Poll Shows 70% of NZers Want Hobbit Subsidy Repaid

Sooner or later citizens realize how costly film subsidy programs over other public priorities:

70 percent of respondents said the subsidies should be paid back if the films were successful, with only 19 percent disagreeing.

A majority (55 percent) of those who thought taxpayers got value from subsidising the films were also in favour of repaying the subsidy, while 37 percent were opposed.

You can view the poll here.

Soldier On.

17 Responses to Poll Shows 70% of NZers Want Hobbit Subsidy Repaid

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  2. Dave Rand says:

    …..and I’d add everyone in Wellington should get to see the movie for free seeing as they are now producers/investors. They can still buy the 12 dollar popcorn since it’s the only way theater owners make money.

  3. Ron Anderson says:

    I guess they don’t realize that if New Line Cinema was forced to repay the subsidies, than there would be no more LOTR and Hobbit films and therefore, Peter Jackson would have to go else where for a job.

    • VFX_Boom says:

      Rob, so you’re saying New Line would never make a film that makes over a BILLION dollars in ticket sales again because it has to pay back $50million to to folks that help fund the BILLION dollar film? And that’s JUST ticket sales, not even Home Vid and other revenue generating areas.

      Makes perfect sense.

      • Ron Anderson says:

        VFX Boom. Look at the industry.. It seems that everyone just wants free money. No one wants to invest back into the industry, people, let alone a government asking for their $50 million back.

        With the way things are going.. Why should they pay back the NZer government for their subsidy. New Line is just looking for another hand out from another country.

        If New Line was forced to pay the $50 million, they would most likely say “goodbye NZ, we will film somewhere the next hobbit or LOTR”

        It’s not perfect sense.. It’s reality.

      • Ymir says:

        I believe the majority of the Hobbit footage has already been filmed back-to-back. I’m sure there will be the inevitable pickups to flesh out sequences, but for the most part the rest of the next two films is in the hands of Weta. It would not be easy for Legendary to re-assign that work. Jackson could even threaten to remove himself if that were to be done. Fifty million from billion so far earned would be a pittance to pay to avoid the hassles and not meeting their release date.

  4. M says:

    NZ is the one success story in subsidies, the increase in tourism alone has paid back the subsidiy 10 fold. Purely on teh extra traffic via AirNZ where they saw 108 percent increase in passangers as repaid the government as they own 50 percent of AirNZ

    • Ymir says:

      I’m booking my trip this summer. Can’t wait to tour where they filmed the goblin caves! Maybe I’ll take a Pandora location tour, too! Can’t wait to see all those glowy plants in real life!

  5. M says:

    wow a poll of 1000 on a population of 4 million. Pretty accurate crossection of people I bet.

    • vfxguy says:

      Don’t forget the general population of NZ are all experts on economics too so their pinion about whether subsidies are value for money is entirely relevant.

  6. rfk says:

    Subsidies aren’t a loan, they’re your tax dollars going into the pockets of Hollywood producers. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

    • H says:

      Nope, in this case it’s the STUDIO’s tax dollars going into the government’s pockets, and then a little bit of that tax (15% of the tax paid) going back to the studio at the end of the day. If there was no subsidy and the studio had decided to go elsewhere, then that would have been a big loss to the NZ government’s tax take (they’d miss out on that other 85%) and that’s not even counting all the thousands of jobs and money earned and spent in NZ as a result. Surveys like that one in the article are abysmal, because all they really show is how many people actually fail to understand what is going on.

  7. VFX Hell says:

    Some analysis by real journalists if you are interested in more than sensational headlines.

    [audio src="http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/fop/fop-20130301-1837-focus_on_politics_for_1_march_2013-048.mp3" /]

    [audio src="http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/mwatch/mwatch-20130303-0905-mediawatch_for_3_march_2013-048.mp3" /]

    • Tom Roffman says:

      actually the money funds more films and the money does not go too the execs but to all the share holders of WB, so I am getting my share thanks

  8. Meditating VFXdude says:

    One thing I can say about this is that I believe tourism to New Zealand went up dramatically because of the Lord of the Rings films. Prior to Lord of the rings I don’t really think I ever thought much about the place and now I want to visit and spend time there more than I’d even want to go to Australia for an extended period of time. I know a small handful of people that actually want to immigrate to the country, some without ever even having visited the place and they’d known little or nothing about the island until after the release of LOTR. So, I do think for certain places there are intangible benefits and the halo effect after subsidies help to promote them with major productions.

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