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I was contacted by some in the media. The reporter admitted they lack the technical abilities which many of you VFX pros have to actually find out what’s out there in the Sony hack. This made me realize something: VFX pros are the only ones in the film industry with the ability to find the truth of everything we’ve ever wanted to know in these files. What many of you are already finding is amazing revolutionary stuff. I was notified by some of you last night that another 100GB was released. There may be a smoking bazooka in there. Keep Digging.

Soldier On.

Update: a 4th 118GB batch has been released according to a mashable reporter.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you mind giving us a clue how to get our hands on the data please.

    • anon says:

      maybe from the address the hackers sent out on the computer screens ?

      although, it’s probably safer not to and I wouldn’t recommend it

      IP’s will probably be tracked the by the NSA, I’d guess

      • anon says:

        “The URLs apparently all lead to a text file that lists the dump of files they potentially copied from Sony’s server. There is no actual data from those files contained in the list – it’s basically just an enumeration of the threat.”

  2. Andreas Jablonka says:

    you would think the hackers would point out smoking guns if they come across them rather than an unarmed release.

  3. VFX Soldier is an idiot says:

    So you are promoting criminal activities now. I hope the FBI shut you down.

      • Nic D. says:

        Best reply to a troll I’ve seen in a good long while. 🙂

      • Roxboro says:


      • Image Ghost says:

        Adapt to our way of thinking or you are a troll. It’s always so cut and dry.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        No you’re a troll because you anonymously accuse me of a crime yet don’t even have the balls to contact the FBI. Do it. I want to see you actually do something. Until then you’re just here to complain for the sake of complaining.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Please sto spreading those links says:

        I don’t care if it’s legal or not. You let your blog spreading stolen identities.
        Fro god sake, remove those links to torrent. You are harming the artists you pretend to defend !

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        interestingly the artist are asking for these links to see for themselves whats in it. i don’t hear most of them outraged Daniel is sharing these links.

      • shame on you vfxsoldier says:

        Do you have your social security number and your bank details in those files ?
        I do, and I’m pissed to see them spread more and more. Now even VFXSoldier is hosting links to download those files.
        It’s a violation of MY privacy as for thousands of us.
        Formers employees doesn’t need to check by themselves what’s inside it. It’s pretty clear : Everyones who worked there and everything you gave to HR are into those files.
        No need to double check by yourself, that’s hypocrisy from people who wanna check how much their co-worker where earning.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        My private information is in there also. I have not posted links on my blog and have avoided discussions of the personal information out there. That being said the media and I have reported information that is in there. The major media outlets are reporting and posting about the contents. It would probably be far more effective to ask them to stop reporting the contents.

        Again if you really feel that this VFX industry blog should be censored I encourage you to contact the FBI:


      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        1) if tits important to you you should check yourself
        2) not everybody is in there, its an odd mix of old and new
        3) yes you see wages as you should! people should talk about it more open to have abetter chance at getting paid what they should be.

      • shame on you vfxsoldier says:

        All I’m asking is you to remove the links that someone posted.
        They are hosted on your blog. Those links are for downloading personal informations from humans. That’s harming us and our families.
        What is difficult for you to understand here ??

      • VFX Soldier says:

        It’s no surprise that the people who happen to be big opponents of this blog’s revelation on subsidies also are the ones accusing me of being a criminal. Check out the link before. Simply put they want to shut me up because the know the there is HUGE information on subsidies in these hacks.

        I don’t think anyone here is intending to engage in criminal activity. That’s why I so boldly posted the FBI link. If you really feel threatened report it to the authorities. Everyone here is posting information about the contents that help us and the media gain insight on some of the biggest decisions that effect our daily lives.

        Trying to shut me up by falsely accusing me a crime isn’t going to work. If you really feel that way report me to the FBI.

      • The opposing VFX Soldier says:

        Sent, wonder if they will do anything.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Haven’t heard anything from the FBI yet. Maybe they’re busy. Have you considered contacting Interpol instead? Not trollin, just tryin to help.

      • Imagequirks says:

        I’m not sure that VFX Soldier understands what an internet troll is. He seems to throw that label out there pretty haphazardly at people who disagree with him.

      • Imagequirks, at best, he called someone a troll ONE time in this post and the entirety of the thread:

        “No you’re a troll because you anonymously accuse me of a crime yet don’t even have the balls to contact the FBI. Do it. I want to see you actually do something. Until then you’re just here to complain for the sake of complaining.”

        Isn’t that a fairly textbook example of what a comment troll is?

      • Imagequirks says:

        Adrian H. McDonald look again at the image he posted re:Yann Dupont

        When someone voices an opinion contrary to your own, that doesn’t make them a “troll”. It makes them somebody to counter with debate by standing behind your arguements and facts, if they stand up by their own merit.

      • SPInsider says:


        The way Wikipedia defines a troll:

        “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]”

        There is a large contingency of people who seem to come to this blog for this express purpose. Maybe you’re not one of them, I don’t know. I’ve read this blog since its first post, and up until we started protesting the Oscar’s it was a relatively respectable discussion.

        If you look at virtually any post between now and those Oscar protests, you’ll find dozens of comments on every damn post from people who are TROLLING this blog. They are just attacking everyone, accusing us of ethnocentrism, racism, and all sorts of other baseless, absurd, inflammatory, extraneous ad-hominem attacks that DO evoke emotional responses and and otherwise disrupt normal on-topic discussion. And now here we are, off topic.

        These people, are by definition, trolling this blog.

      • Imagequirks says:

        I don’t see anything in that image that suggests this Yann guy is saying anything off topic. If anything, writing “troll” in response to him is what’s steering this off topic.

      • Yann has called him a racist. That’s not debate. It’s a personal attack meant to inflame. AKA troll behavior.

      • blablabla says:

        Yann never called Daniel a racist person. It’s an old story about subsidies with a post with an image of the Simpsons “going to Canada for cannabis and subsidies”. He felt this image was racist.

        Don’t comment and spread lie about people if you are not aware of the truth.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Yann has been notorious on VFX solidarity calling me and my posts racist and american centric. My point with him is that it’s no surprise a troll like him is now using my posts on the sony leak to accuse me of a crime. At least he has the balls to say publicly. I support anonymity but if your going to accuse my blog of a crime better be ready to let me face my accusers.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Clark says:

        I remember him saying an image you posted was inappropriate and racist. Not you.

        Anyway, none of my business.

    • . says:

      3-4 high ranking people from SPI, I barely know have illegally made my career VERY difficult. I know for a fact public insults have been spread by a former employee, for no reason other than for them to “get off” on abusing someone. Sadly they spread libel with others who, due to insecurity and hunger for power, spread libel.

      There is no reality to this industry when a handful of people are controlling the money and opportunities with fictionalized blacklists that they are hungry to put people on for little or no reason.

      This is karma.

      They are playing games and the games need to be destroyed.

      We need to know what is going on and any illegal activities need to be brought to the light.

      The vfx industry is managed by sick people.

      What should be rewarded is profit by talent not politics by nepotism and blacklisting.

      VFX artists need to fight back by revealing the truth.

      • michelin says:

        Absolutely TRUE!

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        hear hear!

      • Dbcooper says:

        If your a big big tree…we are a small axe. Ready to chop you down, ready to chop you down.

        New light will reach the forest below and allow real growth to occur. This monster was not too big to fail now was it?

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        I hear ya. Karma, right. But we’re getting boned. I worked with Sony in the last year. My shit is soooo likely on that list. We’re getting double boned here. But I can’t do anything about it. Other than utilizing the credit monitoring service Adobe gave me for the other hack. Seems like hacks are happening on a regular basis right now.

  4. SquishNStretch says:

    Is this the data equivalent of a dirty nuke? First ever? So much collateral damage. It’s indiscriminate. In order to get at one specific target? Now it includes people who applied to Sony but never actually worked there. Who else? That information will be out there forever. The hackers can’t say this is an unintended consequence. They have parsed through the data and are releasing it in discrete packages. They could have scrubbed the peripheral stuff, but they haven’t. It is clearly intended, or at least they are willfully apathetic.

  5. jonavark says:

    My info is likely in those files. But I already know my info. So for me to go through them… I would only be looking at other people’s confidential information, which I believe is ethically wrong.

    • SquishNStretch says:

      You MAY have an argument re: all the usual personal stuff. But the company may have also been compiling God knows what other info on you, the least of which is employee reviews. Can you imagine going into a job interview where they know this stuff and you never bothered to check? Individuals have a valid reason — obligation really — to determine if such material exists, and if so, what it is. Ethically, those individuals should of course limit their search to their own data.

      • Tom Craigen says:

        I have to agree. If the company has stuff like where you lived for the past 3 locations and you are applying for an interview and don’t get the job. That can be seen as discrimination. Location, family situation, color, race all are illegal to obtain unless you willingly hand over that information. Other countries (e.g. Japan) when you apply to a job you give a picture of you and your family. So it’s not unreasonable to think there is a potential of other data collected that you are simply unaware of.

        As for the trolls saying don’t download the data. I did for the first wave but found enough damaging data in the first batch I have opted not to obtain the next installments of the data.

        If the FBI or media wishes to contact me directly. I would be more than willing to help parse through the data. However, I will no longer be doing so on my personal machine. As Danial mentioned several VFX folks have expertise in searching large data sets. So its really not much different then our day jobs.

    • anon says:

      I remember being bullied at one company, for the amusement of the bullies, because I was culturally different to their Fox News rhetoric. Rather than management blame the bullies and resolve the negative atmosphere, they decided to blame me.
      It the same in schools, the kid being bullied is always the one who has to leave while the abusive clique stays.
      It was a toxic company, doing high profile work that later went bust. Unfortunately, those same people doing the bullying went to other companies, two also went bust, but they must have put me on a recruiter black list by their clique. For basically no reason other than schadenfreude and to “get off” on abusing people.

      I then realized that bullies in vfx were encouraged, abuse was supported and creativity, pragmatism, fairness and honesty was suppressed. When we see the executive presentations, designed for a 5th grader, while we are working ourselves to death, doing often highly technical and pressured computer work, we must realize something is very wrong here.

      Vfx artists are being abused and suppressed as much as possible by management and other artists, especially supervisors. That suppression is actually where management’s artificial power is coming from. Creating, supporting and ignoring interpersonal hostility among employees helps prevent unionization. We are giving our power to people trying to destroy our lives.

      The people managing hundreds of vfx artists, and greenlighting features often aren’t very smart, they are random, egotistical and nepotistic in their decisions making, forming cliques to advance their power. They get luxury packages while the people working hard into the small hours get fired and replaced, as another “divide and conquer” tactic.

      We need to find out what is going on in the emails.

      • bobby says:

        “When we see the executive presentations, designed for a 5th grader, while we are working ourselves to death, doing often highly technical and pressured computer work, we must realize something is very wrong here.” YES INDEED!
        Everything is wrong in this industry so either we wait an look at it while it goes down, or change it from scratch and reshape it now.
        We have the advantages to remodel the industry the way we want, since we are the pioneers.

        Think about that! Forget the rest, it’s past.

      • bobby says:

        We need to find out what is going on in the emails. – This is a must. But don’t expect to change much, unless is going to touch supervisors as well.

      • LondonComp says:

        Were is all this bullying happening? I’ve worked in Comp for 12 years at big and small companies. I’m not a supervisor or managment, and I’ve never seen any bullying as described here and in the MPC article comments. I’ve met supes with appalling social skills but I’ve never see actual bullying happen.

        I have seen artists taking any revisions to their work or being told it’s wrong as a personal insult, but what you’re discribing sounds like an 80’s high school. I’ve found that nearly everyone I’ve meet in VFX is actually quite pleasent and reasonable if you understand where they are coming from.

        What I’m really saying is that while I have seen 1st hand the problems with shrinking deadlines and late nights. I’m wondering how I have managed to avoid all these psychpathic supervisors and knife wielding management. I’ve had multiple year long stints at MPC….been pissed off many a time but never even close to what I read about here and other places.

        Tired? Go home, you think they’re going to wrestle you to the ground? I do, even if they say they need it done tonight, and I’ve never been blacklisted or abused. Here’s a rule of thumb, unless the actual, actual deadline is tomorrow, your shot can usually wait untill the next day to be finished. Be flexible and put in the extra effort when it’s needed, but don’t end up weeping under a desk at three in the morning if you know you are getting new renders the next day anyway.

        I’d be interested in hearing any actual stories of abuse by supervisors or management that isn’t in reality just a product of the “race to the bottom” vfx soldier is combatting.

        By the way, join your union. The union could put pressure on the vfx studios to form an effective trade guild to lobby the studios. Pressure from the bottom. The union isn’t only about wages and working hours. With a mandate from the members it could apply pressure on the industry in all sorts of ways

      • bobby says:

        As I said for so many times :
        If you think there is no abuse in vfx, you are either one who approves it or generate this abuse.
        It is impossible in so many years of comp work not to be abused, but it seems like you approve it (under certain circumstances).
        In this industry, today, you are either the one who abuse people or the abused one. There is nothing else in between.
        If you want to work 24 hours, it’s up to you, but there’s people out there with families and other responsibilities other than those 8 hours for witch they are payed.

        Thank you for your advice to join the union, do you know any?

        “Tired? Go home, ” for good maybe, since they will throw you out immediately, and you know that too.

