‘Go Green’ Rally Update

Go Green Rally Update:

Some are suggesting to park at Burbank/Glendale Home Depot: 1200 S Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502. At the park we will discuss the feasibility of walking to the front of DreamWorks Animation if it is allowed by the police and we do not cause any disturbance.

DreamWorks employees who support our effort but are reluctant to wear a shirt at the speech are more than welcome to join us outside in solidarity.

Thanks to everyone.

Soldier On.

39 Responses to ‘Go Green’ Rally Update

  1. polyphemus says:

    No green shirts at photos I’m seeing at the DWA campus now, I guess everyone there knows who signs their pay check.

    Don’t rock the boat, or its a paycut mixed in with a completion of service change to your contract. Don’t like it? Time for another transitions meeting.

    If the Big O mentions job creation with all those empty desks in the lakeside building I’m going to choke on a biscuit.

    • Bobtalones says:

      And choke we did.

      • polyphemus says:

        Can’t say I’m surprised, the speech was written far in advance most likely, and honestly DWA and Disney FA are the remaining safe spots in Los Angeles. I guess if you dodged the layoffs so far you’ll probably be ok.

        If I was there I’d probably wouldn’t want to rock the boat either.

        Maybe the new trade organization can collect money so we can send a rep to one of these fund raisers to get a little bit of direct face time with the politicians. I guess they don’t want the “little people” to do that by having 25-35,000$ a plate fund raisers.

      • Dre says:

        Dreamworks is outsourcing ALL it’s animation work to China as soon as humanly possible. Ask a DW employee about it. To think that DW or Disney are “safe” is ridiculous. Animators don’t even have the guts to post this story on facebook because their supervisors and recruiters are their friends on facebook. To my animator friends: How’s this working out for you?

      • kego says:


        They took yer jerrrbs!

      • X_LA_VFX_WHORE says:

        To Kego

        Actually…..Im coming to Vancouver to take your “jerrb”

    • Ridiculous says:

      Nope, no green shirts.

    • VFX_Reckoning says:

      Way to go DWA folks, you flopped on that one big time. Thanks for your complete lack of support. Remember this the next time your laid-off looking for work.

      • sallyb says:

        why was it their responsibility to carry this? It put them in a very difficult situation.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Nobody said they had a responsibility to do anything.

        The president has the responsibility to be informed that the film and VFX industry is dying in SoCal where he gave a speech praising how great things were.

        I love this president but the record needs to be corrected.


  2. jonavark says:

    I’m not that happy that THR revealed something.

  3. minoton says:

    So, did anyone from the press explain the situation to the president and ask about duties?

  4. Dave Rand says:

    The shirts were also a gimmick for the press to write about, much like the plane over the walk of fame. I thought DWA employees would wear them, but was also prepared for them not to and I understand all the reasons why. The press and consciousness raising was the main point and we achieved that.

    As VFX soldier put it Obama was selling organic farming at Chernobyl. Sad that he appeared clueless but I can’t believe he is still oblivious to our efforts.

    If what appears to be apathy, angers or even just concerns you, be ready to donate a days work to the CVD effort. We won on Friday, we won today, and we’ll win again tomorrow. It is all additive.

    The press was enormous these past few days. Just a few yrs ago we were not worth writing about and nobody used their name out of fear. That table has turned full circle. Every major entertainment vehicle wrote about us and we’ll be discussed on NPR in a few minutes.

    1,234 signatures as of now on the petition and most are using their real names, even Jeff Okun of the VES. …..that’s progress.

    Stay tuned, and as Daniel Lay says Soldier on.

    • Dave Rand says:

      Just got a private email asking me if we even actually sent shirts over…YES WE DID! 500 of them and many artists picked them up and some actually wore them. By gimmick I mean something original and interesting was applied to an old idea, making it interesting enough to cover. After the Oscars thousand of facebook pages went green. After this consider spending a days labor on your future. For some that will be far easier than wearing a green shirt in front of the President.

    • John Anderson says:

      Impressive… President Obama did seem to recognize the cause during the first two minutes of his introduction “We’ve got some folks here who are fighting for the people of Southern California every single day and I just wanted to acknowledge them… got the Mayor of Glendale…” So, that’s pretty good for something that could have been totally ignored. The message is actually more global than SoCal but probably a bit lost in translation. Polite pressure about the cause was applied by the rally and the days before by the media. The possibility of another heckler from the crowd (as happened yesterday) was appeased by the President up front acknowledging the cause. As he mentioned to the heckler yesterday “It won’t be as easy as shouting but it requires us lobbying and getting it done.”

      Obama’s DWA speech today can be found here (1:56):

      His speech with the heckler on immigration reform (2:07):

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Yes the president was correct about the heckler: in order to pass immigration reform, he needs to go through congress and pass a law.

        But in the case of the CVDs, no politicians needed: we go straight to the ITC.

        Sent from my iPhone


  5. vfxmafia says:

    I heard a blurb of Obama’s speech on the car radio….”US Film has impacted the world…..I see every other kid with a Madacascar shirt on…”. (or something to those words) I guess he went ahead and gave a rah-rah speech for US film industry….oblivious to the outside world.

