What Was The Primary Location For These VFX Films?

I’d like to ask readers if they could help fill out the document below:


It contains a list of recent films. If you have knowledge of where the primary amount of VFX work was done, please put the location in the second column.

Soldier On.


10 Responses to What Was The Primary Location For These VFX Films?

  1. m says:

    I’ve never seen a spreadsheet filled in so fast, by itself! (chuckle)

    Yeah also some people are apparently noting “work sent back to” line items…. which is pretty important. I encourage allowing that.

  2. John Doe says:

    my two cents- i feel like people are turning it into an imdb page and just putting who worked on it. i think its important to stress the fact that you should only input the name of the lead vendor, along with the location where the bulk of the work was done.

    • m says:

      There’s a line for “secondary vfx” also, people could (should?) put extra vendors there. And just to play devil’s advocate, there’s something to be said for “I know ___ worked on that movie” in terms of understanding how people view the vfx industry, from the inside. Even if it’s wrong.

      • Jackadullboy says:

        Well, I can’t say many vfx employees are going to be qualified to state definitively who did the bulk of the work on a movie.. I certainly wouldn’t trust myself do do so, except in the cases where it’s very obvious.

        It seems the answers will be largely based on hearsay and perceptions that are likely to be skewed… even mere opinion, I dare say.

        All things being equal, the chart seems to show a fairly wide distribution of work thus far, for what it’s worth..

  3. Andreas jablonka says:

    It’s difficult to know who is a main vendor when it’s 300 vs 200 shots etc.

    The “send back” comments are also questionable as the reason can be load balancing, more available staff, better skilled staff or tax incentive 😉

    • tough says:

      Adreas is right the term main vendor is no longer really applicable. Shows get split between 2 or 3 house some good examples.

      Man of Steel was split by act so each shop did an act in MPC Van, Weta and DNeg. None were the main vendor as they had similar amounts of work.

      Also do you deem main vendor by shot count or complexity cost of work because Jack the Giant Slayer is a good example in that DD did the giants so there overal finacial awared was higher but MPC actually finalled more shots.

      And the sent back to idea is fine as long as it is truthful and usually the artists have little idea about the truth of why shots move around.

  4. Definitely like the idea of crowd-sourcing this type of information. Very smart to reach out to artists and ask them for their input on this topic. My years as a VFX Exec definitely taught me that artists know the real story of what’s happening with projects and facilities – long before the facility or studio realizes

  5. Once the chart is substantially filled in, we can take the information to the individual houses for confirmation.

  6. I think you can find a lot of the information here: http://www.artofvfx.com/

    (FYI I’m not affiliated with that site 🙂 …)

  7. vfx9595 says:

    The interesting thing would be to correlate the list to claimed tax credits. For example – I know for certain that Walter Mitty allowed vendors to falsely claim the work was done in NY if they simply created a NY address. Same goes for many BC productions. If you keep your labor expense below 60% of the total budget, you can avoid a thorough audit. That allows you to do the work in LA but claim against the BC credit as long as you fudge the payroll accounting.

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