VFX Soldier Speaks To LA City Council

Last night I attended an Ad Hoc Film Committee event held by Councilmembers in LA city hall. Each speaker was allowed 3 minutes to speak in front of the council. You can listen to the whole session below. My statement is at the 1:37:36 mark:



You can hear one of the council members gasp as I revealed the ultimatum given to workers recently at Imageworks to move to Vancouver. It’s a shame there was no video of the meeting. The look on the face of Councilmembers when I revealed that taxpayers in BC pay 60% of resident VFX salaries was devastating.

Councilmember Krekorian had a surprised look at how much BC was paying for film subsidies. Councilmember O’Farrell was nodding with interest when I revealed the legal effort.  Councilmember Price complimented me on my presentation after the meeting and I gave him papers explaining the effort.

Afterwards there were a good number of people who gave me their contact information interested in supporting the effort. I handed out fliers directing them to our website and the March in March event. There will be future meetings and I think it’s a good forum to have your voice heard and help shape council members knowledge.

Soldier On.


23 Responses to VFX Soldier Speaks To LA City Council

  1. JonMeier says:

    Thanks for such concise notes, Daniel.

  2. Dante says:

    Daniel thank you SO much for everything you do for us, VFX artists.

    You have been taking so much of your time to put into this efforts,
    I honestly don’t know what to say other than a sincere, honest, true thank you and a big hug.

  3. paul herrin says:

    you’ve got my wand…

    solider on, i’ll talk with ye after the oscars.

  4. Dave Rand says:

    Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and some people say “What Happened?”

    Be there Sunday http://www.adaptvfx.com …and help make things happen.

  5. Nic D. says:

    Daniel, thanks for all your efforts and thanks to everyone trying to make a difference for our industry. Here or abroad.

    Join us Sunday, it’ll be fun and it shouldn’t interfere if you have plans to watch the oscars later on (win/win)!

  6. Jackadullboy says:

    Regardless of one’s position on subsidies ( and though in Vancouver I do support moves to counter them), I’d like to think we can all applaud Daniel as someone willing to pull himself away from the monitor and make concrete efforts to affect change.

    Perhaps James Cameron’s dismissive charge that we are all a bunch of “idiot savants” will yet be proven wrong.

  7. Thank you Daniel for all your hard work. It’s strange seeing the vfx community finally starting to come together and do something.
    I like it!

  8. vfxmafia says:

    Daniel out of curiosity ……have you ever calculated how many hours you spent doing this….over the last 3-4 years?

  9. Marcus Pun says:

    Daniel, most excellent!

  10. Whoa says:

    Right on soldier!
    Thanks for your dedication and effort.
    It is very much appreciated.

  11. jonavark says:

    If you want 5% say you want 5%. Don’t say you want 5% but you think you can do it for next to nothing. Then, all you will ever get is next to nothing. If that. Hell.. say you want 10% and settle for 5%.

    I never get the impression the wizards behind the counter in the high backed chairs actually listen to anything anyone says to them in those meetings.

  12. […] with a reporter or on the radio or tv I would fear not saying the right thing. When I was given 3 minutes to explain my issue in front of City Hall I feared I would fail. I hope you feel like I came through for the […]

  13. […] most of that work will probably be done in Vancouver. As I mentioned on NPR and at a City Hall meeting, Imageworks once employed 1000 professionals at the Culver City location. That number […]

  14. […] attend an Ad Hoc Film Committee Meeting setup by LA City Council. You can hear my statement in my post about the meeting. This event is open to the public and I will be “suiting up” to make another appearance […]

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