      • rottentomatoes says:

        @LondonComp .. jesus H. It’s astounding if you do not think there is systematic institutionalised bullying at that place. I think the culture becomes such that alot become so conditioned to the poisonous environment that their boundries of normal behaviour become warped but unconscious. Like a fish in water. It doesn’t see water because that is just the environment.
        I always remember at that place supes, leads and fully affiliated clique members would often have these weird, staged conversations in loud voices across the office desks (winking at each other) that usually involved some kind of personal insults or job threats against some freelancer sat across the desk. Sort of vague converstations that obviously related in some way to individuals but just shy of explicitly looking at them and saying their name. Totally fucked up. God help you if you happen to be black, muslim, gay, female, etc., I have never joined a union but god knows that place could do with some union observers in there.

        My wife won’t come to events or pubs related to vfx work because she says alot of them are weird and unpleasant. Not all, there are some cracking folk you meet and I have made some good freinds over the years.. but far less than other industries from what I can tell. I am a fairly social person but with all the bullying and “lunch-is-for-whimps” testostarone, I am really guarded on first meeting people I don’t know on each production turnover or a company I don’t know.

        I’ve had a quick trawl through some of that internal sony executive communications and it is really bleak the way the production staff are referred to. It made me think of some kind of demonisation like the Nazi party used to disassociate groups from actual human beings, making abuse easier to swallow subconciously.

      • LondonComp says:

        @bobby and @rottentomatoes Look I’m not defending the status quo, but I’m being honest when I say I haven’t seen what you are describing. To be honest you sound paranoid.

        I explicitly said I don’t work ridiculous hours all the time, and I always take an hour for lunch and think everyone else should too. To be clear, I have worked ridiculous hours through no fault of my own, but I don’t attribute it to some nefarious clique at the top of the pyramid. It’s a symptom of the business model that causes these situations to repeatedly arise.

        The idea that there is some racist, sexist, (your words) borderline psychopathic group of supervisors who have somehow managed to infiltrate seemingly every major vfx company in the world is frankly laughable. This isn’t banking!

        You want to know why production and the supervisors are always trying to make you stay late? it’s because their job is to get a certain amount of work done in a certain amount of time. And why is that? because management in order to get the work in has to massively underbid on cost or time (the race to the bottom) and why is this? because the studios have the vfx companies and senior mangement eating out of their hands and begging for work.

        The anger seems misdirected to me. A lot of the stories on that mpc article were just unpleasent personal attacks that do very little for the cause.

        oh and rottentomatoes. unless your wife is exclusively meeting supervisors and mangement at these vfx events, you just called a lot of your co workers weird and unpleasent. And I agree a lot of them are. Which goes some way towards explaining why they have such difficulty interacting resonably with their supervisors!

      • LondonComp says:

        @bobby If you’re in London, join BECTU. It’s very cheap the first two years. I don’t know about other cities

      • bobby says:

        “Look I’m not defending the status quo” Bet you don’t.
        See? Lots of unexperienced or less experience servants, also called comp supervisors or comp leads, contribute to this situation. Long hours are a combination of underbidding and servant behaviour or not enough experience from these people.
        But I think you know this, so I believe you try to convince us that black is 50% black and white is 50% white.
        Things are bad inside vfx, we know that – just trying to convince us that is not so bad, might be not enough.

      • jona says:

        Bullying? Fox News?
        Whiner alert. Time to grow up.

      • Jackadullby says:

        I’m with Londoncomp on this.

        It’s far more productive (and realistic) to frame these bullying/intimidation issues in terms of being systemic problems relating to the business model rather than something personal or conspiratorial.

        Blaming one’s ills some vaguely defined group of ‘others’, and blowing off steam about it, is more often than not a way to avoid taking responsibility for one’s own stuation and making concrete steps to improve things.

        If real abuse on the level described is actually happening, then it needs to be reported, and at a minimum you need to be making moves to unionize.

        Otherwise yes, I’m sorry, it comes off as so much whining and hot air.

        Take steps.

      • jona says:

        I agree, there are some worthless idiots in this industry.

      • dave says:

        “It’s far more productive (and realistic) to frame these bullying/intimidation issues in terms of being systemic problems relating to the business model rather than something personal or conspiratorial. ”

        In London you could say that, in LA you couldn’t.

        Fox News is a news source for morons BTW.

      • jackadullboy says:

        By the way, BECTU are, I believe, holding a Christmas party at the Nellie Dean in Soho tonight. I’d urge my london compatriots to get along there and get talking:

        Monday 8th December
        At The Nellie Dean – Soho
        From 6:30pm
        Come and chat about the Union with people from BECTU and your fellow London Visual Effects workers. “

      • jona says:

        @jona Imitation is flattery. Use your own alias.

      • jona says:

        “@jona Imitation is flattery. Use your own alias.”
        whiny aren’t you ? grow up
        this is MY alias

      • bobby says:

        “I agree, there are some worthless idiots in this industry.” looks like these idiots turn to be supervisors, lead comp etc…

  6. Tim C says:

    My issue is that VFX soldier is now promoting and encourage everyone to harvest the data. Whilst his motives maybe based on the downfall of studios for his personal agenda. Can he guarantee all those he is asking to do this are also as upstanding as he claims to be.

    If my personal information is used by some ex crew member who holds a grudge is he not responsable for insighting these criminal act on myself and my family.

    This is a time when the vfx peers should stick together but no this is going to create huge divisions in the community as those with personal vendettas go after there past peers, supervisors and managers.

    And for news reporters to say they do not have the knowledge is laughable when they work in an environment where they have staff with high level computer skills on staff. They all have IT crew managing there companies. Perhaps there is more ethically wrong when they don’t want to get there hands dirty.

    • michelin says:

      “This is a time when the vfx peers should stick together but no this is going to create huge divisions in the community as those with personal vendettas go after there past peers, supervisors and managers.” I remember once saying to blacklist the blacklisters, and Daniel was against.
      Your issue is wrong. Does CNN promote violence when they make public all the violence in the world?
      After MPC article and the Sony disaster, I am pretty sure that one thing is clear for everybody: The race to the bottom is very close to his end.

    • anon says:

      “On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life.
      On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time. So you have these two fighting against each other.”

      -Stewart Brand

  7. Have you no shame? says:

    You’re kidding, you’re encouraging people to go through a bunch of illegally acquired files that are a major breach of the safety and privacy of the artists you supposedly are fighting for? Some priorities you’ve got there.

  8. Jackadullboy says:

    Can anyone enlighten me as to whether it’s actually legal for a company to formally discourage employees from discussing their salaries with peers as in the following Sony advisory note:

    “Don’t compare salaries.

    Don’t fall for this trick. Know that it’s unprofessional and your salary is no-one’s business but your own.”

    How is it a ‘trick’.
    How is it unprofessional?
    How is the question of whether salary-talk is no-one’s business but my own, anyone’s business by my own?

    It seem all three items could be applied to sony’s own conduct in posting said items, aimed (as they clearly are) at inexperienced initiates.

  9. bobby says:

    “3) Data Observation – Median base salaries for 48716 – Senior / Lead Compositor are greater than those for
    48724 – Compositing Supervisor. This anomaly is due to a difference in companies with a match. Five companies matched both positions. For these companies, base salaries for 48724 are greater than 48716 (on average 12% greater).”
    48000? Fuck them all!

    • LondonComp says:

      are those numbers (48716) salaries or number references for the position held? i.e 48716 = Senior/Lead compositor

      • bobby says:

        might be ref numbers….

      • Alex says:

        They are just the position references – the annual median base salary according to this study is 134K for Senior/Lead and 114K for Comp Supe.

        Seems like the number of compositors used in this survey is extremely low (Supes:8, Leads:24, Compers:8), compared to other departments, and none of these guys did any OT? Weird.

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        the salaries is whats negotiated when you are hired. the overtime actually accrued is different. some other doc in the leak had that. like 180k salary and 216k yearly make with that years salary. that varies of course. i think for the comparison they took the negotiated salaries as thats what you are guaranteed. and its easier to compare as OT changes on every project

      • bobby says:

        is this in LA or Vancouver?

      • Alex says:

        “Fewer than five participants reported on compensation for Canada this year. Because Safe Harbor rules require five companies to report compensation results, this year’s Survey does not include Canada results.”

        So only Califonia.

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        correct. ID/numbers. not salaries.

    • Andreas Jablonka says:

      the 48274 is the job ID not the salary.

      • bobby says:

        right…Andreas, as I know you were working in bith Vand and LA. If the salary at Sony turns to be 180K in LA could you please let me know if in Vancouver you were doing the same amount, or way less? I don’t want to hear numbers, only if it was less or more.

        I am curios, because of what I was doing in VAN is 50/hour, which is way less than 180k. ‘

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        @bobby: I did not say I made 180k. I wish. I just saw the range of salaries in the files. I made roughly between 125k-150k in Van

      • bobby says:

        thank you Andreas.

  10. anon says:

    someone posted this, I can’t verify it since I don’t have the emails:

    “Loads of exec emails about cost-quality envelope.
    Quality to be reduced 50% more and artist staff replaced more by software.”

    “ooh.. and a nice internal email that they can reduce wages another $10M in few years by moving vancouver studio to china/korea. ”

    “Nice tidbit. Indian finance exec earned $7m by reducing wages around $20M closing down the indian and US studios. “

    • jona says:

      “ooh.. and a nice internal email that they can reduce wages another $10M in few years by moving vancouver studio to china/korea. ”

      But.. according to this blog.. that’s NEVER gonna happen.

      • anon says:

        CZ mention some of this info in more detail here:

        CZ says:
        December 4, 2014 at 4:28 pm

        Belgrad and Osher Indiv Perf Summs for Kato-san April 2014

        Look for that one, it’s a goldmine…

        Bob has accelerated the transition of Imageworks’ production and technology departments to Vancouver so the Company can continue taking advantage of the 58.4% tax rebates that save the Company $20-$25MM annually. He also closed our facility in Chennai, India to focus on lower-cost outsourcing alternatives for VFX work;

        Because of Bob’s extraordinary focus on cost management, Imageworks is expected to generate $7M in EBIT (before restructuring) in FY15 despite a 30% reduction in revenue.

        It shows Imageworks losing over $30M USD in FY 08 and 09

      • VFX Soldier says:

        @jona That’s because the rumor is false.

        That rumor was apparently made at vfxheaven. No emails were released at the time. The only emails released after We’re from Amy Pascal, Steve Mosko, and a General Counsel exec. None of those emails say that.

  11. samuel says:

    Can someone hack MPC please!

    • Jackadullboy says:

      Lol! Yes, surely we can find some tenuous association between MPC and the film ‘the Interview’.

      Either way, I pretty sure someone there said SOMETHING critical of North Korean regime at some point, right??

    • bobby says:

      …what the hack? They are desperate man…looking to hire even the ones they fired not so long ago.

      • LondonComp says:

        They didn’t fire anyone, their contracts ended. Now they need work they need to hire people again. You want them to keep 200 members of staff on full pay to sit around scrathing their arses for 3 months? Stop with all the hyperbole you’re not doing anyone any favours by parading the chip on your shoulder around

  12. bobby says:

    Seems like everything will be off in couple of days. MPC didn’t even bother to came out public and explain all those 600 “amazing” comments on Variety post.
    Sony neither. Well, let’s see what’s next?

  13. ben says:

    from the 4th batch:

    We are the GOP working all over the world.
    We know nothing about the threatening email received by Sony staffers, but you should wisely judge by yourself why such things are happening and who is responsible for it.

    Message to SONY

    We have already given our clear demand to the management team of SONY, however, they have refused to accept.
    It seems that you think everything will be well, if you find out the attacker, while no reacting to our demand.
    We are sending you our warning again.
    Do carry out our demand if you want to escape us.
    And, Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!
    You, SONY & FBI, cannot find us.
    We are perfect as much.
    The destiny of SONY is totally up to the wise reaction & measure of SONY.

    Their Privacy

    Amy Pascal(Co-Chairman SPE & Chairman MPG), Stephen Mosko(President, SPT)

  14. ben says:

    So that batch should be about Amy Pascal and Stephen Mosko

    • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

      I have worked with Sony in the last year. But have not received any emails or calls alerting me to the breach, nor offering credit-lock services. Should I have heard from them? Are they reaching out to everyone recent or just a few? Wondering about the criteria for contact. This is very worrisome. 😦

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        no outreach to ex employees from sony yet 😦

      • Gravatas says:

        Here’s the thing. If you get identity hijacked and your credit history gets junked, or you get implicated in fraudulent debt liens, you could be totally oblivious for a year or so until enforcement balifs turnup on your door step and you get served a banckruptcy order. Bancruptcy will be a life changing event. It is not a little matter. You will find day to day life very different when you are only able to hold a basic cash bank account and nothing else. It can takes years and thousands in legal fees trying to get back your life.

        VFX artists need to organise behind a lawyer, guild and union. Plenty of law firms will work on a no win no fee basis for a larger group of folk. Sony need to be made to offer across the board credit protection to all previous employees at their own expense. You can bet that when a lawyer starts digging, they will find all kinds of breaches of data privacy and employment law regarding the volume and method of data handling they undertake on previous employee contractors. Perhaps one of the law firms that were involved in recent actions against bankrupted vfx firms (newbreed, pixomondo, rythmHues, etc.,) may be a good start.