  6. DWer says:

    DreamWorker here; there were quite a few people in the crowd wearing green (myself included), of course the various different hues impeded the effect… In any case, many of those I spoke to that were not in green did so not because they are not supportive/sympathetic to VFX; here are a couple main themes..

    Many didn’t want the green to be misconstrued by the media as a “protest” (instead of an act of solidarity). Early news coverage was leaning towards “protest”, which scared some people off (as many have no issues with JK/Obama).

    A very large portion wanted to dress up, since this was a historic event for DWA. We are very proud to host the president here, and many wanted to celebrate the event in professional attire with respect.

    TLDR: there is much more support at DWA for VFX’s plight than were green shirts today, just many felt this venue was not the place.

    • At least they didn’t cut him off with the Jaws theme, amirite?

    • VFX Soldier says:

      Thanks DWer.

      I know so many people at Dreamworks and they know this subsidy issue is huge. I understand that they didn’t want to be looked at as protesting the president and embarrass JK. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for us to work together to solve these problems we know about.


      • X_LA_VFX_WHORE says:

        Personally I am so disappointed with Dreamworks employees….I could slap one….

        I really don’t see how a green shirt reflects badly on Katzenberg.

        Maybe its because Im probably headed to Vancouver……and doing what i have to survive…..but I have to say is DW employees should make a doctors appointment …..”spinelessness” is a serious condition.

  7. Chris Simmons says:

    I support the president, and think he means well. However, after watching his speech I noticed two things,
    1) it’s amazing how incorrect his information is, and I’m glad we were there to inform the press of the true situation and how much our industry is in need of relief.
    2) They put him on a Blue Screen. Thank you JK! This will give us a nice opportunity to use today’s image to help spread our message.

  8. hector says:

    What’s next?

  9. mOZd says:

    Sorry guys. I’m still not getting the issues here. I’m a vfx guy and run a small shop. I just canned a job after the production company clearly failed to qualify for the subsidies in their country, paid us late on every milestone and then asked me to take out a loan to cover cash flow. I won’t be going to the wall on this one due to prudent management, not over extending ourselves and respectfully telling my client to fornicate elsewhere. It is up to the remaining vfx studios to better manage themselves in order to survive. Those remaining should be able to provide solid employment for the best the industry has to offer. Unfortunately everyone else will have to retrain. Does that suck? Yep probably but it means those that are left will be at the top of their game and usher in a more sustainable era of vfx and film making

    • Dave Rand says:

      I agree, your absolutely right, your not getting the issues here.

      • Sprinkle says:

        What an insightful reply. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be further from the truth; he has nailed it.

      • David Rand says:

        Nailed what exactly their Sprinkle? Making anonymous claims that the playing field is just fine, then why the fear, come on out and show every on how confident you are about the future and your great plan…why hide?…we just all need more “training” Maybe some math lessons would help. Unbelievable….

      • Successful LA VFX shop owner says:

        I cleared over a million US dollar last year, and have three jet ski, a hanglider, a camp at Los Angeles Lake, and a really nice American sports car. We just work real hard making quality product. All this Tax Incentive crap is no reason to be bitching. Our clients want us and are willing to pay way more, they don’t care at all that it’s 1/2 cheaper to go in Vancouver. They want to help American through the tough spot. I don’t use my real name Mr Rand because I don’t want anyone breaking in and stealings secrets. I no afraid of nothing.

      • Sprinkle says:

        I don’t think you should get too hung up on anonymity. I suspect like many others I’m not using my name with no assurance that comments can’t be edited, twisted or have their context changed. The VFX Soldier blog is hardly a credible forum for a balanced and unbiased discussion on the issue.

      • Dave Rand says:

        That is exactly why I’ve always used my real name. I stand behind what I say, without fear. No one can edit me, no one can claim to be me. This forum has already helped shape the world we work in. His posts have been re transmitted in every major entertainment vehicle worldwide. The allowance of anonymity was to encourage people to talk because in the beginning there was far more fear than today as evidenced by the 1322 names on the petition to tariff subsidized VFX work, including the head of the VES. We get the occasional ghost authored fiction writer, usually they are apparent. Like the post from Successful LA VFX shop owner. They land so far off the mark. lack intelligence and honor, and are either meant to be humorous, or misleading propaganda. To me it only indicates we are striking at the fear and hitting the mark.

      • JustaWorker says:

        Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing at “Successful LA VFX shop owner”. Was that post ment to be a joke or are you serious?

        “Three jet ski, a hanglider, a camp at Los Angeles Lake, and a really nice American sports car.”
        Do you have an Ipad Air also? What about an iphone5s? I bet it’s the gold one… You know it’s not real gold right?

        “I don’t want anyone breaking in and stealings secrets. I no afraid of nothing.”

        Except you are afraid, people are going to steal your secrets? You also used a double negative. It’s 2013, there isn’t anymore “VFX Secrets”

      • mOZd says:

        Wait, I got it… Oh shit I lost it! Nope still not getting it. As for my future and my master plan Dave? I decided 2 years ago to get off my arse and stop waiting for the world to hand me a meal ticket. I made my first feature and just presold it to every major territory. As for my secrets? You can read all about them when my how to book is published around release in July. Now I had never thought of getting a jet ski but that new f type jag looks flicking amazing

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