Assemblymember Mike Gatto Townhall Meeting Saturday

Assemblymember Mike Gatto is one of the main legislators behind the CA film subsidy bill AB1839. Last week he caught the attention of many of us after he expressed his interest in our anti-subsidy duty effort. This Saturday he will have a townhall meeting that you must RSVP to attend:

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 5
Glendale YWCA, 735 E. Lexington Drive.
Space is limited. RSVP by calling (818) 558-3043 or via email:

While I may not be able to attend Saturday’s townhall, we have been in contact with Mr. Gatto’s office hoping he’ll support our legal effort. For those of you that might attend his townhall meeting and get a chance to talk with him, urge him to support our anti-subsidy duty effort and explain to him why it’s important to you. I will send an update if I’m able to attend Saturday’s meeting. Let me know if you end up going.

Soldier On.


16 Responses to Assemblymember Mike Gatto Townhall Meeting Saturday

  1. Ryan says: Keep using your personal “vfx solidarity” facebook page to argue that LA is the most competitive place regarding to vfx work and your’ll end up living in China

  2. Whoa says:

    Wish I could have gone. I am out of state at the moment. Anyone else go?

    • jonavark says:

      What for? It is complete lunacy to begin talking to politicians about this. They’re all full of shit. Including this nitwit. Mr. Lay would do well to stop trying to be a community organizer and get on with the task he has set for himself. Engaging politicians is a complete waste of time. If you can corner them and force them into decisions, fine. But expecting them to assist in an action which would end up costing studios millions per film is naive and silly. For fuck’s sake. Just ask them to end their own careers and see how well that goes.

      • Whoa says:

        Nice try…. Warner brothers

      • studio_spotter says:

        haha what?

        Right because evening the playing field for thousands of relatively high paying low pollution CA jobs without spending a dime is political suicide. Have fun with that one.

      • LAskyline says:

        “relatively low pollution” – what, do you run your renderfarm on a wind turbine? Take a look at your monthly electricity bill and see how green you feel after that.

      • studio_spotter says:


        Relatively… yes I, and municipalities, feel pretty green about it.

        20% (and climbing) of LA’s power consumption is renewable and 50% of that is generated from wind turbines.

        Even disregarding that, the amount of income an fx house generates vs pollution it creates from electricity usage pales in comparison to similar tax revenue alternatives. Local disturbances, including noise, are virtually none existent. Any pollution from electricity production is consolidated and externalized to other locations already allocated for polluting activities associated with power generation rather than disrupting local, and otherwise clean, neighborhoods. It is a very attractive revenue source for any municipality.

  3. misha says:

    ….went….there were 4 of us there….Assemblymember Mike Gatto basically answered 2 questions about the CVD and subsidy bill… he mentioned the meeting on Thurs. and seemed forthright about moving with both options….and gaining city and state support for the CVD…

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