        Don’t take this lightly. If you are affected and get identity hijacked, it can blow years of your life away. There are cases of people having their homes repossed because of fraudulent debt liens and fighting years to prove their innocense. It does seem, when it comes to debt and finance, you are guility until you prove your innocense.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:


      • animcoop says:

        Sony has finally began extending identity protection to former employees, but most of the people I know have only gotten the info through former employees. I’ve posted it here for everyone looking for it:

      • animcoop says:

        “most of the people I know have only gotten the info through former employees”

        *through current employees (few, if any, former employees have been contacted directly by Sony)

      • Gravitas says:

        Problem is only one year credit monitor service offered. So bad guys will just hang back. Needs permanent full protection service. One of the biggest frauds is illegal alien SSN identity hijacking. Was a case few years ago of an elderly man wrestled to the floor and tazered stepping of a plane at miami, spending 3 weeks in a maximum security prison awaiting hearing (surrounded by murderers, rapists, paedophiles, drug addicts) because his SSN and passport had been cloned by drug gangs.

        If Sony want to hire and fire temp staff and shift to a new subsidy location every few years, well, that’s their business prerogative. However, if they wish to invade people’s privacy, data protection and rights, then they should feel the full force of class action law suits. Remember, these laws dovetail the same legislation they use in their business to protect intellectual property. Tbh, data privacy law suits by former employees might be more effective than trade regulations in making them act less like jerks towards people.

    • dave says:

      Gravatas : the Sony emails show that the executives are planning on getting rid of as many artists as possible, possibly bankrupting them. People need to know the truth of how studios operate.
      There are ways to protect yourself.
      If you work for an organisation that is trying to bankrupt all the cg artists, isn’t this type of retribution to be somewhat expected?
      many will say it’s karma.
      Thanks Daniel is one of the few vfx artists that has the courage and intelligence to speak the truth.

      • Dorf on Golf says:

        This makes literally no sense. How exactly does a company bankrupt an employee without seizing their assets? Sony hands out show-length contracts, tells you your hourly rate up front, and pays for every hour you work. Under that scheme, how would they go about bankrupting an employee? You’re either working there and getting paid, or you’re not.

        Can you explain the process to me in layman’s terms?

      • any other says:

        …..blacklists, removal of jobs to overseas, anti-competitive behavior etc…
        The whole film industry is historically geared towards nepotism and anti-competitive practices.

      • Dorf on Golf says:

        Studios do anti-competitive things, but I’m failing to see the competitive advantage of having a workforce in bankruptcy.

        Also, can anyone paste and confirm the full text of these emails? They seem a little too spot-on as a vfx soldier wet dream as opposed to a real corporate strategy.

      • Andreas Jablonka says:

        on now we should post them? I hear people are against us posting anything from the leaked files. you can’t have it both ways! may i suggest you do your own googling 🙂

      • Dorf on Golf says:

        I’ve never said I was against posting these emails. I’ve googled for them but come up empty. I’m not going to download an 80gb torrent to get my hands on them either. Why not hit us with the highlights?

      • Jackadullboy says:

        I have to say all this chatter has got me very intrigued as to what the fuss is about. Anyone would think there was some very damning material in there…

      • SquishNStretch says:

        For goodness’ sake they’re not actually out to get you. This is the id of the free market in action, and we are all privileged to enjoy courtside seats. It’s great when its interests temporarily align with yours, and vicious when they don’t. The executives are simply appendages of it. They don’t actually wish to bankrupt you, it’s just a regrettable consequence of “creative destruction”. Whole economies are destroyed here, new ones are willed into existence there. Like gods. Happens all the time. Nothing personal.

        Anyone behind any of those executive desks would be expected to do exactly what the current bunch does. It takes a “special” kind of personality. Should some hapless exec suffer a momentary pang of conscience and hesitate, the board of directors and the stockholders would have his head. Speaking of which, I’m probably a stockholder myself. Not directly of course, but through some fund comprised of dozens of stocks. I don’t know what the hell’s in there, I just want my rate of return, dammit! My salary’s been stagnant for years, but at least the stock market historically always goes up, even through depressions and downturns. I cling desperately to that certainty. There are thousands of corporations that employ the same heartless calculus as SPE and they comprise the miracle of the market. I’m betting a chunk of my (no doubt delayed) retirement on the continued compounding of that miracle, thank you very much.

        So here’s my genius plan: obtain a rate of return from the market that is greater than the rate at which the market itself is destroying my ability to stay employed.

        What could go wrong?

      • none says:

        VFX companies ARE out to keep your prices as low as possible by price fixing, reducing quality, bullying, blacklisting, cliques, award society relationships etc….

        why ?

        because they are collapsing, disconnected to profit and swimming upstream against a landslide of increasing technology speed, piracy and huge cheap labor availability.
        I have even worked at companies where the orange juice and paper towels were removed to save money during production.
        You think that is a healthy sign ? or is it a sign of utter desperation… these useless posts trying to whitewash such activities ?
        Managers and vfx producers intentionally treat people like shit to keep prices down.
        It’s easy money to do that.
        Producers DO form cliques that bully and so do VFX artists.
        The film industry was notorious political but now it’s reached the point of insanity.
        Most films being made are repeats, sequels or predictable content, a major studio (SONY) that moved it’s entire VFX facility to get 60% reduction just had it’s guts exposed for public scrutiny, William Sergeant said that 70% of the work is subsidized….and thanks to the EU, London is receiving a tidal wave of cheap, immigrants who can barely speak the language, trained on pirated software and willing to work four people per bedroom to take your job.
        To say that these things don’t happen is self deception, inexperience, PR trolling or all three.

      • bobby says:

        Don’t worry. WE ALL know about everything you say. Managers know as well. They just try to push the dust under the floor, but in this case it won’t work.
        However, they are desperate and blacklisting so many people they realize that there are not so many trained artists on the market.
        See the job offers…they are desperate.

      • vfx says:

        Producers, studios and vfx managers do not want a union. They are desperate not to have a powerful vfx union. They want to keep your price down. Backstabbing people and reducing their credibility by libel works to everyone’s advantage except the real industry and the individual. Producers and managers support interpersonal rivalry, because it keeps prices down. Camaraderie and rationality, like this blog exemplifies, plays against their financial advantage.
        It’s rare to get a glimpse of the kind of executive narrative we are being treated, to but here is a glimpse of producer-studio opinion of a million dollar actress whom some may say is the most powerful actress in the film industry.

        “I’m not remotely interested in presiding over a $180m ego bath that we both know will be the career-defining debacle for us both,” reads one email from Rudin. “I’m not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie. I have no desire to be making a movie with her, or anybody, that she runs and that we don’t. She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming. We will end up being the laughing stock of our industry and we will deserve it, which is so clearly where this is headed that I cannot believe we are still wasting our time with it.”
        “You’ve destroyed your relationships with half the town over how you’ve behaved on this movie,” “Get rid of him.”

        and if the person who wrote this met the actress it would be all smiles and air kisses……This is normal in LA. This is the reality of the film industry, but if you are a low level drone working on shit films or forgettable TV junk in another city, you will have no idea what I am talking about.

      • bobby says:

        I countless say that we deal with crooks and charlatans.
        You have the proof now.
        The irony is that those who shout “thieves” are those who steal from us time,money and our lives.

      • SquishNStretch says:

        Unlike that $135m ego bath (before marketing) from just a year or so earlier. You know, the one starring Will and Jaden. Good to see SPE management totally learning from their own history.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        [quote] …because they are collapsing, disconnected to profit and swimming upstream against a landslide of increasing technology speed, piracy and huge cheap labor availability.[quote]

        Ain’t that the truth.

      • Easy says:

        Free market? The ability to get as much money as you can for your skill, creativity and experience?

        We’ve seen it proven by the collusion of tech companies and VFX studios already to keep your salaries low.

        No capitalism for you VFX guys and girls!

        So I don’t even know what this asshole SquishnStretch is talking about.

        How dare you want thousands when it affects an executive’s millions??

        Nothing would warm my heart more if it actually were disgruntled VFX people responsible for it.

        It sucks that all of the personal info is in there but you guys are all used to sucking it up and being stepped on, you’ll get used to it. Hey and you get a WHOLE year of FREE credit monitoring. That’s enough right? I think you all should be a little more thankful to your betters who deign to extend themselves so very much to help you.

        Now run along and get back to work. Chop chop, shots need to get done. Lumburgh just called and he’ll need you to go ahead and come in again on Saturday… Probably Sunday too.

        All kidding aside, when is enough going to be enough? You guys are getting boned. Less typing, more torches and pitchforks.

  15. troll for trolls sake says:

    I say we start creating a blacklist of all those who are downloading and sharing our private info.

    I know I dont want to work with people who think they have the right to look at my private info.

    But I guess I am a troll but the likes of Jablonka and Lay are no more than looters during a riot. If you think thats exceptable then the people in our industry is truly sick.

    Perhaps I can shed light on why some people cannot get jobs if you like personal info that much. THey are not blacklisted just not very good at there jobs and everyone out there knows it.

    trol troll troll troll troll troll

    • bobby says:

      “Perhaps I can shed light on why some people cannot get jobs if you like personal info that much.” how do you know then?
      Well let me tell you something – your days are numbered.

      • bobby says:

        oh, and if you are a troll, and you are a genuine one, please shut up! Go express yourself in front of your abused colleagues.

    • bobby says:

      Are recruiters here? Do they read Daniel posts?.
      Easy is to say “someone is not good” when is not kissing your hand. So the fact that you have a job, does not mean you are good or bad, means you bend yourself very often.

    • Jackadullboy says:

      More like: ” I don’t want employees to want to download files containing info that might throw light on their true status in the eyes of the employer class, thereby empowering them”… Either way, the horse has bolted and all our info is out there for the world to see.

    • bobby says:

      oh and BTW, “troll for trolls sake” – I downloaded all the torrents and made them public.
      You want some?

  16. jona says:

    “But I guess I am a troll but the likes of Jablonka and Lay are no more than looters during a riot”

    Fairly accurate analogy. As would be parasites, maggots, roaches etc…

    • HJG 1989-23 says:

      this information is being widely distributed by the media…… that is what usually happens when information is leaked

      it seems everyone in the media and everyone reading these stories a “parasite, maggot, roach etc…” except you Jona?

      • VFX Soldier says:

        I’m glad to run a blog where people are anonymously allowed to say whatever they want. That includes things jona would never have the guts to say in my face. Jona, everything I’ve said to you I’d be more than happy to say to you in person.

      • jona says:

        As I said, I already know my info. So I have no desire to start weeding through gigs of data looking for .. who knows what. Yes. I do ascribe to the notion that anyone using this illegally obtained data for anything, news stories, etc, is ethically challenged to say the least. As far as I am concerned this internal data and correspondence are the property of Sony and no one else. I am positive that if you were to dump the data of any organization out into the public there would always be controversial content. That doesn’t mean it is ours to peruse and use against the victims in this case.

      • jona says:

        Dan, guts? Puhleease. Save it. Stop acting like a child and deal with the fact that not everyone agrees with your tactics or purpose. You started this as an anonymous person and continued like that for years. So … spare me.

      • jonavark says:

        “it seems everyone in the media and everyone reading these stories a “parasite, maggot, roach etc…” except you Jona?”

        It is an analogy to a pack mentality picking at the bones of a carcass. I am not saying that anyone here is a maggot. In fact, if anyone has a right to view this data it would be those who have personal information in it. But I don’t believe that is ethical either because it does mean they ultimately end up viewing info they haven’t a right to. The media? That’s a different story. On the whole they are most definitely parasites.

        My post was too short. I should have explained the analogy.

      • bobby says:

        very upset this Jona..
        In every single place I’ve been so far there is at least a “jona”
        So Daniel finally revealed his identity. Could you please do the same?Reveal your beautiful name?
        He explained the reasons why he did this, just to avoid people to be blacklisted. Do you blacklist people Jona? And if yes, what is your reason to do this. I know couple of junk recruiter/supervisors blacklisting everyone who is against the abuse. Do you know that THIS is ILLIGAL? ou might go to jail before Daniel who just spred some info’s?
        Are you one of them?

        See that’s the think! If people how act against the abuse are anonymous, I don’t really understand why those who encourage the abuse and generate it are covering they faces. Means they are afraid as well? Why trolls use anonymous log in? Why they are afraid? Might be something.

      • jonavark says:


        I am Groot.

      • jonavark says:

        “Jona” and “Jonavark” are the same person in this discussion. My bad. I have one computer with “jona” as my alias. Since there is another jona here I will change that alias.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        Something tells me the hackers are going to save the best for last. We aint seen shit yet probably. And what we’ve already seen is huge. New hack today is pretty shocking too. I mean how balsy are these dudes? LMFAO.

        This is huge, not just for VFX. This could change corporate abuse in general. It’s unfortunate and I’m a victim too, but what’s done is done. I feel like I’m going to need some serious crates of popcorn for the ensuing shitstorm that’s brewing.

      • LondonComp says:

        Could we have your name please bobby since you are so keen on it? Before you ask, no you’re not having mine

      • bobby says:

        sure…Bobby Brown is my name . the cutest boy in town.

      • bobby says:

        @London Comp:
        “we”? I see…

      • LondonComp says:

        my god you’re so paranoid! I can assure you I have no power to hire or fire anyone. “We” refering to the other commentors on here. You can put the tinfoil hat back into its box.

