VFX Soldier In China!

I’ll be in China for two weeks. If you’re a reader of the blog and would like to grab a cup of tea let me know. Here is a list of cities and dates of where I’ll be at.

  • Beijing: Sunday May 11 – Tuesday May 13
  • Xian: Wednesday May 14 – Thursday May 15
  • Guilin: Friday May 16 – Sunday May 18
  • Shanghai: Monday May 19 – Wednesday May 21
  • Zhangjiajie: Thursday May 22 – Friday May 23
  • Shanghai: Saturday May 24th

You can email me at VFXSoldier at gmail dot com.

Soldier On.

10 Responses to VFX Soldier In China!

  1. David Koester says:

    Thanks Irv!

    I’m in Colorado right now cause my Dad is not well, but I may be back in time to talk with him.

  2. vfxmafia says:

    Hey Be careful in China with your politics.

    I did a commercial in Beijing like 10 years ago. (I don’t know if it has changed since then)….but ill share this story with you….

    We quickly noticed 3 types of police their…..regular police….military police…and political police (these guys wear black leather jackets, sunglasses, have ear pieces, and red arm bands)…..

    On the location scout we were shooting in a hipster cafe…which had some kind of political saying on the wall. We had a “political observer” who we had to clear ALL things with…..our observer noted to use the location the writings on the wall had to be concealed….everything was reviewed for political indications…..strange but true..they even banned the use of a “Zippo” lighter in the commerical…sighting that “Druggy” and dissident types use ZIppo lighters and National Television does not condone such people……

    it got worse…..

    One day a member of my crew went jogging in Tianamen square at 6 AM…….a woman was literally on a soap box with a sign……suddenly a political police officer came out of no where tackled her in the small of the back and crumpled her like a NFL linebacker…..he held here down as her face got cut open and was bleeding as a white van rolled up. A bunch more dudes jumped out the back and they threw her in the back and quickly shut the doors….The main political officer instructed people in the park to “look away” …he then specifically wallked up to the US crew member who was now gawking at the scene and not jogging….and repeated himself in Chinese….and made motions to look away with his fingers……the crew memeber kept walking and was wondering WTF was up with this country…..

    When we brought this up with our Chinese production company…we were told it was “OK” and that Western business men were protected as long as they stuck to the “commercial business”…..im glad i wasn’t in the political “business”…..

    I also would like to remind you union organizers in Brazil were recently “disappeared” for trying to start a union.

    Just remember you are a guest in another country….and rules as you know it…do not apply……

    • James says:

      Hey Vfxmafia: STFU! You are always so full of shit! I spent 3 months in China in 2008 and was amazed at how lax the laws and law emforcement were there.

      • vfxmafia says:

        I can only tell you what i experienced which was back in 2004. Im afraid its all true to the best of my recollection…..

        Its funny during the first town hall meeting after the first acedemy award protest….a Chinese fellow got up during the questionare of the panel….which include both Union reps. The Chinese student asked “what can be done about unionization in China”…..and her repsonse (which i believe you can find online somewhere)….said and I quote “we can not recommend anything to Union organizers in China because it could get them hurt or imprisoned.”

        If your such king shit…I suggest you get on a soap box and Tinanmen Square and see how far your big balls gets you….

      • vfxmafia says:

        Next time your in China…go hold a sign out front of a Foxconn plant with a sign supporting better labor conditions…..

      • Fortune Kookee says:

        Sure you were in China and not Taiwan? I was there in 2008 as well and my tour guide was scared shitless to discuss anything.

    • MAO says:

      Lived (and worked) in China for one year in 2012/13 and never had any kind problem about anything apart when I’ve tried to get some photos of the black leather jacket police in Beijing and they asked me in a “kind of polite way” 😀 to delete the photos. Apart from that it’s a freaking cool place nowadays. Enjoy it!

  3. Miodrag says:

    I live in China ( Shanghai ) and this is actually my second time and I never had this kind of problem nor I never heard of it. I have been here for 18 months.
    So many things have changed, in good and in bad too.
    Beijing it’s all about politics and has the old Chinese stamp.
    all the films are made there ( China Mainland )
    Shanghai is where all the Advertisement are made, there’s more creativity as well as more foreign people working here.
    The only thing you should be aware of are the thief ( they happen occasionally ) and who steals your stuff aren’t Chinese but people from Xinjiang Uyghura province ( they don’t like Chinese but they speak Chinese )

  4. chexmix says:

    Go see Godzilla this weekend…….

    Much respect to the English boys at D-NEG (and MPC)…….its a bad ass movie….(this is coming from the LA crew) …..the work is good as anything WETA or ILM does….congrats

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