VFX Artist Michael Scott Seriously Injured

VFX Artist Michael Scott has been very vocal about VFX issues on twitter. Michael was seriously injured after he was hit by a car:

During a break from work, Michael Scott was walking to get dinner when a car jumped the curb and pinned him to a concrete wall. He has a lot of internal damage as well as broken bones and a fractured skull. His color is good though, and his pulse ox has climbed. He will remain on paralytics until he can fully stabilize then further address the internal damage. He is currently at Cedars Sinai in critical condition, after undergoing emergency surgery last night.

He needs our help.

Anyone that can, please make a donation for his medical care and rehab.

Thank you all for your support.

There has been a donation page setup and I strongly encourage you to donate. Michael’s donation to our effort 2 years ago was the final donation needed to put us over the top and get our feasibility study going.


Soldier On.


19 Responses to VFX Artist Michael Scott Seriously Injured

  1. Marcus Pun says:

    Thanks for the notice. Made a donation and hoping for a good recovery for Michael. Heartened by the fact that a lot of people are already helping.

  2. Paul says:

    Doesn’t he have health insurance?

    • Disgruntled says:

      Dont know about his personal insurance. And I imagine the drivers insurance should take care of a lot if not most of the bills…I know there are limits.

      As far as work insurance. Encore Hollywood has insurance for all their staff people. But pretty much all their VFX people are permalancers and dont get insurance. Even guys who have been there YEARS are still not staff and don’t get insurance.

      I don’t know how they can get away with that…especially with the affordable care act mandates regarding insurance for companies of a certain size.

    • chexmix says:


      You sound like your not from the U.S. Because in the US alot of people dont have health insurance. (especially if they are freelance)……and if they do….its usually very low coverage with high deductables……….

      Sedars Siani is were Speilburg has a wing donated………if he stays longer than 5 days it is gonna be like $100K +

      By law the Hospital has to treat life threatening injuries no matter what. Mike will get good care…..In the end I would suggest Mike does not pay the bill. In the US they cant go after your house or your assets if its is a delinquint hospital bill…..

      Speilberg’s donations takes care of the well paid medical staff at Cedars (along with their 6 figure hospital bills)

      • sand' says:

        I’m going to be very naive, but even with the Obama care he will have to pay a bill that expensive ?
        I know it’s sadly common in the US, but it is so shocking…
        I hope he will get better very soon.

      • chexmix says:


        All Obama care does is if force everyone to BUY healthcare…..it forces Health Insurance companies to not deny health insurance to preexisting conditions. Unfortunately Obama’s friendship extends way past scumbags….like Ed Catmull and Jeffery Katzenburg…..and extends to the health care companies…….

        The health care companies in turn just jack up prices till you can’t afford it……..unfortunately there is no price regulation in the medical industry…….in the US you can pay $1,000 a month for a family of 3 (wife, husband, and child)……and still get thrown on your ass by a hospital like Cedars (the most expensive hospital in all of Los Angeles)

      • chexmix says:

        My best advice to Mike and his family is…….

        Do not pay the bill. They have to treat him by law and save his life. By law they can’t take his or his family’s assets in lue of the bill.

        The most expensive part of ER cases is the actual room. Doctors fees are usually a fraction of the cost of a hospital bill. Hospitals make there most money by charging for the room (and the instruments in it). Mike is probably in the ICU which is probably like $20K a day for a hospital like Cedars.

      • Disgruntled says:

        Better to file bankruptcy IMO and be debt free and take the hit to your credit. Credit is just an invisible thing we all give too much weight to. Its that pokes its heads into our lives in few instances. Pretty much only when trying to finance a car or a house.

        Can’t think of many other instances where the credit hit would make much of an impact.

      • Disgruntled says:

        And the point I was making about the ACA or obamacare was that for companies of a certain size they’re mandated to provide insurance. But apparently that mandate has been delayed.

        Like someone said on twitter. If this had happened a year from now he’d had been covered by work because of the mandate.

      • Paul says:

        I’ve been freelancing for years in LA and have had an individual plan from BlueShield since 2005. I don’t have the best plan but I’m definitely covered for catastrophic events such as this one. I pay a bit less than $300/month. If you work in VFX and $300 is too high for health insurance it’s time to reassess your priorities or
        career. Anyway yes health cost is a complete rip-off here in the US.

        Let’s just hope the car driver is insured through the roof because from what I’ve read this ordeal is gonna be very costly and very lengthy. This is just awful for Michael Scott.

      • Whoa says:

        If he has health care because of the obamacare law, there is no way in hell he will have to pay a 6 figure medical bill. The max out of poket is something like 6500. That is the most he can possibly spend unless he makes less than something like 40k. Then he’d pay less.
        Now if he chose to ignore health care and pay the penalty instead, he could be in financial trouble.

    • NateCow says:

      I believe I recall Mike tweeting that he had purchased a health insurance plan under the ACA either last year or earlier this year. But of course that doesn’t mean everything will be paid for. And it varies from plan to plan. The money being donated should surely help him a great deal, even if it’s a matter of covering his other bills while he recovers.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        I recall the same and he implied in tweets that he had insurance. The problem here is he maybe long term disabled and unable to work. The money raised I assume is going to help him recover.

        All the nonsense above by “chexmix” should be disregarded.

      • NateCow says:

        Oh yeah, I totally agree. I’m part of the email chain of 50+ people getting fairly frequent updates, and it was expressed in there that the funds raised will be crucial in making sure he can keep living his life while being unable to work.

  3. woker says:

    If he bought ObamaCare, there should be yearly maximum.
    Typically less than 10,000, no matter how much bill he would get, that’s his maximum responsibility.

    ACA also does not allow life time maximum limit, therefore, as long as he has ACA, he does not need to worry about bill much.

    Also, driver’s car insurance would kick in first before health insurance kick in,

  4. password says:

    this was no fucking accident; he had an target on his head

    • William C. says:

      I was thinking on this as well. VFX is closer to cosa nostra today. Being so much money involved, I’m pretty sure Mafia is in.

  5. Dr. Acula says:

    Any further information on how exactly this happened to Michael? Who was driving the car that “jumped the curb”? Was the person intoxicated? Have insurance? Arrested for critically injury? I don’t see any information about it online.

    Interesting that this happened while he was working late at Encore, one of the Deluxe Entertainment studios featured in the previous VFXsoldier post. Supposedly they are working insane hours there, in sardine like conditions.

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