    • HMI LED says:

      “information wants to be free”

      Life improved after Snowden.

      “This is what Obama told the public before election:
      “Protect Whistleblowers: Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. Obama will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process.”

      After election, he suddenly changed, now he is jailing whistleblowers to 10x the amount of jail:

      “Obama Has Sentenced Whistleblowers to 10x the Jail Time of All Prior U.S. Presidents Combined : When it comes to prosecuting whistleblowers, the Obama Administration holds the record with eight, which is more than double the three who were prosecuted by previous presidents.
      The three journalists who were indicted prior to Obama’s presidency were Daniel Ellsberg in 1973, Samuel Morrison in 1985, and Larry Franklin in 2005.
      Since Obama’s time in office, those prosecuted include Thomas Drake and Shamai Leibowitz in 2010, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, and Donal Sachtleben in 2013, and Stephen Kim in 2014. The cases of Jeffrey Sterling and Edward Snowden are currently pending.
      In addition to increasing the number of journalists indicted, Obama has also increased the price each one is forced to pay.
      According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), due to press freedom concerns, “sentencing in media leak cases has historically been relatively light,” with only 24 months of jail time for the three whistleblowers prosecuted from 1973 to 2005.
      However, ACLU noted that Obama has “secured 526 months of prison time for national security leakers,” with the majority given to Chelsea Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years.”

      I don’t believe in leaking irrelevant, sensitive employee data like SSN numbers, but finding information out about studio actions, which has direct implications to the seemingly intentional destruction of a hugely profitable industry, is financially relevant to the vfx artists and people reading this site.

  17. LondonComp says:

    I presume you are against Wikileaks and similar organisations?

    • HJG 1989-23 says:

      I don’t care what his opinions are.

      I care about the reality of VFX and the reality of the film industry.

      Reality, not opinions, pays the bills.

      • LondonComp says:

        I was reply to jona if it wasn’t clear. I agree people need to look at reality, not make up grand conspiracies and pretend that “the man” is keeping them down.

      • LondonComp says:

        And by that I mean look at the industry and how it’s set up, not individuals 🙂

      • HMI LED says:

        The film industry is designed to keep people out not bring people in. Why ? too many people want in.
        Some people make millions doing very little.
        VFX isn’t even the real film industry. It’s a service industry to the film industry. You live in London. You don’t work in LA, right ?
        There is a big difference. You wouldn’t say that if you did.
        Your opinions on repression are simply your perspective from London, not the reality of the entire industry AT ALL.
        The Hollywood film industry is well know for having blacklists, repressing people, membership societies, cliques engaged in bullying, personality offences and playing games. If you don’t know that it’s because you don’t have the experience to validate it, not because it doesn’t exist.
        I’m not being contrarian. It’s reality.
        In fact the whole power system, from Royalty outwards, is based on membership, affiliation, minor discriminations from accents, to birth place, to college to friendship, to membership at clubs etc…. Why did so many Parliamentarians attend Eton ? it’s not random, it’s because they keep others out of the power and money circles. Same with film and it is anti-competitive.

      • bobby says:

        HMI LED
        This is a reality reflecting all way down to the brach tree.

      • LondonComp says:

        Fair enough that may well be the case in LA. Initially the conversation was about MPC in particular, which is why I commented.

        In my opinion you are basically describing every large organisation or company ever, welcome to human society. I din’t really want to get into a conversation about “the powers that be” and whether people feel left out when the supervisors go to the pub. The important vfx related issues are unionisation and subsidies.

        On that note, I have to say it is noticable in London now, as many of you in LA have said would eventually happen to us, how much work is getting sent to Canada to the detriment of London. When I was at MPC every new job that was announced seemed to have “being lead by our team in Montreal” in the statement

    • jonavark says:


      The difference between Wikileaks and Sony is that the information stolen and passed to Wikileaks was regarding our government, which we are _supposed_ to be somewhat in control of. Regardless of my opinion on the theft of the data.

      Sony’s internal data is the property of Sony and its shareholders. If a government agency wants access to it they need warrants.

      At least that’s my take on it.

  18. Hacked Off Employee says:

    Anyone have the private FB group for former Sony employees? My details are in the leak. Suck. I’d like to join it to see what the next steps are for getting identity protection, etc.

  19. Hacked Off Employee says:


  20. fuk amerika and the CIA says:

    would really appreicate it if someone did a hack like this on the cia? or better yet go on a bloody shooting spree at CIA HQ. fuk amerika. waiting for sequel to 9-11.

  21. fuk amerika and the CIA says:

    the CIA needs to have some hot Islamic sperm shot up it anus and pumped up to its pea sized brain. Fuck the CIA and fuk America

  22. ICyourID says:

    More and more reports of Sony and Ex Sony people having thier information used starting this December. I hope everyone is locking things down best they can.

    • thaddeusbeier says:

      Fascinating article. Amazing to see what everybody knew was true, but had no objective documentation, finally laid bare.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        Epic article. Definitely all this has changed my life. I now know my instincts were right. That I wasn’t crazy. That it’s as low a moral as I thought. My thought is it’s not just VFX, it’s the corporate world across the board. They could hack any given corporation and find the same patterns. Maybe except for companies like Google and those in the top 5 that seem to get things right.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Those emails are a doozy. Vindication for a lot of people.

        Sent from my iPhone


    • VFX Soldier says:

      Yep this story is a big one. I’ll have a post on it when I get a chance.

      Sent from my iPhone


  23. Image Ghost says:

    A recent tweet from VFX Soldier:

    “I know they’re bad but I’m impressed at how these hackers are toying with some of the business world’s most powerful people.”

    Impressed? Toying through illicit activity is impressive? For a leader of Adapt he has an interesting choice in role models.

    Oh, and wasn’t it convenient he was “under water” for 5 days as this hack was taking place? Just sayin…

    • bobby says:

      Sony is packed with crooks and charlatans.
      Hacking this nest of cockroaches, is well deserved and it is the equivalent of a pest control operation.
      What I don’t agree with Daniel, is that I still don’t know if they are bad or not.
      Define BAD! Are you good? Are you good? Why are you here, though?

    • . says:

      “toyin’ with illicit”


      you think the way VFX artists are treated is fair and legal ?

      maybe join Jona and whine a duet together ?

      ,,,,,,use autotune and it’ll still probably be better than a lot of modern music

    • VFX Soldier says:

      You got me! I’m part of a covert international hack team! That’s why I offered the FBI and Interpol contact above – to throw you off.

      Keep this up and you might get a Scooby snack.

      Sent from my iPhone


  24. cz says:

    Amy Pascal leaving Sony even before the hack ?

    An email to herself…sounds like demands made before exiting…

    Subject to all kinds of perimeters
    Kill fee
    I retain the right to green light one picture a year not to exceed 75
    Overhead 5 million dollars
    Movie tv
    No stock
    So I’m not walking away with alotof money
    Advance draw
    1 against fees
    Too of the town cash fee
    2.5 7.5 groSs
    If I put over their objection don’t get cash fee
    5 million in dev money
    Tv com pent with a compulsion on it
    String operational base so that start fast
    Take 5 projects

    Sent from my Sony Xperia Z2

  25. Tim Heyman says:

    So isn’t VFX Soldiers argument for CVD’s are that digital files are just like say a car that gets imported so can be taxed?

    If so would it not follow that downloading, looking and using all of these hacked “digital files” are basically the same in that anyone who downloads, looks at them and uses them for gain is in fact using stolen property knowingly just like saying using a stolen car.

    Just saying you are the one claiming digital files are just like everything else. Or is that not the same her as you want them.


    • SquishNStretch says:

      @Tim Heyman: Stolen car? False equivalence. Straw man argument. Try harder please.

      “. . . and uses them for gain” you say.

      How exactly has Soldier used these emails for gain? You are not specific. Do you mean, as in: personal gain? How? Has he engaged in blackmail? Has he derived some other means by which to monetize these hacked communications, which are already in the public domain? What the hell is the gain you are talking about?

      Can you, Tim Heyman, identify one single tangible benefit that Soldier has selfishly and criminally accrued to himself as a result of publicly discussing the already-public, hacked information? I can only think of one, but it’s rhetorical: a hydrogen mushroom cloud of “I told you so’s”. That’s all I’ve got.

      So, back at you. Anything?

    • bobby says:


    • bobby says:

      ….what exactly it bothers you?
      When you see a great picture on line, you “Like or share” it as well… You don’t have any rights for that picture, but you still share it, and this is not ILLEGAL.
      ILLEGAL is what Sony is doing. First let’s punish the crooks and then say “thank you” to the ones who clean up the place.

    • anon says:

      every media site is reading these

      why shouldn’t vfx soldier ?

      to make you feel comfortable ?……….. RIDICULOUS

    • VFX Soldier says:

      Nice attempt to tie in the CVD stuff… a Scooby snack is waiting for you 🙂

      On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 9:36 PM, VFX Soldier wrote: > >

    • animcoop says:

      @Tim Heyman:

      If I had car could be replicated infinitely, though, I’d just give @VFXSoldier a copy.

  26. vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

    Okay here’s the deal I don’t see being talked about here (understandably). Why the fuck did they make this movie in the first place? There are many other ways to make risqué films without starting WW3. They need to restructure immediately.

    • Yeap says:

      It’s a good point, if a movie was made about any other leader, that country would also be up in Arms.

    • anon says:

      egotism and walking over people seen as unable to defend themselves is deemed as normal

      ….like non unionized vfx artists……

      it’s bullying in a sense

      of course Paramount’s “Team America; World Peace” used his father first

      “herro !”

      • fred says:

        to be or not to be, ernst Lubitsch, 1942
        made at a time when Hilter was winning….
        just for comparison….

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        @anon yes! So true. So wrong. So ironic.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        Imagine if someone made a film threatening the lives of the studio heads. They would sue or bankrupt the guilty to extinction. So no, I don’t feel sorry for them. They did this to themselves.

    • . says:


      yes, it’s karma

      North Korea bites back, while VFX artists publicly congratulate the same director that helped destroy their company and jobs.


      …..really, these guys won an ornament and membership to a club where they will get ignored, they didn’t win 10million dollars. They also lost their jobs along with the team that did the work.

      Ang Lee wins an award and ignores them.

      It’s nihilism that people are blindly clapping for and believe is normal.

      “Neither Ang nor his winning cinematographer, Claudio Miranda felt they needed to thank or even mention the VFX artists who made the sky, the ocean, the ship, the island, the meerkats and oh yeah … the tiger. Ang thanked the crew, the actors, his agent, his lawyer and the entire country of Taiwan right down to the team that built the wave-pool on the soundstage where Pi was shot. But failed to mention 100s of artists who made not only the main character of the tiger, but replaced that pool, making it look like a real ocean for 80% of his movie.”

      “I would like it to be cheaper”………Ang Lee said.

      Is it wrong to hate such abuse ? is it wrong to react ?

      The whole system is anachronistic and malfunctioning, that is why games are taking over. The VFX industry and film industry and too busy playing bow tied sycophant/oppressor political games to see reality or the the future.

      Break free.

      Fight the oppressors.

      • hm says:

        ..crooks and charlatans. Cockroaches.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        VFX Artists and Designers tend to sell themselves out. It’s the same old tale.

        I would blame the VFX shops but they can’t convince the client of value either. It really needs to come from the everyone: the client, the shop, the artists.

      • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

        IMHO I think it doesn’t even need to be combative per se.

        I think it’s a matter of top talent continuing to walk away globally. Going on sabbatical for six months to a year. A kind of starving the beast.

        The films won’t get made (well) if everyone that is living in misery walks away onto sabbatical. I realize some don’t have savings. But some can hold out and reject offers and should.

        The only way I see this working is a complete reset, where the value of the REAL doers is clarified. Who the bullshitters are. And with the work falling apart, how that will affect ROI.

      • animcoop says:


        “It really needs to come from the everyone: the client, the shop, the artists.”

        Imagine if these three were one in the same.

        “I think it’s a matter of top talent continuing to walk away globally. Going on sabbatical for six months to a year. A kind of starving the beast.”

        OR, rather than a bunch of people going on a six month sabbatical, take six months and start a cooperatively owned film-making worker directed enterprise. Make the client, the shop, and the artists one in the same.

        A “real reset”. Just sayin!

    • animcoop says:

      Sorry, I personally have no opinions about this movie as I have not yet seen it, but are you really implying that we shouldn’t allow some movies to be made if we suspect they might offend or insight dictators and despots?

    • vfxdesignkuntekinte says:

      I don’t know the grand history of reporting and leaks within journalism. But what I’m wondering is…wouldn’t Glenn Greenwald be in jail by now for printing the Snowden stuff?

  27. anon says:

    “[T]he malware that was used would have gotten past 90 percent of the Net defenses that are out there today in private industry and [would have been] likely to challenge even state government,” said Joe Demarest, assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cyberdivision. His comments were officially confirmed later by the FBI.

    what is being missed is the implication……..

    maybe the other studios have already had similarly large amounts of information taken, but not leaked yet, because there was no reason to release it……

  28. Dorf on Golf says:

    I keep hearing about an email that says Sony wants to bankrupt their artists. Since no one wants to post the email, can someone please say which email box that’s in, and the date of the email? Thanks.

