.e-refreshing.

        There are still great minds that will do great things and a more fertile environment will emerge from all of this. Fires help clean out the undergrowth and any parasites from the forest. Maybe all of this is a fire doing just that?

        Its so easy to find Textor as someone whose role in VFX is limited to this undergrowth…to a foreign organism to the creative process of VFX and Animation.

        I just hope these fires can truly allow for all the amazing minds to begin to heal our country and the world again. Its amazing to realize all the great stories that arent brought to the theaters for one horrible reason or another. Ideas, stories, technologies, medical breakthroughs…You name it. We are beyond ready to make it.

  3. one born every minute says:

    karma’s a bitch

  4. Dave Rand says:

    Bought a bunch of the stock at the close for 98 cents. Lenders giving them more time can only mean they have good reason. Some of the greatest minds on our business work for this company. Hopefully someone has seen the value there.
    We could really use a trade union. The studios need us to do this more than anyone. They lose so much in this creative dust bowl they’ve created for us.

    • dave d says:

      Lenders giving more time means they ideally not like to see there money go down the plug hole. The problem with VFX companies is they do not make anything of any tangible value this is couple with the most valuable thing being your staff and right now 90% leave at the end of a project.
      A very wise man once told me there’s no point investing in anything if your returns are greater from a savings account. As the whole point of investing is to make your money beat the decline in its cash value due to inflation.

      • Dave Rand says:

        1. The loans are collateralize
        2. DD’s products have made 100’s of millions, like in Transformers for example…
        3. Core staff stays, that’s the brand.
        4. Savings accounts don’t beat inflation.

    • Paul says:

      “Bought a bunch of the stock at the close for 98 cents. Lenders giving them more time can only mean they have good reason.”

      And that concludes our lesson on Useful Idiot 101, thanks for attending and please pick up your brain on your way out!

  5. dave d says:

    1. The loans are collateralize

    I’m not sure what your point is. Multi million dollar loans are set up using that to lower interest costs. If your doing the lending it does still help to see a return.

    2. DD’s products have made 100′s of millions, like in Transformers for example…

    Unfortunately getting paid a flat fee for a service does not count. DD did not make hundreds of millions somebody else made the profit.

    3. Core staff stays, that’s the brand.

    Yes I will admit you have a valid point, but also many people join and bring something to the table then they leave they take those skills.

    4. Savings accounts don’t beat inflation.

    I know that’s the point I am trying to make why take a risk in an industry where you can earn more money in a savings account. If you have money to invest, you dont buy vfx firms. How did I form this opinion > From a lengthy lunch with a guy who actually owned a big investment company which did at one point own 50% of a very famous vfx shop.

    • Talented VFX Veteren says:

      1. My point was their money won’t ” go down the plug hole”
      2. My point was that they actually do “make (something) of tangible value” I don’t disagree on who gets that profit.
      3. Yes
      4. I actually was a broker with Oppenheimer before my VFX career. I worked on the IPO of a little unprofitale vendor that was becoming a studio, they beat Netscape the year they both went public. Portfolios with little risk also get small rewards. I bought SIRI at 15 cents when everybody hated it also. Land in Fiji in the middle of government turmoil. Sometimes I’m wrong, but I’m balanced and doing WAY better than inflation. Right now I have a good feeling about DD as a whole. I also support them because their success keeps the door open for other VFX vendors to raise public capital…..the best money to be had…and VFX needs all the help it can get right now. That little no real profit vendor was Pixar by the way.

      • Dave Rand says:

        I have a stop in place as usual to limit losses… No matter what I wish them all the very best of luck…

      • Dave Rand says:

        I wish all the Florida crowd the best of luck. Hopefully DD can continue to move towards studio status.

      • Boglehead VFX artist says:

        @Talented VFX Veteren – “Portfolios with little risk also get small rewards.” <– individual stocks are not the best way to take on risk.
        I own two low-cost stock index funds — VTSMX and VGTSX — and that's it for the stock portion of my portfolio. My risk is spread over ten thousand company stocks worldwide. The bond portion of my portfolio is in VIPSX (inflation-protected Treasuries). If I wanted to add more risk to my portfolio, I'd hold more in stocks and less in bonds. I would not take on the risk of individual stocks.
        William J Bernstein put it best: "The goal is not to maximize the chances of getting rich, but rather to simultaneously allow for a comfortable retirement and to minimize the odds of dying poor."

      • Dave Rand says:

        Those are good funds. Over ten years each have beat their respective bench mark slightly, most mutual funds can’t claim that, good job. Some folks have different goals and risk tolerance. Putting all your eggs in one basket has been penned as bad repeatedly and is foolish ….your right!!….but then there’s Rob, he bought 2000 shares of AAPL along with other ideas back when Steve Jobs rejoined and hedged it with married puts as it rocketed up, even with that bad year recently when most funds were down 40% like VTSMX his stock was covered by the puts, even making a nice profit. Rob owns a vineyard and a lake now (true story) , he’s got a plot under an oak tree. He’ll probably die there after seeing the world on his boat.

