Campaign Frozen

Last Friday, the Campaign to End VFX Subsidies was about 80% and we were well on our way to hitting our funding goal.

On Saturday night I received the following notification from indiegogo:

Due to unusual account activity, we have frozen your Indiegogo campaign. No contributions or disbursements can be processed for your campaign at this time. Please respond to this note within 48 hours if you believe this email was received in error. We appreciate your cooperation and we look forward to hearing from you.

Not sure if the campaign was frozen because of how quickly it was being funded or if opponents were reporting it but I’ve been in contact with indiegogo about getting the funding campaign back online soon. Just need to assure them that we are legit.

Soldier On.


34 Responses to Campaign Frozen

  1. Tony Barraza says:

    thanks a lot for what you’re doing, soldier. can not say that enough.

  2. It does seem suspicious. Let us know if we can do anything to help validate it for you. Luckily there’s plenty of time left but it would have been better to have sent a clear message this is something the industry wants to address… By it reaching its goal so quickly.

  3. Studio_Spotter says:

    Im doubling my contribution solely because this looks suspicious.

  4. Martyn Drake says:

    Love how Indiegogo sends the barest of information to the campaign manager and doesn’t attempt to notify those who have already paid into the campaign. Thinking I’m not liking Indiegogo very much. This is my first experience with it, it may well be the last.

    (Note: not blaming VFX Solider – my blame is aimed squarely at Indiegogo for failing miserably to offer any substantial information other than a boiler plate email)

  5. Andreas jablonka says:

    It’s really scary how fast a “good will” campaign can get frozen when I’m sure 500 Nigerian western union money scams complete no problem.

    I’m not a delivery in conspiracy theories. I doubt even a big studio has the power to solicit a company like indiegogo to fake this freeze as they have bogging to gain but you can’t help but wonder how fast this happened.

    Lets hope it can be unfrozen and does not have to start over! The fact that they have not reembursed the money tells me they are investigating.

    • Martyn Drake says:

      I’m going to make the assumption it _may_ have something to do with VFX Solider’s anonymity – but of course I may be wrong.

      There is, however, a clause within Indiegogo’s T&Cs that stipulates that one most not “Impersonate another person or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity, conduct fraud, hide or attempt to hide your identity”.

      So it may be that. I don’t know because Indiegogo doesn’t bother to initially tell either the campaign owner OR those that haven’t already contributed. :\

  6. Adria says:

    Thank you for your investment ! We are with you soldier

  7. vfx_cynic says:

    I disagree with the campaign but I really hope you get the account unfrozen.

  8. Dave Rand says:

    Frozen Campaign Slogan: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger:

  9. Dave Rand says:

    “Not sure if the campaign was frozen because of how quickly it was being funded or if opponents were reporting it”

    Indienogo must have known the particulars upon opening the website so either one of these reasons only underscores the attention received, and that being the goal of the campaign makes it a huge positive.

  10. JohnVFX says:

    I’m not sure I agree with the campaign amd I won’t contribute but I hope it will get unfrozen soon and that you’ll be able to carry on with it.

  11. repsac says:

    I think there is something else going on. I have seen some fairly dodgy campaigns rake in the funds in the past and be allowed to finish. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are people out there trying to stop this, and those same people are probably profiting from subsidies.

    • Studio_Spotter says:

      I do too. There is nothing suspicious about anything we are doing. I pledged and a number of other people I know also pledged. Its not like its all coming from one source or from some shady country.
      Its also taking a very long time to fix the problem. A simple review shouldn’t take this long.

      We DO have the option of starting this with another crowd funding site if it isn’t resolved in a timely manner.

      • repsac says:

        Exactly. Also the sum that VFX Soldier is asking for really is not a lot if you think about it. The intent and purpose was spelled out very clearly as well as the allocation of funds, imo. The ONLY thing I can think of is that many pledges might have come from mostly brand new accounts which there is probably some sort of check that indiegogo runs that looks to see if a percentage of pledges have accounts that are less than X in days/weeks/months. If this count is greater than some threshold then freeze the account and wait 40 hours to respond to inquiries.

    • dull says:

      ah come in, sure, the cia rry to stop it. 😉

      look from the indiengi site.
      an unknown guy start collect obama video for an unknown lawyer company.! thats wired to normal company.

  12. vfx law is back says:

    On another note. VFX Law is back!

  13. Paul says:

    Probably the illuminati at work! rolling eyes…

    Most likely the anonymousness of the whole thing.

  14. Dave Rand says:

    Although Soldier is anonymous to us I wonder if he was anonymous to Inidiegogo. Also it was explained that all the money went directly to the law firm. Was that also provided upon ingnition? Seem so me that all the info that Indienogo would need was provided at the outset….Maybe Soldier can confirm this.

  15. Devin Fairbairn says:

    What alternative to indiegogo is there? Can we figure out a way to still make this happen?

  16. […] VFX Soldier – Campaign to End VFX Subsidies Frozen […]

  17. Junkie VFX says:


  18. Scott Squires says:

    A possible alternative: was mentioned in one of the comments or twitter. I know nothing about it.

  19. anonymous says:

    You could always just host your own OpenSource crowdfunding app:

  20. Clicking Bandit says:

    Woo! Goot to see it running once more. Only 3k to go, too! 🙂

    Once it’s funded will the law firm start their study immediately?

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