    • LondonComp says:

      There is no email, people are infering a personal motive to the act of chasing subsidies and moving workers to cheaper countries. In reality Sony is doing what any business or corporation would do and are doing, reduce their overheads. In the process artists will be forced to move or lose their jobs.

      It fucking sucks don’t get me wrong, but by making it seem like the sony execs are doing it for personal reasons of spite and megolomania people can feed it into some grand conspiracy rather than the standard workings of a broken system

      • HMI LED says:

        There isn’t an email stating that I’d assume but the result on vfx artists, of a lack of strong union, subsidies, lack of support for the industry, focus on giving a few actors and directors millions while depriving everyone else of a decent wage while being under the thumb of these types of people is the same.

        Hundreds of GB of SPI stuff is far more than I’m interested in downloading.

        CZ seems to have been reading them though.

  29. Imagequirks says:

    You say that people are falsely accusing you of spreading the stolen files, which may be true if you want to play semantics. You aren’t stopping the information being spread through your blog and you’re championing other people to loot through it. In my mind, that’s playing fast and loose with ethics. To draw an analogy, tolerating racism without doing something to stop it encourages others to engage in racism. You’re doing the same with stolen property, regardless of what dastardly evil stuff you presume could be found in it. Think about what other terrible deeds have been done in past history on the presumption that a smoking gun would be found which would justify the questionable ethics to find it.

    You *might* find something here that will help vfx workers eventually, but you are certainly 100% without-a-doubt hurting us in the process.

    • hm says:

      man…you exceptionally mix up everything. Racism is not the same thing with crooks and charlatans.

      • Imagequirks says:

        It’s an analogy between 2 ethically questionable subjects. Of course a racist isn’t necessarily a crook. If anything, a crook is even worse. The analogy stands.

    • VFX Soldier says:

      There is a ton of newsworthy information in the data being released. Again, Supreme Court has already gone over this.

      • Imagequirks says:

        None of this refutes my original post that allowing this to carry on through your blog is ethically wrong. If it helps you sleep better at night knowing that Johnny Law isn’t coming after you while you contribute to endangering VFX artists and their families, so be it.

    • SPInsider says:

      Look dude, you’re not winning any converts on this blog. You’re just annoying people. I don’t know what you guys think you’re going to accomplish. The line is already drawn.

      There are people, like yourself, who temporarily benefit from the situation being the way that it is, and look for every opportunity to attack and discredit those on the other end of it because deep down you feel guilty.

      Eventually it’ll come for you, you’ll get tired of laying down and taking it, you’ll have some good friends to stand up for, and then you’ll stop wasting your time going to blogs that are fighting for normal people like us and attacking the authors at every chance you have.

      • Anonymous says:

        suddenly “you” transforms into “people” ?

        thousands of people ARE interested, that is why the national news and headlining Drudgereport

      • phoebius says:


      • SPInsider says:

        @Anonymous: What comment are you responding to?

        When you come to this blog and attack its author at every opportunity, you are doing so because you either feel guilty that you’re benefiting at the expense of others and need to justify it by demonizing us, or because you don’t give a shit about others and feel you deserve something you didn’t earn: not just a piece of it, but ALL of it.

        We worked our assess off for decades building this industry, I’m sick of watching entitled brats come here and attack us for every single thing we do to try to hold onto the lives and the careers we earned.

      • anon says:

        Spinsider: the blogger isn’t attacking anyone.

        VFX artists ARE abused by the system.

        The blogger is hoping the data will reveal why and how.

        The data is revealed to EVERYONE.

        Repeat…….EVERYONE…..all media sources……your mother…..your neighbors……everyone……..

        “watching entitled brats come here and attack us for every single thing we do to try to hold onto the lives and the careers we earned.”

        He isn’t entitled or a brat. He isn’t attacking.

        Blaming VFX artists for corporate failures and abusing them on an individual and group level only goes so far, before the origin of the REAL problems in this industry become self evident.

      • SPInsider says:

        @anon: yeah, we’re saying the same thing.

        My comments are in response to @Imagequirks and everyone like them who insist on coming to this blog, post-after-post, with a new reason to attack Daniel (VFXSoldier) and VFX artists who are just trying to hold on to some bit of dignity as we watch profit-hungry corporations and execs dismantle the career and lives we’ve spent the last 20-30 years building.

        I’m 100% behind Daniel and behind investigating the leaked documents.

      • Imagequirks says:

        Ok, “dude”… I’m not sure whose kool-aid you’ve been drinking if you think I’m here to “win converts”. Nothing you’ve said refutes anything in my original post regarding the ethics of this blog post. It just reads like an angry rant. I’m not sure where you get the notion that I come to VFX Soldier to write along with some group of people with an agenda. My interest in this topic is due to the fact that this leaked information affects my personal security. What is the point of you commenting if you have nothing to contribute to the discussion other than attacking me because you don’t like what I’ve said? For someone who’s so interested in defending the spread of confidential information in the name of free speech or some such notion, you sure seem closed off to other points of view on the subject.

    • SPInsider says:


      “Nothing you’ve said refutes anything in my original post ”
      Okay then.

      “You aren’t stopping the information being spread through your blog and you’re championing other people to loot through it.”

      Do you *seriously* think that anyone who wasn’t already intent to go through these files is going to read VFXSoldier’s post and get the idea to do it? What kind of power do you think he has?

      “To draw an analogy, tolerating racism without doing something to stop it encourages others to engage in racism.”

      If you have a forum dedicated to engaging people in discussion about politics, sociology, and race, it stands to reason that you may allow uninhibited free speech in that forum regardless of whether or not you found it offensive. Not everyone would, but certainly some people would.

      “You’re doing the same with stolen property”

      Also are you equating tolerating racism with tolerating links to Amy Pascal’s e-mail? ….oh, okay, I just heard myself. Regardless, “stolen property” is a totally subjective & ambiguous term in cases where that stolen property is still in the possession of its original owner. You’re going to keep calling it “stolen property” because it fits the way you feel about it. Others will call them “leaked documents” because it fits the way they feel about them.

      “Think about what other terrible deeds have been done in past history on the presumption that a smoking gun would be found which would justify the questionable ethics to find it.”

      Yes, terrible deeds have been done for this reason: in every case by those in positions of unstoppable power, against people who had none of their own.

      “but you are certainly 100% without-a-doubt hurting us in the process. […] My interest in this topic is due to the fact that this leaked information affects my personal security.”

      My info is in these files too, and while I do certainly understand your concern, I fail to see any validity in this statement. If the comments section of a blog post on VFXSoldier was the only place on the internet where you could find links to these files, then maybe I’d give your 100% statement some air. It just comes off as yet another reason to attack someone who you probably never agreed with to begin with, who’s done nothing but fight for the well-being of me and my colleagues.

      I don’t believe that encouraging VFX Pro’s to examine the contents of these documents hurts me in any way. I don’t even believe them seeing my salary or SSN hurts me.

      I also don’t believe that anyone reading this blog cares about your or my personal information. What they might care about is the sudden transparency of a major corporation, organizations arguably more powerful than our own government, and what we might learn about them from these documents.

      Major corporations have been the leading force in the destruction of our economy, the gutting of the middle class, and a significant increase in inequality. Sony has been responsible for countless hardships of hundreds of friends and colleagues of mine, all in the quest of short-term profit.

      So yeah, I kinda want to know what’s in those files. I want to see the why they felt they had no other choice but to cause so much harm and take so many people for granted. There are a lot of questions I’ve had for a long time, and the answers to a lot of them are right here in these documents. So yeah, I want people to keep digging, and I want them to share what they find.

      • Imagequirks says:

        “Do you *seriously* think that anyone who wasn’t already intent to go through these files is going to read VFXSoldier’s post and get the idea to do it? What kind of power do you think he has?”

        No, I think that some very tech savvy people who probably didn’t know about or wouldn’t of cared about this leak will now take a keen interest in it since everybody is gossiping about it and building it up into a larger problem. This blog is definitely contributing to that, because the entire audience is tech savvy people and there’s no way you or I can guarantee that all vfx workers have hearts of gold.

        “If you have a forum dedicated to engaging people in discussion about politics, sociology, and race, it stands to reason that you may allow uninhibited free speech in that forum regardless of whether or not you found it offensive. Not everyone would, but certainly some people would.”

        VFX Soldier can let people do whatever he wants on here, but I maintain that it is ethically dubious to allow these files to spread through his blog.

        “Also are you equating tolerating racism with tolerating links to Amy Pascal’s e-mail?”

        I’m equating tolerating racism with tolerating the spread of private social security numbers through his blog. And regarding the semantics debate of the term “stolen property”, maybe “stolen intellectual property and private social security information” would be a better description. I maintain that it was stolen. A group of people are now in possession of intellectual property that they were not meant to possess. This is getting into the area of copyright reform and pirated music and the like, which would be another separate issue entirely.

        “Yes, terrible deeds have been done for this reason: in every case by those in positions of unstoppable power, against people who had none of their own.”

        I believe almost the exact opposite to be true. People who are in positions with no power to stop their enemies resort to these tactics to try to dig their opposition into a hole. Which is exactly what’s happening here. Lowly VFX artists trying to use questionable tactics to stop a corporate giant.

        “My info is in these files too, and while I do certainly understand your concern, I fail to see any validity in this statement. If the comments section of a blog post on VFXSoldier was the only place on the internet where you could find links to these files, then maybe I’d give your 100% statement some air. It just comes off as yet another reason to attack someone who you probably never agreed with to begin with, who’s done nothing but fight for the well-being of me and my colleagues.”

        Nobody is arguing that this is the only place on the internet to get this stuff, and the arguements I’m presenting here have no bearing on any other personal philosophies that VFX Soldier or you might be attributing to me. I don’t like the atmosphere on this blog that any sign of disagreement with VFX Soldier’s opinions constitutes an ad-hominem attack, or part of a larger agenda against him, or that someone is a “troll”. It’s a very lazy way of discounting people who might have something valid to say. I support some of what VFX Soldier says on this blog, but I also strongly disagree with other things. Nothing is black and white.

      • tazzman says:

        Quirk, your energy is misdirected.

    • Easy says:

      Oh for fuck’s sake.

      Ok, let’s look at your racism comparison.

      What industry is more complicit in the dissemination of racism and racist stereotypes than the whole goddamned entertainment industry?

      Come up with another angle because if that is how you feel then you are a racist for not taking a stand against it and continuing to help perpetuate it.

  30. Paul says:

    Still cannot grasp the idea that it’s ok to relay and spread stolen property regardless of how useful it might be…

      • Confusedwithvfxsoldierprupose says:

        This has nothing to do with the law. It has to do with the simple fact that people can find links to those files on VFXSoldier.
        Those files is harming an ex-coworker, their family and for years.
        What’s the point ?
        It’s not about the law, it’s about your ethic. About you proving you are supporting us.

      • SPInsider says:


        “It’s not about the law, it’s about your ethic. About you proving you are supporting us.”

        Can I just ask you, did you EVER think @VFXSoldier was supporting you, and would it really just take him removing comments to convince you that he was?

        The people, like yourself, attacking Daniel’s character seem to fall into two camps:

        1) People who don’t want information about the real intent & consequences behind Sony’s move to Vancouver exposed.

        2) People who come here and attack his character on every post, gleeful to have yet another reason to exhibit their sense of moral superiority.

        The more reasonable among us know those files are ALL over the internet. People who want to use them for nefarious purposes aren’t going to come to the VFXSoldier comments section to find them.

      • Imagequirks says:


        “The people, like yourself, attacking Daniel’s character seem to fall into two camps:

        1) People who don’t want information about the real intent & consequences behind Sony’s move to Vancouver exposed.

        2) People who come here and attack his character on every post, gleeful to have yet another reason to exhibit their sense of moral superiority. ”

        You forgot 3) people who take issue with VFX Soldier supporting the spread of our personal information among criminals.

        I’d say 3) is the largest group, yet you continue to ignore arguements about ethics and categorize us as attacking VFX Soldier personally.

        Where in either Paul’s original post or Confusedwithvfxsoldierprupose’s post does it suggest anything about an agenda to cover up Sony’s move to Vancouver? How is he attacking VFX Soldier in any way other than calling it unethical to allow this stuff to be spread through this blog? You’re drawing conclusions with no factual basis.

      • Here is a link to a gun store. It can cause far more harm to anyone’s family than a link to a torrent file. Now Soldier is abetting murder if he refuses to remove it.

        Got hyperbole?

      • Imagequirks says:

        You’re suggesting that it’s hyperbole that anyone would be upset at this information being spread with our personal information? The entire reason this thing has become a big deal is BECAUSE of the leaked personal information. Why else would the media be talking about class action lawsuits against Sony, unless it was a big deal? Is it hyperbolic that some Sony employees have already received threats against their personal safety as well as their family’s? No, that’s fact. Is it hyperbolic that Sony employees have tried to freeze their credit and found that someone has already tried to do things under their name? There’s nothing blown out of proportion about that. That gun store link is a ludicrous arguement. Post a link to a site that’s at least comparable that sells stolen weapons like Silk Road or something, and then we’ll be ready to have a real discussion about ethics.

      • jona says:

        “Here is a link to a gun store.”

        Wow. yeah. While you’re at it you should blame all Chevy dealers for drunk driving deaths.

