NZ Govt In Talks With Cameron, Vows No Hobbit Repeat

More news coming from MSN NZ: Govt shake-up of film tax breaks afoot

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says the Film Commission and Film NZ are still in talks with Cameron, but he’s indicating there’ll be no repeat of the extra $67 million in tax breaks given to Warner Bros to keep The Hobbit films in New Zealand.

“[Industry groups are] acting as if Avatar had been finally decided for New Zealand, which of course it never had.”

My last post suggested that NZ avoid giving subsidies to US studios looking to game them into a bidding war and focus on local productions instead. It seems the NZ government wants to do that also:

He added that the government has given about $411m in tax breaks to films since taking office in 2008, and it is now looking at angling those subsidies toward New Zealand productions.

Soldier On.


13 Responses to NZ Govt In Talks With Cameron, Vows No Hobbit Repeat

  1. Andreas Jablonka says:

    Soldiers timing is amazing! Sure you are not a politician hehe

  2. wearevfxsoldier says:

    VFX Soldier stays ontop of his/her shit, and fights back. Wish more vfx artists had the courage that vfxsoldier has.

    Right now artists are just rolling over and giving up, struggling, acting defeated.

    And the maintenance of this system (tax-incentives/subsidies) depends on our belief that “there’s nothing we can do.”

    It always takes a single person (in our case vfxsoldier) that stands up and says enough is enough. And if we get every man and women from every country in this industry to stand up and follow suit, (and not to just simply turn our profiles green) and really rattle the cage, then that is when real change will take place for the greater good of the artists.

    • Andreas Jablonka says:

      I agree! sadly the green profiles WAS the best sign of unity we have seen from this industry! the lethargy of our own workforce to unionize in whatever form is really saddening.

  3. VFX_Reckoning says:

    Good! I hope those subsidies do go toward New Zealand productions. I want to see a beautifully flourishing film industry each country, we will be all comfortably working once that starts happening.

    • CanadaProud says:

      Sure, let’s make it so that US film subsidies can only go to US based productions. And Canada to Canadian based productions, etc.

      And while we’re at it then, US studios can only use US Citizens for its cast and crew. Because if we’re going to Nationalize production and subsidies you have to go the whole way.

      Oh wait, if you took away all of the British, Aussie, and Canadian talent in the US film industry you wouldn’t have anyone left to be in the movies.

      Yeah, that will work…

      • It’s fun watching you fumble with logic. And the fact you seem persuaded by your own points? Yeah, that’s adorable.

        I am so happy the BC film subsidy applies to Americans and other international workers. Oh, wait.

    • vfxminion says:

      Hector, that article concludes with, “Mr Joyce says work done by Weta Digital and Pukeko Pictures is an example of “people that own sufficient IP”.

      Weta Digital owns almost NONE of the IP they work on. They’re a for-hire VFX Studio that US Film Studios use to work on their blockbuster films and get tax breaks from the NZ gov on.

      • tazzman says:

        What IP does Weta own? What is happening here is cunning politicians relying on the complete ignorance of voters(taxpayers) to continue to support subsidies.

        The problem is us. We’ve allowed them to take advantage and exploit.

    • facts says:

      Weta has several companies and one focuses on internal IP led my Richard Taylor. It is all TV based work like Jane and the Dragon, Wot Wots and now more adult themed TV work.

      Weta Digital is the film division that does mainly for hire work including all work for its owner Peter Jackson who as a writer/producer/director could argue is considered his IP in some regards ?

    • AlboDR says:

      must be just luck that MPC opened a small office in Amsterdam few month ago.

      • LAskyline says:

        MPC are in Amsterdam for commercials only. It’s a big center for the European advertising biz. It’s also why they – and the Mill and FS – are in LA too.

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