CA Legislative Support For ADAPT Legal Efforts

When the blog is quiet it usually means I’m busy working with people on the legal effort. There was some remarkable news that broke this week in Variety:

To take the fight to the government, in this case, U.S. trade authorities, Daniel Lay — author of the popular VFX Soldier blog —  and others have formed the Assn. of Digital Artists, Professionals and Technicians (Adapt). Their plight has drawn the attention of Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Calif.), who aims to add language to pending tax-incentives legislation. The wording would urge the federal government to impose sanctions, including tariffs, as a way to combat “unfair and illegal competition” from other countries that have hijacked visual effects, music scoring and other post-production work.

Big thanks to Mike Gatto and all of you who collectively worked on this effort. While this is great news it’s important to note that the anti-subsidy duties we are trying to implement do not rely upon the approval of the President, Congress, or any state legislature. That being said this could provide us huge help down the road.

This is a huge step in the right direction. Our law firm represented the shrimping industry that was heavily affected by international subsidies. The state of Louisiana helped contribute funding to that effort. We feel if the state is going to give hundreds of millions in subsidies to the studios who are going to game the offer against other locations, devoting funds to our legal effort that would cost a fraction of a percent of that makes sense. We’ll update you when we can.

Soldier On.



14 Responses to CA Legislative Support For ADAPT Legal Efforts

  1. vfxmafia says:

    There is an interesting quote in that article about the Union stance…

    “The idea of trade sanctions has been opposed by major studios, which otherwise are backers of the incentives legislation, along with unions and guilds.Two years later, when the Screen Actors Guild and other locals demanded the U.S. trade representative take action against Canada, the rep refused.”

    Daniel is the Union on board with Anti-Subsidy legislation us or not?

    Is S.A.G. and IATSE behind this? And if so will they contribute some cash?

    • Andreas jablonka says:

      I can’t imagine them funding ADAPT.
      Obviously TAG has collaborated with us and was trying to unionize us *big cough* but as daniel said we don’t need any political support for the CVD to kick in but it sure cannot hurt!

      • vfxmafia says:

        The only thing this comes down to is money. Do we have enough to pay our lawyers to fuck with their lawyers?…….Everybody else is talking shit.

      • vfxmafia says:

        apparantly the union has their own lawyers to pay…..

      • TAGartist says:

        Unfortunetly none of this is any of the Unions problem. Currently these subsities still hire union members, and Union members are being employeed, so they aren’t going to do anything to jeopardize that. Most of the Union members that I know that have to leave thier homes for work, are all able to get Temp living paid for. So even though its stinks that you are moving, if its getting paid for, then its not as a big deal.

        I’ve talked with TAG directly about this, and they have said that due to thier connections with Foreign Unions, they can’t doing anyhting that might end union jobs.

        Also my guess is that since TAG doesnt represent any VFX companies, and that Anim companies dont seem to be affected by this. Its really not a top priority, because thier members aren’t being affected.

        TAG shows/ed support becuase they wanted and need new members, if we were able to get a VFX shop to join, then maybe they would put in more effort. Unfortunetly “Money talks, Bullshit walks” LA VFX is the current bullshit.

  2. […] of headlines, thank fucking christ for this story.  A group of brave soldiers* have offered a ringing endorsement of Mike Gatto’s efforts to keep film and TV productions in LA.  This proud group of […]

    • burstingthebubble says:

      What are the legal nuances if the digital data never leaves the country, but is manipulated by a workforce off-shore?

      I know of one large facility who is setting up their systems this year to do exactly that, and I am sure there are many more as well. The artists connect to their servers view video-over-ip. So in essence, the data never leaves the country it is only viewed (or “streamed” ) like a movie over a streaming service.

      What legal loopholes can the studios find to work around the tarrifs?

      • vfxmafia says:

        There was recent article on that… have to go back a couple months. I think it was MPAA , in a case against anti pirating actually argued it was property.

        Im sure you can find the article…Scott or Dan would know more. But there has been a precedent that would help us in the legal arguement.

      • minoton says:

        I would say, if the data is loaded onto your machine, into RAM, manipulated and altered from its original form, and then saved back to the servers in some new and different form, then it is an import.

      • TAGartist says:

        What they are doing is setting up terminals, there isn’t a machine with Ram loading the information. I’ve worked like this before its just a small box with Monitor out and USB for input devices. Its just like getting 3,000 mile video and usb cables connected to your machine. The machine doing the work isn’t there with you.


      • minoton says:

        But not every company is set up like that. VoiP would be hard to do if your home servers were someplace like, say, London, or Mumbai. The lag is bad enough going to L.A. There is still information being sent back and forth. But it will be a tricky, and most likely precedent setting legal issue about work being conducted across national borders. At what point would a U.S. company become a true sweat shop when it pays workers in a third world nation ten cents an hour to manufacture shots that reside in the U.S.?

  3. cylibral says:

    Reblogged this on Cylibral Blog. and commented:
    Here it is VFX Solider has been putting in the time and effort helping put this together with a few others and now it’s about to become a reality. A membership drive as well as donation

  4. […] CA Legislative Support For ADAPT Legal Efforts | VFX Soldier When the blog is quiet it usually means I'm busy working with people on the legal effort. There was some remarkable news that broke this week in Variety: To take the fight to the government, in this case, U.S. trade authorities,  […]

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