      • Well, Jona, are you going to blame Soldier for anything that may happen because of links to torrent files that someone else posted on here?

    • if you cannot grasp, don’t grasp!

    • Here is a link to a gun store. It can cause far more harm to anyone’s family than a link to a torrent file. Now Soldier is abetting murder if he refuses to remove it.

      Got hyperbole?

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Take this post down before someone gets hurt!

        Sent from my iPhone


      • If I use the gun for protection from the hackers, do I get a pass?

      • Imagequirks says:

        I’ll copy/paste my response here to this copy/pasted post from above:

        You’re suggesting that it’s hyperbole that anyone would be upset at this information being spread with our personal information? The entire reason this thing has become a big deal is BECAUSE of the leaked personal information. Why else would the media be talking about class action lawsuits against Sony, unless it was a big deal? Is it hyperbolic that some Sony employees have already received threats against their personal safety as well as their family’s? No, that’s fact. Is it hyperbolic that Sony employees have tried to freeze their credit and found that someone has already tried to do things under their name? There’s nothing blown out of proportion about that. That gun store link is a ludicrous arguement. Post a link to a site that’s at least comparable that sells stolen weapons like Silk Road or something, and then we’ll be ready to have a real discussion about ethics.

      • Imagequirks says:

        Even better, why not post your Social Security number here for all of us to see? You shouldn’t have a problem with that.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Try it. Let’s see how far you’ll go to prove how much a troll you are.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Imagequirks says:

        Here we go trotting out the troll thing again. Learn how to argue your points. Until then I can see debating anybody on this blog is completely pointless.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Well if aren’t a troll you’d carry out your useless threat to share my social security number wouldn’t you?

        Do it. Let’s see how big your bluff is.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Imagequirks says:

        I wasn’t addressing you. My comment was directed at Adrian H McDonald because of his gun shop arguement. I know I can already get your social security probably if I really really wanted to. How about instead of puffing your chest like a neanderthal, you actually engage people in debate?

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Pardon me but you’ve been the one huffing and puffing that the me and the rest of the media are spreading your ssn.

        You then follow up with a threat to post my info and I call your ass out on it. That’s what trolls do. They try to make an argument that isn’t there and when you hold their feet to the fire, they get burned.

        All I’ve done is post about newsworthy information about the VFX industry and avoided personal information. You now beg for civil debate only after you threw the bombs and me and other fought back. Know your role asshole.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • imagequirks says:

        Where exactly did I threaten to post your SSN??? I said that Adrian H McDonald should post his, since he’s equating leaked SSNs with legally sold guns online. Now you’re the one resorting to personal attacks and calling me an asshole. Yes you post newsworthy information, but when people call for you to take down posts with links leading to the stolen documents, suddenly you go mute. This is where I take issue with your ethics.

        I think you’re doing a pretty good job of alienating a lot of people now. I know I will no longer be supporting this blog, and neither will any of my co-workers who take issue with what you’re doing.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        Alienate your ass off my blog.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • imagequirks says:

        Such a mature response. Take care, see you around the industry friend.

      • 458891290 says:

        HAHAHAHA this number of which you post is not real, or you are of incredible stupidity.

    • Well, Jona, are you going to blame Soldier for anything that may happen because of links to torrent files that someone else posted on here?

  31. VFXDesignSlave says:

    Lawsuit by former employees? I’m not sure where I stand on this yet. But after all they failed to secure my data which is putting my entire life at risk. Hmmmm.

  32. Also… ex-employees are getting veiled death threats from the hackers. Anyone know more details? WTF.

  33. phoebius says:

    the whole vfx is a misery! Everywhere you look you see an abuse or a failure.
    Has to change, if not will die.

  34. SPInsider says:

    @VFXSoldier, you should really look into an upvoting/downvoting comments system that hides comments below a certain threshold.

    Getting tired of all these anonymous trolls attempting to derail every discussion with ad-hominem attacks and an endless spray of vitriolic comments completely devoid of any evidence of empathy or critical thinking skills.

    That way we can just downvote some of these more irrational comments to oblivion instead of feeling compelled to provide thoughtful, reasonable responses to people so utterly uninterested in reason.

  35. dave says:

    “12,000 Emails in Latest Leak…”

    “Lynton’s email account contains 12,466 messages, which presumably includes deleted messages, dating from Nov. 12, 2008, to Nov. 21, 2014, three days before the hack was first noticed by the studio.”

    not SPI though,

    evidence of VFX blacklisting would be interesting to read

    • phoebius says:

      I would love to see Rosie Server’s emails. Is there any place where we can read these emails?For sure blacklisting is present.

    • Spiderman says:

      Oh boy that would be juicy…

      Especially as the production management are so condescending to artist and engineering rif-raffery behind closed door meetings. The bravado and snobbery between supervisors, producers and recruitment will definitely be writ large in “private” emails.

      To many naive production floor staff, it might come as a bit of a shock to the system how you are considered and referred to. Think their may be a few Sony staff looking at their supervisors and producers quite differently after this is digested.

    • ExSPI says:

      Two words, Stan szymanski. Guarantee you will find blacklisting, discrimination etc.

  36. Steve says:

    I get you have a personal vendetta against Sony and the industry. I get it. But man, you are hurting me and my family with this information.

    You claim to be trying to help me. Sorry, you are misguided, you are hurting me. My kid’s information is in those files, by spreading them you are not helping me or my kids you are making it worst.

    The use and spread of this stolen information I equate it to finding a stolen car running with the keys on. By deciding to drive it you are driving a stolen car. You can claim “hey, I didn’t steal the car, it was just there, I’m just looking at it and taking it for a spin, I don’t intend to do anything with it, I might even drive it to the police station” You are still driving a stolen car!!! And what if you get into an accident on the way to the police station. You thought you were helping, but you just wrecked a car which was perfectly fine moments before.

    I do understand you think you are doing the right thing. But ethically, morally and practically, I’m sorry, you are not. you are hurting me and my family.


    • phoebius says:

      LOL…troll named Steve.Hey dude, why don’t you ask about ethics SONY first?

      • Steve says:

        I’m putting my point of view forward and you call me a troll? who is the troll?

        So? I’m a troll because I don’t agree with you or somebody else’s point of view? I believe I was very respectful in my post and just putting my point of view forward.

        I am concerned about the safety of my family, specially my kids and I’m just asking to reconsider/think about what VFXSoldier and a lot of people here and everywhere else is doing. That he might be hurting more than helping and all you do is call me a troll?

        I’m not talking about Sony’s ethics or what has happened at Sony. That’s a completely different discussion and a big mess all by itself. I’m talking about the stolen information that is being, I believe wrongfully, distributed and hurting artists and their families.

      • where are the links to this information, because I cant find them. And how are you being harmed by this leak? Specifically.

      • Jeff says:

        @Adrian H McDonald
        The links are here, dipshit. This is what all the people you call “Trolls” are referencing:

        Get your head out of your ass you piece of shit. Wake up, if an ex-Sony employee says he’s afraid for his family, I think he has a better idea of how this affects him personally than you would ever care to believe.

      • Yeah. I finally saw them. I never doubted they were here, they were just hard to spot given the 300 comments and all. I also didn’t call anyone a troll. I agreed that one person that someone else labeled a troll did seem to fit the definition of using troll like personally insulting someone by calling them a piece of shit and having their head up their ass (awww, I love you too).

        I also never said it wasn’t legit for people to fear harm because of such links. I was merely asking what that harm is or might be, specifically. Identity theft clearly an issue. Is that all? Now that they threatened to bomb theaters, are all Americans under threat now?

        Finally, if those links are so fowl and offensive, why havent you or ANYONE on this thread (troll or otherwise) actually left a comment directly to that post??????

        You call me a piece of shit, but not a word to the fucker who posted the links??? Classy.

      • VFX Soldier says:

        The comments by Jeff, Estabul, and 4588**** are all the same person who was originally posting under the name Imagequirks. This was the same troll that said he was going to stop reading my blog. See why I call them trolls?

      • phoebius says:

        I call them trolls as well…they are in every single company on this earth. VFX or not….

    • Jackadullboy says:

      Stevo, your analogy lacks rigour.

      The car has been cloned a multitude of times. Soldier cannot be a hero and return it to the relevant authorities and/or its (their/whomever’s) rightful owner.

      • Steve says:

        So it’s basically: “Hey, everybody else is doing it, so it’s ok” kind of attitude.

        I’m sorry, but to me, that’s just a cop-out to sleep better at night.

        If that’s what it is and that’s the attitude, that’s ok.
        But the fact still remains:
        1) It’s still stolen that is being distributed and whoever is distributing it (VFXSoldier, media, etc) are hurting artists more than helping. The more files are out there the easier it is to get hold of it. That’s just a fact.
        2) Since I (and my family) am one of the artists that is directly affected by it I would rather people not pretend they are trying to help me out. If somebody has an issue with Sony or the VFX Industry in general I truly don’t have a problem with it. I do have a problem with people pretending to care about me when they are really all in for themselves.

        I would rather you tell me “I don’t give a crap about anybody else, I want Sony to burn” or “I couldn’t care less about the artists and their family I think this is fun” than trying to bullshit me pretending that you are doing it for me. Because you are not.

        I know what information Sony has on me. I gave it to them.
        And I don’t care that you can see how much money I make, my electricity bill or my home address. I can give those to you if you want. I do care for you to be snooping around my kids information though. Thanks to that information being available here, you can find that information a lot easier. The less people would share it, the harder it would be to get hold of it. It’s that simple.

        So again, if you tell me “I’m doing this for me, I’m not doing it for you” so be it. _I_ think it’s still morally wrong. But please, don’t tell me you are doing it for me. Because really, you are not. You are making my life harder.

      • more trolls says:

        I’m with Steve especially when I read some posts like Spiderman and phobieus who have obvious beefs with several people at Sony. It is these people who feel slighted and hard done by that will start using the information of supervisors and managers to just get back at them because they feel thats ok. I am sorry maybe you are not as talented as you think an on a show you did not deliver the work to the required level. I have no idea but usually people who do not get offered new contracts for several reasons. Is this a blacklist ?

        1. No ability to complete the work
        2. Not a team player
        3. Disruptive and cannot take direction
        ect ect ect

        So do companies have to hire these people, no it is there business and they can hire who they want. Maybe we should abolish interviews and the first 50 people to apply gets the job?

        Adapt is now a tainted organisation that cannot move forward until Daniel Lay has nothing to do with it as if it does than this Trade organisation will have to admit that they are ok with the actions of VFX Soldier in te matter of all our personal information.

      • And they would have to be ok with censorship. Soldier isn’t sharing the links. Others are. Why aren’t comments like Steve’s being directed to the ones actually sharing these links. Also, where are these links? Can someone direct me to the portion of the thread where they actually live. Were they in the comment thread to another post? Im lost.

      • God you guys are a bunch of whiners. My info is in the files too. So fucking what? What’s done is done. My popcorn is a poppin’ and I’m waiting for this shitstorm to settle for my own identity. But in the meantime the hackers are posting on their own forums. They aren’t here. Last I checked this was a community of VFX professionals, not a hackers forum. The information is out there like the Snowden Docs. Did you read those? Did you cry about being a patriot? Enough with the BS already. The docs are out there and there’s nothing that can stop them. Deal with it.

      • SPInsider says:

        While I agree with @VFXSoldier and am of the belief that we should find what useful information lies in the leaked documents; I believe this is the comment, by “anonymous”, to which people are referring:

      • Jackadullboy says:

        The moral question here can best be put as follows:

        Is the potential risk to artists outweighed by the benefit to them and society at large of having these insights into corporate behaviour and reasoning out in the public domain?

        Personally I would say yes to the latter. Information is empowerment, and consequently I am not strongly moved to limit the dissemination of the data.

      • SPInsider says:

        @Jackadullboy: Well put!

      • Steve says:

        @Jackadullboy to me no. It doesn’t.
        There is nothing new or revealing about corporate behaviour and I don’t see it changing anyway. At Sony or any other company. So there is very little benefit (in my opinion) while putting the artists and their families at risk.
        So, to me, the balance tips the other way.

        What do you expect to gain from knowing how the company operates? You realize that every single company is exactly the same right?
        So. What is the true big gain?
        You know how much executive X makes. So?
        You know what person Y said about actor Z. So?
        You might even know that they (pick your company since it’s all of them) priced fixed. You knew that already.

        So really, what is the big, amazing piece of information that is worth more than my kids identity being stolen?

      • phoebius says:

        you are at risk since day one, working in these factories.

      • Steve, it’s too late. The information is out there. Blame SONY for having lax security and not valuing you and your families private info. They knew about a massive breach in Brazil early this year. And then Germany. And we ONLY know that now because of the hacked info.

        At this point, the value is to see if there is any information or revelation that cause bring about change that is good to offset any harm.

        The emails showing how the studios are working to take down google has massive implications. The budget info showing solid examples gender discrimination (Renner making more than J. Lawrence in American Hustle? Da Hell?) The emails showing racially insensitive attitudes among top brass in a town that has race representation issues have already added to a long overdue dialogue within the industry. The emails showing how cozy Lynton was with the New York Times and the apparent ability he has to kill stories…or in the case of the Dowd piece on Pascal, their ability to craft stories that journalists are happy to “report”.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg. Does it outweigh protecting your private info? No. But your info wasn’t protected and now it’s simply to late to stop what is already done. Your information is apparently out there and that sucks. But why is that a reason to stop looking at the massive amount of information that sheds light on things that I mentioned above? The emails and documents about internal security will prove vital in any class action you may take part of. And if you do, can you honestly say that disseminating the information to learn just how negligent SONY was with your data isn’t of value??

