February 27th: California Film Subsidy Discussion

This year there has been a big push by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to try to increase the amount of subsidies for the film industry. Currently, while the state offers $100 million a year, it’s specifically targeted for smaller productions with budgets of $75 million.

Since most VFX work is for films with large budgets, most producers prefer to go to places like British Columbia which offers to pay US producers 60% of the salaries of BC resident VFX artists. Hence the reason so many are being coerced into moving to BC and pick up residency there.

NPR affiliate KPCC and The Milken Institute will be holding a discussion about increasing film subsidies in CA open to everyone who is able to RSVP. As you know last month I was invited to speak with host Alex Cohen on KPCC on Take Two for my opposition to California giving more subsidies to US studios (something many seem to conveniently forget!).

Date: Thursday, February 27, 7:30 – 9:00pm
Location: Milken Institute 1250 Fourth Street Santa Monica, CA 90401
You must RSVP for this event here.

I’m currently trying to get on the panel as one of the few who has consistently pointed out that subsidies are a losing strategy. However if you would like to attend I encourage you to RSVP. I’ll be in attendance and hope to get some words in.

Soldier On.


8 Responses to February 27th: California Film Subsidy Discussion

  1. Studio_Spotter says:

    Double?! Booo..
    I saw that he suggested the worst report out there showed a 7 cent loss on the dollar. Someone needs to vocally clearly show that he wasnt looking very hard. And people need to fully understand the types of percentages CA would be going up against. 200 million capped on a lottery system will not have much pull at all compared to the guarantee in the VC market and others. What business is going to set up shop on the CHANCE it might receive a subsidy some year when a guarantee for more exists elsewhere? Its a losing strategy. The CVD is the best option.

  2. SteveM says:

    “I’m currently trying to get on the panel as one of the few who has consistently pointed out that subsidies are a losing strategy.”

    Depends who you are. For BC, subsidies have been a winning strategy.

  3. StevenNaf says:

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