‘Go Green’ Demonstration Details

Variety: VFX Artists to Protest Obama’s DreamWorks Animation Visit
Hollywood Reporter: VFX Community Planning Green-Shirt Protest
LA Times: VFX artists will wear green during Obama’s L.A. visit
Animation Magazine: VFX Protest Planned for Obama’s DreamWorks Trip

Details for the outside demonstrators. We will try to walk to DreamWorks if it is allowed:

Date: 11/26/2013 (Tue 11:00AM – 3:00PM)
Location: 1551 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201
Suggested Parking: Burbank/Glendale Home Depot: 1200 S Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502
Twitter hashtag to get latest info about the event: #VFXObama
Event sign up here

The starting location will be at Griffith Manor Park (be careful not to confuse it with Griffith Park). Where something green and warm. Most sports stores have green apparel.

Dave Rand and Tom Capizzi have put their own money into organizing this event. If you can, please send them a kind donation to thank them. You can use square cash to quickly email them the money:

Click here to donate to Dave
Click here to donate to Tom

Details for professionals at DWA:

Dreamworks employee and Animation Guild President-elect Nathan Loofbourrow can be contacted to attain a shirt. Dave Rand has kindly donated $2000 to pay for the green shirts that will be available at DWA. I’ve donated $500.

Lastly, whether you choose to join in the demonstration or not, enjoy it and revel in it. This is a history making moment that should be celebrated for all your accomplishments over the years. I’ll have a longer post with a message for DWA professionals and Mr. Katzenberg. Below I’ve posted a few tweets from fellow colleagues about the event.

Soldier On. Thank you Dave, Tom, and Nathan.

19 Responses to ‘Go Green’ Demonstration Details

  1. With you in thought from the UK!

    • dreamworksexec says:

      Sorry guys, but I can tell you as a Dreamworker, no one inside the studio is supporting this. So it’s going to be a bunch of people in green shirts half a mile from the facility, mixed with protestors for a dozen other organizations. Other than some coverage on local news and a few Hollywood outlets this is not going to be some kind of “day of reckoning” for the VFX industry, or a big media event like the Oscar protests.

      As someone else here said this is a day for Dreamworks to celebrate, and have JK be validated by Obama coming to praise the Studio he has built. The LAST thing JK and the execs want is for this to turn into some politically charged protest, ESPECIALLY because we are ONE OF the companies actively outsourcing our work to India and China.

      So I appreciate the intent and you have my sympathy. But I would be shocked if more than a couple brave people here on campus wear green. Sorry. But that’s the reality. Good luck with the gathering down the street.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        To dreamworksexec, please don’t come to my blog pretending to be someone you aren’t, especially when your IP is coming from outside the country. Your naked attempt to try to stifle this backfires by only encouraging more support.

      • Dave Rand says:

        I’m hearing he exact opposite from my friends at DWA. Busted phony comments like this are only helpful.

        …we’ve already won, everything is additive. Friday’s coverage and the coverage to follow are examples of how important VFX is being registered, not only in the minds of our viewers, but the minds of our fellow workers, and the media that supports contemporary thinking.

        Because of the coverage since Friday, there is no way Obama has not heard of our plight, corrected his speech, and been enlightened.

        And again thanks for your phony post.

  2. PVC says:

    I am a Vancouver resident but I have to agree that governments should not be in the businesses of destabilizing industries with short-sided subsidies. Careers take decades to build and should not be the playthings of politicians.

  3. Jackadullboy says:

    To the naysayers out there who see this as “only an LA issue”, and as someone working in Canada, I think we should all be supportive of artists willing to stand up collectively to try and achieve change in their industry. We don’t see anywhere near enough of it.

    • sallyb says:

      It is an “LA only” issue – there are a bunch of xenophobic remarks that constantly appear. What else can people think???

      • vfxmafia says:

        to sallyb:

        Labor rights and industry stabilization is good for everyone. Soldier does not censor anyone and it is an open forum. Hey its the internet…sometimes postings goes overboard..but that is an open discussion. Market distortions from subsidys makes eveyone’s jobs unsecure…..

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Ever wonder if I might be an immigrant myself? The xenophobia remark is an attempt to smear a solution that actually works. It seems any attempt to help VFX must exclude US workers according to the opposition.

        Our campaign has invited international support and as you can see above, we have that. Many donors to the CVD effort came from workers in international locations. Many supporters came from international workers working in the US.

        People are lashing out against the CVD effort because it can work and has a lot of support.


  4. VFX_Reckoning says:

    I have to commend everyone who’s putting out the effort and coming together to make this happen, and encourage all artists to participate if you’re available. These opportunities for exposure and comradery against market distortion are very important for our careers and in building a better industry for all. They should be happening more often.

    Soldier on everyone!

    • Sari Gennis says:

      I will be there… Broken wrist and all. Does anyone have an idea for a clever sign that incorporates that? I hope others will come too. There are only a few people signed up but maybe they feel like I do, about not leaving my name and information on a million websites. I’m sure it safe, I just would rather RSVP here. I know it’s hard to know what to do, but I spoke out constantly trying to improve conditions and educate younger workers at my last job (Stereo D) and never felt a backlash.(Except now when people find out I worked there and run screaming from the room ha ha) I didn’t feel like I did much good but when I left people said I gave them a voice. And they were always good to me in spite of my speaking out, believe it or not. I’m sure DreamWorks would be at least as good to their peeps! I know the conditions there are some of the best in the industry, but if you ever leave, it’s crazy out here. It would be nice if there were more than two or three great union studios.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        “My bones are broken, but my will is not.” 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work Sari!

        On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 11:18 AM, VFX Soldier

      • minoton says:

        I would think any signs that point to the fact that demonstrators are not skipping work because they are unemployed would drive home the message.

  5. Tony says:

    Why haven’t you invited all interested people to attend? Will I.A.T.S.E be there?

  6. Beth Onstad says:

    I really wish I could be there!! Will be supporting through social networks all day! There is no way he can’t see us now!

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