Sign Language

On Sunday we had a well-attended pre-rally BBQ to help prepare for the March in March. Some wanted to help make signs and by the end of the day they created works of art.



Artwork by Jesse Toves

So given that a reader suggested I put up a post for people to discuss good sign slogans to help with the effort. Sometimes the most effective message is the one that is visually creative and pithy!

Soldier On.


4 Responses to Sign Language

  1. Andreas Jablonka says:

    with the great news about the MPAA statement concerning copyright and imports we should use that on a sign somewhere!

    • Andreas jablonka says:

      We will have more green shirts for anybody attending the march in March Oscar ralley!

    • Sari Gennis says:

      And for anyone wanting to make their green shirt a little less boring, after you put a slogan on it, here is a how-to video on how to cut up the sleeves, etc., like we used to do in the 80s! (It got almost 3 million hits, so I guess people still do it!)

  2. BrandonD says:

    Since we’re supposed to be VFX artists we should have the best looking signs within miles – more of this please!

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