  6. Paul says:

    DDMG 0.5705 Real-Time -42.01% Today


    • Dave Rand says:

      200 people out of work.

      • Paul says:

        Don’t put words in my mouth. If I remember correctly you were the one to dive in by pointing out that big things have small beginning and so on. You played their game willfully, you lost. I doubt that anyone in “200 people out of work” have like you invested their money in this scam you were so eager to get into.

    • Not funny Paul. This is bad for everyone.

      • Paul says:

        Cry me a river…were you held at gun point when you were ask to relocate or even get into this industry in the 1st place? As someone pointed out it is over saturated and too many are delusional. Just move on or bail entirely.

        Things are gonna settle and opportunities will come again, some other time at some other places.

      • Dave Rand says:

        I actually did not lose. Not on DDMG. I read the news early and sold the stock that I bought at .98 just the day before at .96 but my gains from earlier trades more than made up for this. I really did not expect Florida to close as that was one of their footholds into becoming a studio from a vendor. Sad that it came to that, so many people displaced. I have one friend who was getting on a plane this morning to work there. He has special medical needs and it’s a huge hassle for him now. Sad for the industry as it will make it harder for the next shop that wants to create content by raising public funds.

      • Dave Rand says:

        We all lost actually, everyone in the business…another step in the wrong direction in this already fragile industry.

  7. Ymir says:

    I have also heard that the Baton Rouge location for Pixomondo is also downsizing due to poor internal management. No word on the number of people let go or how many will be retained there. Work will be spread out among their other locations. A bad day for US effects workers, indeed.

    • Paul says:

      What at risk are frail outposts that shouldn’t have opened in the first place. DD on Rose collapsing and closing would have indeed be devastating but this is not the case. Seasoned people will be soon hired at some other places if not brought back to base camp. That said I cannot side with people who relocate to satellites or spinoffs and expect that to be a full on move in their lives. You’re happy to go to India, Asia or Canada? Good for you! You’re responsible, behave accordingly and leave the family home when you go hunting.

  8. Dave Rand says:

    A friend of mine had his medical equipment shipped ahead of his arrival, was told last minute to stay home, no job. Below is another story, one of many. Are you tired of being treated like a migratory melon picker from a third world country? WTF is it going to take for an industry that creates amazing profits to treat it’s creators with some class?

    I say being responsible is fighting for a say in your own future.

    Anyone who enters a business relationship and surrenders all the leverage to the other party can expect to lose.

    How do you gain leverage? Just on your awesomeness and talent alone…maybe, but combine that with the awesomeness and talent of everyone and you’ve got what the other side has….organization.

    Nothing wrong with being a smarter business person or group that’s the very substance that makes up corporations that employ you.

    A balance business relationship actually helps both parties. That’s business 101.

    Ask yourself if this would be happing (see link below) if a trade organization and a union were in place:


  9. Eric Lampi says:

    Did all of these people move on their own dime? Is there no compensation at all for a move back?

  10. Most companies will usually offer some kind of relocation compensation for moving to start your job. If the company goes under, or you leave, you are on your own to negotiate moving expenses with your next employer. If the next employer says ‘no’ to any bonus money, then you are completely on your own for relocation costs.

    • EasyE says:

      In most other industries a perk like this comes with the stipulation that you stay with the company for a year or more. If you quit, you owe the money back, which I think is fair. Likewise I would expect at the very least the same consideration in return. I think as an industry we are woefully unprepared to negotiate contracts, you hear such canned responses as “If we do this for you, we have to do it for everyone” to which I always respond “Not unless *you* tell them.” I feel so bad for those people, it’s a cautionary tale for sure. You need to be your own advocate and beware of the John Textors of the world. At the end of the day, these are the kind of people we make rich while we jockey for position to pick up the scraps. It wouldn’t bother me half as much if he were like one of us, a creative. I’ve seen creatives start studios, some thrive, some don’t and it’s awesome when it works out, and most of the time, sad when it doesn’t. When suits get involved you can be sure it’s because there’s lots money to be made, so consider this the next time someone tells you how there is no money to properly pay you or provide basic benefits for you and your fellow artists. Heads up, look around, someone is making money or there wouldn’t be an industry at all.

  11. jonavark says:

    Textor did not understand VFX or he would never have tried to build it into something it could never become. In the end DD was just a VFX facility and the PR inertia it had from its prior days(Scott Ross & Co.) probably propelled that kind of thinking. But after all. It isn’t any different than Fuel, Matte World or any other place.

    VFX was never a solid, secure employment situation. In the 80’s I saw my benefits slowly taken away as the facility I worked in struggled to stay alive. Not much has changed, except for the glut of new labor. Which brings all the rates down.

    I can’t say I feel sorry for employees. If they didn’t understand the career they have chosen, they may have a better idea now of what they are facing.

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