VFX Soldier At UCSB Conference On VFX Labor

I just arrived back to the US from my trip to China. (Which was pretty crazy if you saw my tweet about the plane almost crashing.) During my trip I was saddened to hear about another school shooting this time at UC Santa Barbara. I just was at UCSB three weeks ago along with Steve Kaplan and Mariana Acuña-Acosta to attend a conference on VFX labor. I posted the video of it above.

The Carsey-Wolf Center at UCSB has been doing some great research on the VFX industry by Michael Curtin and Kevin Sanson and we were incredibly thankful to the academics and students in attendance who have been following this blog and ADAPT’s efforts. As a UC alumni, I think I speak for the rest of the VFX community in offering our support to the UCSB family and condolences to those affected by the recent shooting.

Soldier On.


4 Responses to VFX Soldier At UCSB Conference On VFX Labor

  1. Dear Anonymous;

    I don’t know your identity, but, if you’d like to meet with Bring Hollywood Home we are transparent.

    Please be in touch.

    Sharon Jimenez 310 409 3306

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    • chexmix says:


      Sharon…you do know VFXsoldier is AKA Daniel Lay (VFX artist, activist, and ADAPT founder)….and not “Anonymous”? and already has a legal team in place to file a Tariff suit….?

      Also do you know that he and the website are very Anti-Subsidy …..(even California subsidies) something which your website seems to advocate for……. more corporate welfare from tax payer money for the big 6 studios to race to the bottom

      If anyone wants to stop jobs from leaving California….all you have to do is file the CVD case which is in place right now….with the current legal team…..it would end all foreign productions that take foreign subsidies….


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