ADAPT In The News

bloombergdailynewsIn the last week ADAPT has received considerable media attention.

Bloomberg Businessweek did a piece about our legal effort to place anti-subsidy duties on VFX productions that utilize distortive subsidies:

The Fight to Save California’s Visual Effects Industry

The local LA Daily News:

Visual effects group fights back against film subsidies

The BBC will air a piece in which I did an interview for. It will be on on BBC Radio 4 Thursday at 4pm UK time and then Sunday at 10pm. Download will be here after:

I’ll be at Siggraph today in Vancouver today at 3:30pm for the ADAPT Q&A. Hope to meet all of you.

Soldier On.


2 Responses to ADAPT In The News

  1. Michael E says:

    Apparently Business Week doesn’t know the difference between Fair Trade and Free Trade. Fair Trade seeks to add labor, environmental, and human rights conditions to our trade agreements that are equally as enforceable as their other rules. Even the existing trade agreements we might be able to access like countervailing duties (CVD) are blocked by politics. I suggest this movement should (if it hasn’t already) hook up with Citizen’s Trade Campaign, the strongest and longest-established Fair Trade pressure group. They are well-connected to Fair Trade allies in Congress, and this struggle is right up their alley. They’re a spin-off from a multi-issue group spun off years ago by Ralph Nader and they have some brilliant people working for them.

    When I went to their web page and clicked on California, there should have been a story on VFX, but there was nothing. I did find a story about the California Democratic Party endorsing opposition to the proposed Free Trade agreement with Colombia and Korea. When I worked at Video Image 20 years ago, we had plenty of Korean clients coming to us for motion-control. Now they do it themselves.

    I ran across CTC in 1999 when I first started working on the runaway jobs issue. Later they hired me as Southern California lobbyist to keep China out of the WTO, and other trade issues. That association brought in the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and other key players which are on record as advocates of of Fair Trade. I met Richard Gephardt who was a viable candidate for President at the time, and a strong advocate for labor and Fair Trade. I told him about our runaway jobs issue and said we wanted to secure CVD’s on Canada. He thought about and replied that if he was in the White House, CVD’s would be the first remedy he would look at.

    VFX is a relatively small issue in the ongoing depredations on our jobs caused by imperfect trade agreements, and the capture of our governance by global corporations. But the relentless work of Video Soldier, and VFX’s connection to Hollywood has made it a much bigger issue. Now it needs to spread it’s wings and join with our natural political allies. SAG, Teamsters, and the AFL-CIO, even as they lobby for California subsidies are natural allies and it shouldn’t be that hard to get endorsements from them, along with more funding just as we did ten years ago. That, along with a couple of IA locals is how we raised $300K to file our trade petition. Any time you go into a Congressional reps office with that many voters behind you, and even if they oppose you, they sit up and pay very close attention.

    I agree this is NOT a U.S. vs. world issue. It’s screwing and disrupting our industry all over the world and funneling tax money into the pockets of corporations who have no loyalty to anything but the bottom line. My theory remains: Instead of always looking to reward corporations to get them to do something good, punish them when they do something bad.

    Michael Everett,

    IATSE Local 728, Hollywood Studio Lighting Technicians

    On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 8:48 AM, VFX Soldier

  2. vfxmafia says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thank you for an insightful post.

    I was curious to ask you what capacity are you with union? I ask because the union has been pretty silent on donations and the CVD case that Daniel is putting together. And you mentioned $300K and your trade petition.

    As you might know the CVD is a hefty lawyer bill…..and ADAPT could really use the Union’s public support as well as financial support.

    Are there any policies about the California Union giving money to curb Canadian subsidies which would indirectly effect Canadian Unions?

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