        The hackers threatened to 911 theaters. We have ALL been threatened. Let’s learn all we can from this hack.

      • SPInsider says:

        Wow. What Adrian H. McDonald said. My sentiments exactly.

        “There is nothing new or revealing about corporate behaviour and I don’t see it changing anyway. At Sony or any other company”

        Steve, you seem to have given up any hope that it’s possible to change our industry, or curb corporate behavior. It’s fine if you believe that, but I do not.

        We can speculate all we want about what corporations do and do not do, about what power they do and do not have, about what profits or losses they *really* make, about whether or not their activities are legal or ethical, what they do behind closed doors, or about what their intentions may or may not be when they lay us off and give us ultimatums.

        But what we have in all of these documents is irrefutable evidence. Proof. These things are empowering to anyone who believes we have the ability to affect positive change.

      • jonavark says:

        “…gender discrimination (Renner making more than J. Lawrence in American Hustle? Da Hell?)”

        Oh come on. You seem like a pretty savvy guy Adrian. Gender discrimination? Seriously. That makes me laugh. More like the difference between two agents and Sony’s desire to have specific actors.
        Exactly how is this information useful or revealing of a crime? It isn’t.

      • Savvy enough to know that the gender pay gap is a gigantic issue. It’s also an issue that Pascal claims she is passionate about and committed to fixing. Last year, she told Forbes this:

        “The problem is the averages don’t work, because there are not enough parts for women to star in to get paid…So when you are looking at the total amount that women make as compared to men, it’s paltry. I think that the whole system is geared for them [women] to fail and we’re going to have to change a lot of what we do in order for that to happen.”

        Going to have to change a lot? Yup, like paying women the same as men. But they didn’t.

        How is this information useful? It’s proof that a problem exists. A problem that many influential policymakers deny even exists in the first place:

        Finally, where have I mentioned anything about a crime?

      • anon says:


        “1. No ability to complete the work
        2. Not a team player
        3. Disruptive and cannot take direction
        ect ect ect ”

        how much of this could be said about your email ?

        aren’t you being “disruptive” by posting it?

      • phoebius says:

        more trolls = rosie server.Obvious.

      • jonavark says:

        Adrian. I think it is pretty damn silly to even contemplate a “gender pay gap” for stars making millions on each film. Especially because they take the deal their agent gets for them. I don’t even want to start debating the supposed gender pay gap here but It’s just woefully silly to even bring it up where over paid actors are concerned.

      • Estabul says:

        I’m 100% with Steve on this one. It’s an age old arguement about moral complicity. If you are working for someone who engages in unethical behaviour, or tolerate someone engaging in unethical behaviour, you are morally complicit.

  37. reynoldt says:

    +1 for “Steve” and “more trolls” comments

    • phoebius says:

      @more trolls

      1. No ability to complete the work – if the supervisor is dumb, of course not.
      Try to be clear from the first time and this is it. You get what you ask for, if not, and you keep changing either because the director does not know some technical aspects or you don’t know ..then, that’s it!
      2. Not a team player – not a part of a clique you mean, which is true but look again at those part of a clique and you will see only retards supervisors and recruiters, dumb workers.
      3. Disruptive and cannot take direction – from who? from those who don’t know how to give direction because they don’t know nothing at all?
      Listen…every time you try to get rid of someone this is how you act. He’s not talented, he’s not performing…etc.we know you, miserable troll.
      Most of the time this attitude is promoted by recruiters.
      Enough with you guys, pretty soon you will be the only ones working in this industry and you will start blaming each other too.

      • anon says:

        sometimes what people do is get someone to do all the hard setup work, then replace them at the last minute, make a few changes and say someone else (or themselves) did all the work

        it happens all the time

        ALL THE TIME

        that’s another of the industry tricks, on top of derision, conformity, judgements, pigeonholing your career etc…

        Police call it a “flim flam”.

      • anon says:

        @more trolls

        ” I am sorry maybe you are not as talented as you think an on a show you did not deliver the work to the required level. I have no idea but usually people who do not get offered new contracts for several reasons. Is this a blacklist ?

        1. No ability to complete the work
        2. Not a team player
        3. Disruptive and cannot take direction”

        Argument kind of falls apart when you look at the massive turnover of staff at Sony. What, like 98% of people fall into this category? Get real. I can think of top notch, decorated animation and CG supervisors in recent times who got them through countless shows only to be pushed upto couver then laid off. The firm just treats serious professionals like temporary farm workers now so the production team can cut costs to the bone and pay themselves huge bonuses. Its only the super political or naive newbees who are fooled anymore by the very, very cynical management and superisors there now.

        Its karma. The universe brings equilibrium always in the long term. Guess this is what we see now.

      • phoebius says:

        and what kind of shit you have to be to enjoy working on your shot while the blacklisted person is home. Have you ever think about that? You might be ugly as well…now go and finish your shot. …If you can

    • phoebius says:

      This is part of blacklisting.
      There are many other tricks used by “the vfx clique” and all of them are very powerful. I can give you some names of some people who constantly blacklist artists. But I am pretty sure you know them. Usually they are supervisors and recruiters. I have a huge list of them…Should I make it public?You find their names on LinkedIN, usually trying to endlessly recruit the “ideal” candidate, for houses like ILM, Framestore, Cinesite, MPC and so on….oh, and Sony of course.

      • Tim Heyman says:

        name them if you are sure about them.

      • phoebius says:

        Plenty of them, they keep moving – from MPC to PF from PF to Scanline, From MPC to Framestore, from PF to ILM from Framestore to Cinesite… like cockroaches.
        They are all connected, which make things impossible for some people to be hired and work in this Wonderfull industry.
        Is good to be curious Tim. We are in a early stage to reveal plenty of names in this industry – those who are responsible for blacklisting.
        Just wait. Promise to come back here and mention it when it will be ready. It won’ t be long, I promise.

      • VFXpoop says:

        “We are in a early stage to reveal plenty of names in this industry”

        LOLS. Let us know how that goes, we’re on the edge of our seats.

      • phoebius says:

        be careful not to shit in your pants…

      • anon says:

        SPI and other VFX studios are intentionally blacklisting people for petty and ridiculous reason, destroying their lives, to keep their prices down.

        Then they try and justify it with more lies and libel.

        That is why the blogger is looking for the smoking bazooka.

        Why ? because you can tell by “more trolls” that the vfx management is cynical, critical, superficial and corrupt.

      • phoebius says:

        thanks anon

        this is sadly true. We have the duty to put the names on the table. Those who encourage the abuse should be out from this industry.

      • more trolls says:

        if that makes you feel better about yourself.

        Maybe you are just shit at your job. Always easier to blame those who have made it above you.

      • VFXDesignSlave says:

        @More trolls. You don’t get it. While there are people getting canned for good measure, there’s also a deeper side to the story. At the least and probably beyond, there is an unconscious play of driving rates down. Getting more for less. And people confused of where the value really is. It’s trickling from the top, down. And it’s very fucking real. This isn’t a conspiracy plan, it’s a market/industry illness. Good people are getting treated like slaves and when they speak up about it, or even try to renegotiate, they are INDEED canned. Only to the demise of the shops. As evidenced by the leaks. Say what you will, but only an idiot or a troll would deny this. Or you don’t work anywhere near the industry in any similar capacity. Or you are a noob. Just give it time, you’ll learn son. 😉

      • Tito Lopez says:

        I’ve been in the industry for over 17 years.
        There is no conspiracy. “more tolls” is right. Maybe you just suck at your job.

        I see a lot of people here whining and bitching. I have worked with people like that. And yes, they don’t get re-hired. Not because there is a conspiracy or even because they are not-good at their job. It’s just because they are not fun to work with. As simple as that. You clearly are demonstrating that with your posts.

        I’m not in a position to hire with my current employer. I have been in the past in other studios. But I can certainly tell you that with your attitude, I would recommend not to hire you. Not because you are in any black list. It’s because you have a shitty attitude and I don’t want to have to sit next to you for 8-9 hours a day hearing you bitch about how much better you think you are than our supervisors and how nobody knows what the hell they are doing except you.

        The good thing is, you probably feel that same way and don’t want to work with me either. So why don’t you stay there at home bitching while I go finish my shot.

      • more trolls says:

        Tito has hit the nail on the head Thankyou.

      • VFXNerfHerder says:

        Recruiters are for sure blacklisting people. Why might you be blacklisted? Two main reasons as I see it: 1) you’re rate is too high and you make it known you don’t intend to lower it by moving somewhere with low wages and bad working conditions 2) you make it known you are not interested in moving.around the world chasing jobs, 3) you post on vfxsoldier under your real name 4) you suck or you are an asshole. Those pretty much sum up why people are getting blacklisted.

        The idea here is you play by their game or you are out. The whole VFX industry is eating itself alive and the turn over of people leaving and entering the industry will continue to be high as these stupid studios burn through their employees.

      • phoebius says:

        …this does not mean that Tito is a wise guy. He is just a shit as any other shit, but has some power inside one company. Finish your shot? Bet you are a retarded comper mr. Tito. Stay there and make sure no one will ever get your job, because one day you might be out as well, and someone else with the same attitude will take your place using the same strategy.
        Enjoy while it last…

      • phoebius says:

        I like how every retarded troll starts with – I’ve been in industry since 17 years or 20 or 30…you know what? Who the fuck cares?
        If you’ve been for such a long amount of time means you are a bitch that enjoy when your colleague is ripped.
        I wish you another 17 but I think even you cannot believe this is going to happen….

      • Tito…while you are 50/50 right, you have missed the point all together being quick to try to stroke your own cock. You’re no holier than anyone else. If VFX companies can’t stay in business and you don’t see that is a failed broken system, then you are an idiot sir. And blind. While the word conspiracy is controversial, whatever you want to call it, vfx people have the right to fair negotiating without being condescended to by a person who has ZERO talent.

  38. ExSPI says:

    This winners emails should prove to be revealing.

    Stan Szymanski

    SVP, Creative Resources & Digital Production
    Sony Pictures Imageworks
    July 1996 – November 2009 (13 years 5 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

    Developed satellite office strategies, directed all recruiting, relocation and production integration for new sites in Novato, CA and Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Designed and implemented all administration, operational and creative resource management systems

    Assigned creative / technical resources for all VFX, animation and facility productions

    Engaged in executive planning sessions for strategic and business development

    Developed all talent acquisition strategies for VFX, animation and media production divisions

    Supervised large recruiting teams and managed all international talent acquisition operations

    Expanded educational outreach programs and reduced production costs by recruiting top talent from leading VFX, animation and technology schools

    Developed proprietary Oracle database to track all recruiting, project scheduling, compensation history, contract dates, visa applications and performance feedback

    Partnered with executive, financial, production and human resource divisions to maintain proper balance of staff costs to project revenue

    Evaluated employee compensation and participated in annual industry survey of job titles, core functionality and compensation for VFX, animation, games and media industry

    Supervised talent development and career growth of all creative / technical personnel

    Implemented artist development programs and provided customized training for creative / technical supervisors

    Created all performance and skills assessment evaluation procedures to capture current and relevant feedback for annual reviews, promotions, assignments and talent development

  39. phoebius says:

    I think once a company like Sony was hacked, ALL companies have been already hacked.
    Just a matter of time before some other companies will join the club…

    • IronBrew says:

      Can’t help thinking it all coincided with all of them opening operations in China or India for these large studios (China in Sony’s case).

      If you are a filmmaker, do you really want to send your valuable film to a store front in LA, Vancouver, London, just for them to send it all over the wires to places where conterfeiting is performed on industrial factory scales? You may as well just save the time and directly upload your film to torrent sites.

  40. phoebius says:

    Guys…can I see a good exemple of blacklisting from these hacked stuff? So many people are talking about blacklists but there is no evidence of it.

  41. more trolls says:

    problem is if there was a blacklist it may acctually be valid and some of those wont want it released as some people are just shit and have been fired for very valid reasons. Everyone know who they are.

    • Roxboro says:

      More trolls
      I know you might know some that you believe are not good.
      But let´s see what about shit people who are good are are out
      It is impossible that all the people that are out now are untalented ones. It is ońly in your misrable brain

    • Roxboro says:

      As a matter of fact, there are more untalented and unexperienced workers today in different companies than those blacklisted. You might know who they are but for sure we know who you are . So stop playing the same tune with untalented artists. Try to find smething else this became obsolete.

