LucasFilm & Pixar Court Updates

Last November I posted about pregnancy discrimination at LucasFilm Singapore. Previously, there was another case of a woman who sued and won a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against LucasFilm in California.

She has now lost the appeal:

California’s First Appellate District reversed the judgment and remanded it for a new trial on Monday.

It found that the trial court had improperly refused a jury instruction that Lucasfilm proposed regarding the use of “business judgment” in whether Veronese got the job.

In other news last year one of the big stories in the LucasFilm/Pixar Poach-gate scandal was Apple CEO Steve Job’s personal involvement. It now appears new Apple CEO Tim Cook must take the stand:

The judge said she was disappointed that senior executives at the companies involved hadn’t been deposed before yesterday’s hearing over whether she should certify the case as a group lawsuit. The class would include different categories of employees whose incomes, their lawyers argue, were artificially reduced because of the collusion. Koh didn’t rule on class certification.

Soldier On.


2 Responses to LucasFilm & Pixar Court Updates

  1. vfx_cynic says:

    Reminds of Steve Jobs threatening a CEO of another company with patent lawsuits unless he agrees to not poaching his staff

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