NZ Minister Repeatedly Ignored Officials Advice Against Larger Film Subsidies

From the Dominion Post:

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was repeatedly advised by officials not to budge on the subsidies for big-budget television and film productions, despite intense lobbying from the industry. Officials said the bigger subsidies demanded by the industry were a “race to the bottom” and the Government was not expected to prop up other industries.

No surprise as the US studios threatened to move Avatar work to Australia or Canada. The backlash from the media for the decision was substantial. What’s interesting is this won’t be the last round. James Cameron indicated the latest increase is still not enough:

He said he would have liked to see even higher rebates but could live with the 25 per cent on offer, and believed other major productions would agree.

Welcome to the race to the bottom.

Soldier On.


7 Responses to NZ Minister Repeatedly Ignored Officials Advice Against Larger Film Subsidies

  1. Andreas Jablonka says:

    what a crazy person. whatever happened to politicians listening to their voters?

  2. contessa12 says:

    Follow the money! The studios have wall street involved in making business decisions based on money. Some very clever wall street er suggested that you should seek subsidies (tax payer investment without dividends and voting rights!). Local governments viewed this as a good deal that would bring jobs and people spending money–a win win! However, influx of new residents, many transplants from the US has inflated prices from houses, rents, food and ALL luxury items. The worker loses the tax payer loses, the locals lose as everything is more expensive, the politicians may ride high for a short while, but they will lose in an election or two and the winner is The Hollywood Studio and the wall street firm that concocted up this scheme. This is the mortgage crisis dressed up in costume! If one waits long enough and can withstand the delay this too will come crashing down like a ton of bricks. VFX workers may move once, even twice, but living like a migrant worker and either leaving the family or dragging them along from place to place wears thin and there are other professions to be had. And btw, some of the VFX work coming out is just plain awful!

  3. VFX_Reckoning says:

    The studios own New Zealand. Just like a pimp slapping his meal-ticket whore back in line.

    • Andreas jablonka says:

      True and funny 😉

    • treyB says:

      Maybe you should be a little more respectful to the people of New Zealand? Such a rude thing to say from an outsider.

      • VFX_Reckoning says:

        A few things people lack most in our industrialized nations are a backbone and the will to truth. They would rather sit back idle, tip-toeing around issues as to not disturb their way of life, quiet and complacent, ignoring all the corruptions that take place right in front of them. Instead of getting angry, standing up and fighting for a better world, for what’s right and just. It’s disgusting, sensitivity has become a debilitating disease and people need to hear it, so I say what I want no matter how harsh it may seem.

        Personally, I think it’s a fair comparison and would rather have you disrespected and angry, even at me, rather then complacent. Because being angry, is one step closer to real change.

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        I agree with Vfx_Reckoning even though the wording could have been a bit saddler. NZ has 4mio people. now they have to carry 15% MORE film rebate for a franchise that made over a BILLION in one film. this is just sick. Weta out of all vfx companies needs the subsidies the least. as they could get work on merit on a level playing field.

        I’m curious why nobody called the bluff. would they really take avatar 2-500 somewhere? where? only weta, ILM and MAYBE sony could pull this off. ILM is too busy anyway, SONY is so all over the place nobody trusts them with vfx work and weta is ideal as cameron lives there now. would he really leave his newly bought farm to fly back to LA? it was a showing of weakness on NZ part especially since your own advisors said don’t do it.

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