#VFXTownhall – Pi Day – 3/14/13


A few weeks ago this blog brought attention to calls for a VFX walk out on 3/14 (nicknamed Pi Day). There are many that disagree with doing this. Instead VFX Solidarity has organized events around the world that will be taking place 3/14/13. It’s a day for people to meet up and talk about what needs to be done to change the industry.

The event will be streamed online at http://vfxsolidarity.org/ and the twitter hashtag is #VFXTownHall

Los Angeles- https://www.facebook.com/events/488623847864509/

Bay Area – https://www.facebook.com/events/503729773007648/

Vancouver – https://www.facebook.com/events/624476294235523/

Wellington – https://www.facebook.com/events/433112246778313/

UK – http://vfxforum.eventbrite.co.uk/ (Note this event takes place on March 28th and is organized by BECTU)

Soldier On.

17 Responses to #VFXTownhall – Pi Day – 3/14/13

  1. India VFX-er says:

    ok, India and Asia is not invited?

    • Vfx4All says:

      Everyone is invited, there are links to watch online. My guess is there wasn’t someone in every area able to set up an official location.

    • VFX Soldier says:

      These events are being organized by professionals in each region. If you have a location event set up and it’s legit let me know and I’ll post it.

  2. mclovin pizza says:

    This sounds better than a walkout honestly. Being a global event or summit sounds much better. And then folks can call out of work for personal reasons, and just let that be that. But to call it a srtrike sounds unnecessarily aggro. They can get the point. Everyone is entitled to a day off for personal reasons.

    Just make sure it’s legal. You don’t want to screw anyone over. They might screw you right back. Many of you should be talking to lawyers before doing anything that could cause any “loss”. It’s sad hearing the DD guys getting sued. I mean, damn, what’s next.

    • Rob says:

      Who sues who?

      And – “unnecessary”? Yes, because of course companies have been treating their employees so fantastically. How dare one would protest all that crap. One should instead go to one’s boss today and offer to work for free from now on. To help one’s company and show compassion for the poor folks struggling to get by on just millions of dollars.

      • mclovin pizza says:

        I’m assuming you’re kidding. Clearly you are being facetious. But just in case someone out there has not heard. With the DD shutdown, now the bankruptcy lawyers are going after the freelancers. What kind of world do we live in?

        Let’s unveil the crap on the underside. Business is very cutthroat and things can turn sour really quickly. hence why people need to be protected legally. Did you know as an independent contractor, you are not protected against a lawsuit against ALL your assets?

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  4. VFX Schedule Watcher says:

    Why do these things get organized so last-minute? Are directors subconsciously programming us to make decisions like they do?

  5. MikeJ says:

    The one in LA is at Gnomon, is this a joke?

  6. Get Real Soldier says:

    @ VFX Schedule Watcher

    Sadly, this seems to be the current SOP.

    Let’s hope that this event gains some focus for those participating and continues to shine a light on the detailed issues for visual effects artists and businesses.

  7. mclovin pizza says:

    This movement seems to have fizzled. I’m not seeing alot of solidarity on this forum. There should be a photo collection of protests. If it’s not photo documented then it will never be remembered. Like the writers strike, it will fizzle out. Stand up for the respect you deserve lads.

    • Pi says:

      The Town Hall hasn’t even started yet.

      • mclovin pizza says:

        Coach Mclovin here. The day started 12 hours ago. The day is almost half over. I hope I’ll be seeing lots of woohoos but I’m only seeing a few. I guess we shall see how the town hall fares. I’ll be watching it live remotely. 😉

        Half of those guys that worked on Pi probably have PTSD by now. I hope that doesn’t hinder them from being as professional and credible as possible tonight.

        Remember almost everything is CG right now. Even in commercials. Even web stuff if it came to that. You have leverage.

        Another big untapped SOLUTION at the helm of all this VFX career talk is… just don’t overspend!!!! Stop buying houses that you cannot afford yet.

        Keep your expenses so low that you don’t put yourself or family in jeopardy. Some of you already do this, but some I hope to inspire a discussion. The studios will take you more seriously if they don’t think you are living check to check.

        You are manifesting into what Studio/MGMT wants you to become…”defensive” and “difficult to work with”. So they can control, and dispense of whoever they need for corporate approved reasons. In their eyes, they envision you “grubbing their donuts” while you work. Which is a stereotype I’ve seen people assume quite a bit.

        It’s a setup. They are fat cats to the degree that they themselves don’t realize. When they step on artists/vfxshops, they don’t understand the magnitude.

        I’ve personally seen this arrogance trickles from the top or near top down. Keeping artists silent. Mentioning stories of how many options they have rather than the value of good AVAILABLE options. The best talent is always booked.

        You are the best of the best. Don’t hesitate to know that. Few understand what you truly do but you. Because you are the “artistic tool” for the job.

        Take pictures and document this as much as possible.

        Don’t let them treat you like this. “keep it real” but legal.

      • Pi says:

        I’d venture to say I heard more than a few “woohoos” tonight!

  8. RH_vfx says:

    I don’t know how many people will actually show up in person, but I know a LOT of people that plan on watching on the stream.

    I hope people don’t see the (possibly) poor physical attendance and think that no one cares. I hope a lot of people tune in to the stream.

    • Get Real Soldier says:

      I do not think for a moment that no one cares, nor should anyone else think that either. The physical presence or on line participation should not be judged by numbers. It should be judged only if one or two issues are really discussed with some sense of focus addressing them with specific details and a plan for those participating.

      If not, I fear, this is just more noise with little impact.

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