VFX Soldier Interview At March In March Rally

Mark Devlin of Surviving The Freelance Jungle conduct this impromptu interview with me during the March in March rally.

Soldier On.


9 Responses to VFX Soldier Interview At March In March Rally

  1. Andreas Jablonka says:

    it makes me wonder if these interviewers are trying to trap you or if they are supportive by axing questions they know your stance on. when they guy said “i was fooling” i thought what an ass 🙂

  2. raji says:

    Nah, just a lack of interviewing experience.

  3. Studio_Spotter says:

    Well done Daniel. You are making clearer arguments with more solid talking points as time goes on. I particularly like the notion that litigation to apply a duty on subsidized imports would cost far less than CA would have to pay to fight foreign subsidies annually around the world. Way to reach out to the incoming students as well. I remember when it dawned on me how little job security existed in vfx. It is best that they are aware of this issue sooner than later.

  4. PolarisSoup says:

    What is to stop the Studios from setting up subsidiaries outside the US to avoid potential import TAX on work from outside the US. Could this even mean studios moving operations abroad meaning the US as a whole will lose even more jobs and industry influence.

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