    • Right but we all know this is like the wild west. Shit people do get shitcanned. But talented people also get canned for ridiculous reasons too. Based on falsified info from colleagues. Not trying to be conspiratorial, but I am curious and suspicious. My popcorn is ready in the microwave… Gotta run… 😉

    • anon says:

      blacklisting is illegal

      doesn’t validating illegal activity automatically justify investigation into this data ?

      anyone can be blacklisted for any reason, it’s illusions

      for centuries people were burned as heretics for stating scientific facts, why ?

      all management, recruiters and producers have is: silly gossip about VFX artists due to cliques getting into power and abusing others to keep power, blacklisting is a tool for illegal power control not a reality of legal capitalism

      all VFX artists have is: a lot of knowledge of the processes after spending long hours often doing very tricky work

      maybe some respect is due for VFX artists instead of more sequels to “Life After Pi” and your arbitrary generalized condemnations of people you regard as “shit”?

      your post “more trolls” exemplifies many of the reasons the VFX industry fails and is “racing to the bottom”

      • phoebius says:

        I know is illegal, we know, they know as well. But we have to get rid of these losers who encourage this issue.
        People like “more trolls” are everywhere, in every single vfx company on earth. It starts with a loser supervisor, unable to find a solution to some problems, and he is blaming the poor guy who is for hours in front of the screen. A whole gang will fallow him right away. Recruiters, leads, even colleagues will start blaming the poor guy instead of blaming the stupid supervisor. The scenario is classic, and for sure is the same everywhere you go.
        Once a recruiter put you on his list, you are out, since the recruiters talk each other and sustain the abuse. More troll wants names? Very easy – ALL.

    • VFXBiscuit says:

      Anyone who truly works in the industry knows that blacklisting is taking place. Some of it has to do with rates. Some of it has to do with track records and bad behavior of course. But if you are working in the industry you know a lot of your experienced friends who have worked in the industry and left to do other things because it has been harder to find stable work and harder to negotiate terms and they are being paid less for more work. This more experienced group is now being replaced by lots and lots of new inexperienced guys at low rates who are being brought up to speed, but here is the key.. They are NOT being given the resulting pay increase to go with their experience. Part of the reason for this is ILM opening up in Vancouver and London And hoovering up both experienced talent and also a lot of new talent at much lower rates. That along with the India and China equation where lots of low paid artists are put onto projects driving down what the VFX companies can charge in places like London, Los Angeles and Vancouver. As long as studios are allowed to do business with sweatshops… don’t expect to ever be paid what you’re worth. Why are the studios allowed to due business with sweat shops in India and China? That is what the Freemarkets want. These are global arrangements being made in places like Davos where the aim is not to protect the middle classes, but to strip them of power and remove them from the equation. In the USA you can be shot and killed for telling a corrupt cop to go off. But you cannot land a conviction against corporations for robbing taxpayers of billions. History tells us that doesn’t change and will never change until there is more BITE to go with all of the barking.

  42. Frank N. Stein says:

    It is weird how personal info has been leaked about Imageworks employees, but no emails yet. I feel bad for the employees, they are the true victims in this whole fiasco. However, I bet there could be some interesting stuff from the emails of Imageworks management that would be very revealing about how they treat artists.

    • inside says:

      and I don’t expect you will see imageworks emails as they were not hacked and on a different network. the email is also not on the same system so was never hacked.

      Sad news I know for those scouring the net.

  43. Image Ghost says:

    Recent Tweet from Soldier: “Genius: “@rogerlsimon: In LA with its giant Asian population, how easy would it be to plant a Chinese or North Korean agent inside #Sony””

    Genius??? Why do you assume the agent would have to be Asian? What, a white person couldn’t have been bribed to commit the dirty deed for a handsome reward? Maybe it’s time we set up those internment camps again so we never get burned by a sneaky gook again?

    • Bob (another one) says:

      Really Image Ghost? I mean… really? You’re not joking?

      Honestly, I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you might be very stupid. Maybe you should see somebody about that, because… damn. That’s really pretty… I mean… hah… wow. Okay.

    • VFX Soldier says:

      Image Ghost, you’ve gone full retard. Please go back to being a fucktard.

  44. Bob (another one) says:

    I’m going on record here as saying it was free market capitalists, who, after failing to get their way with Sony last time around, decided that -fuck that- they’ll put in motion a plan to wreck the film side of Sony to the point where they get what they wanted anyway.

    If in the end what happens is those free market capitalists do get exactly what they wanted, remember you read it here first in paranoid corner.

    This is only *mostly* a joke…

  45. harro! says:

    “China may have helped North Korea carry out the hacking attack on Sony Pictures, a US official has told Reuters.”
    ……latest news……………

    China’s Wanda Unveils $8.2 Billion Movie Fund as Hollywood A-Listers Lend Support

    Hollywood A-listers turned out in force in searing sunshine in Qingdao, northeastern China, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Harvey Weinstein there to show moral support for the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis complex, which is slated to open in 2017 in the eastern Chinese port city.

    The facility will include a 10,000-square-meter film studio and 19 smaller facilities, along with a theme park similar to the Universal Studios franchise. The project will also include a permanent auto show, a yacht center, an international hospital, hotels and bars.

    “The future of the world’s film industry is in China because we have 1.3 billion people, and we will have the biggest film business in the world by 2018,” Wang told the assembled glitterati, which also included the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, as well as John Travolta, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ewan McGregor, Kate Beckinsale

  46. jonavark says:

    The #1 most pathetic thing about this entire affair is this stupid woman’s apology to Al Sharpton.

  47. phoebius says:

    Matt Hanger: Yes! Our first MPC Montreal Academy graduating class this week. Nearly 50 newly trained FX, compositing and lighting juniors have completed their Academy training and have joined their teams working on shows. I’m gonna miss ’em, but the next Montreal Academy starts on February 2nd! Wanna join us?

  48. Matt Hanger says:

    Dear Mr Phoebius,

    Thankyou for your interest in the MPC Academy. We have viewed your resume and reel and at this time do not think you have the skills to enter our Academy. The completion is high for the places and currently you do not meet the required standard.

    Based on your work we have attached some links for a career with your skill set



    • phoebius says:

      better mcdonald than mpc… it is great to take advantages on tax incentives, isn’t it. Hope not for long, IU will try my best at least to cut them if not to completely remove them, you parasites.
      Good luck with your “Academy” Burger king Academy.

    • phoebius says:

      but at least it is great to know you read Soldier here…have you tried to answer on all the reviews and comments on Variety article? Bet you did, you jester.

    • Matt Hanger says:

      Dear Mr Phoebius,

      Again thanks for your continued interest in the MPC Academy where we turn people into high calibre artists who this year have contributed to 5 of the 10 films being considered the a VFX Oscar. That really is fantastic on the part of our teams and speaks volumes that we truly are able to train people to create fantastic work. Sadly we do not have Jesus on staff so are unable to perform any miracles with your showreel.

      We do hope to see your application in February so that you can work with the best in the Industry. In the meantime please see the enclosed link to help you as you move forward.

      We are also delighted to send you a copy of VFX for Dummies as you continue to grow and hopefully enter out training Academy in the future.

      Kind Regards


    • Roadman says:

      Just trace those 50 students over next few years on social media or movie production sites for places like mpc and framestore academy. You will see few years work (worked like dogs on minimum wage 80 hours week) then drop out when they realise the game is rigged and heading down a blind alley. Maybe 1 will become a supervisor for a few years before dropping out when they see how their life could have been, compared to friends in proper industries or starting their own business or trade, instead of having to become super political administrator with not much prospects to rise to anything better. They have to holdup one for a while for the various state funded education grants they leach and to act as a method spiked motivational carrot.

      Go ahead. Test it yourself. Trace through this path. See where it leads for 99%. The truly talented always get out ahead to start their own business or move onto the non-vfx firms production studio side. That is about 10%. They would get their anyway, they don’t need academies. Maybe 25% are entirely unsuited and dropout for obvious reasons. The vast majority left are the wedge these firms rely on to suppress wages and run their labor intensive business with. Perpetual myths, false incentives and 3-4 year staff turnover.

      • phoebius says:

        …seems like quebec have some money to throw away not only on these parasites companies but also on the training side of them.
        So if you train people then you are eligible for some extra dollars from the beautiful quebec government who is making big cuts from police, schools, hospitals and so on…
        I think this is the main reason of all this bullshit called Academy.

      • more trolls says:

        According to this thread the most talented people in VFX are the ones here who are blacklinsted and cant get work.

        Go figure.

      • Roxboro says:

        … Sort off.

      • phoebius says:

        more trolls:
        it took some time before you came with this hoax. Some of the talented people are blacklisted and some not.
        Difference is, the ones who kiss asses, like you do very often, find a job, and those who don’t, don’t.

        It is hard for you to understand?

  49. Easy says:

    Dear trolls, the cat’s out of the bag you idiots.

    Just because they are available here doesn’t mean it’s the only source. *I* would like to know exactly what they had on me if I were affected by these hacks.

    As usual, the only people crying “Boohoo VFX Soldier!” are worried about their gravy train. In reality they should be at slaving away through their 10th consecutive weekend working with no OT thanks to some incompetent producer who’s ass they kiss on a daily basis. I call bullshit on the whingeing about the morality of posting links where it’s available. Yeah, you’re all so high highfalutin’ and moral. Please, just shut the hell up and get back to work pleb.

    Anyone who is interested in identities has them already and if your info is on there, well it sucks to be you but you will have to take steps regardless on the availability in the links here.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see some memos regarding the issues that have been discussed on this site for years. They HAVE to be in there!

    • phoebius says:

      …and also I will suggest trolls not to use the one and only argument when they blacklist people – saying the artists are not good.
      Most if not all of the blacklisted people are in this industry for at least the same amount of time as the trolls are.
      So try to be inventive when you blacklist people. Saying he’s not good is not enough.
      In a company where the lead/super is good, everything else is running smoothly.
      Bare this in your narrow mind, trolls.

  50. SoThisIsTheNewAmerica says:

    The debate over the morality or ethics of sharing a link is completely irrelevant. The very real situation is that companies like Sony have all the power, are run by sociopaths who clearly have a grudge against artists, and have no qualms about playing very high stakes economic games with our livelihoods. Unfortunately, many of our compatriots don’t understand the nature of the game they are playing. I hate to break it to you, but we no longer live in a “civilized” society. We live in a jungle – a global jungle – and cannot afford to waste our energy arguing over idiotic ideals that ultimately make us vulnerable. These companies are already playing a brutal game of dog eat dog with each other (not one of the “Big 6” has shown any solidarity with Sony) and they are not stopping to have ridiculous conversations about ethics.

    This information gives us insight into forces that have a very real influence on our lives and strategically we’d be idiots not to take advantage. I think some of those being accused of trolling just can’t or won’t admit that what started out as a fight for a job has become a war to defend a way of life. Corporations do not and cannot share our interests, they are not individuals, and based on the way Sony pulled “The Interview” in lieu of a dictator’s demands we do not even share the same American values. They are not fighting a clean fight and we shouldn’t either.

    There is so much at stake, we have to stay focused and not let something as petty as trolls derail these important conversations. Make no mistake, we are fighting a war. It might be an economic war with bottom-lines instead of bloodshed, but the game has changed and if we don’t adapt, we’re going to lose, big!

    • phoebius says:

      …we already lose big. We would love to hear some solutions or what exactly each one of us should do.

    • VFX_Jujitsu says:

      “This information gives us insight into forces that have a very real influence on our lives and strategically we’d be idiots not to take advantage.”

      Most people are idiots. Don’t count on people to stop being idiots and working against their own interests. How do you think it is possible another Bush thinks he can run for U.S. President in 2016 and win unless most people are idiots? Right.

      People who get stuff done in the world, during “uncivilized” times like we live in now, when no one is playing by the rules… Take up the good fight, kick a bunch of ass and then when they are done they put the boxing gloves down again, “resume” life, re-installing the civilized rules of engagement, and fairness, which were destroyed. The unfortunate thing is that people who play by the rules in a fight against someone not playing by the rules, usually almost always lose. For example, Civil rights protestors when they are getting change accomplished, are often breaking the old rules.

      That’s what “war” is. Economic or political. Fairness, rules and Civilized discourse break down due to disputes by “belligerents”…. so these polite and civilized rules of engagement are thrown out the window,the gloves come off on both sides, and who ever manages to gain the upper hand wins the fight and sets the rules while the other guy gets his ass handed to him.

      In today’s world, the upper hand has already been made, and the guys with upper hand are killing and stealing with impunity while the rest of us argue about how we can beat them at their own game playing by their rules. The minds of most, have not yet untangled the true solution from the false solution offered by those who designed the rules by which you are being made into the loser. If 10 people are at a poker table and one guy has rigged the game and has all of the chips, How do you remedy that situation? Write all the solutions down. Excluding the solutions where someone gets a black eye, what do you have? For example, the 10 guys can shut the other guy out of the game, get a new source of chips and start their own AnimCoop. The key here is to find away to stop playing under the rules of the guy who rigged the game. So either you strip him of control of the game so he too plays by the rules, or you shut him out and start a new game.

      Unfortunately that is what the whole world has become in many respects. Uncivilized. Rigged so that you lose. Sony makes a movie about killing a foreign president and is surprised there was some type of adverse reaction about it? Really? Why are talented artists losing their jobs or being short changed while some overpaid idiot is green lighting stupid movies about killing foreign heads of state that no one wants to see anyways?

      Everyone, please., please stop apologizing to idiots and trolls for calling them out. And stop apologizing for being angry that your way of life is being shat on by idiots in high places who have no clue what the fuck they are doing. Anyone here who thinks the major sin being committed is VFX Soldier and others looking in those Sony files… You simply have no fucking clue and you might as well get out of this business now and start over because you probably do not have the fortitude or the patience to weather the industry long enough until others can pave the way forward for you.

      A rigged system run by corporations no longer following protocols of civilized behavior and destroying the modern way of life as we have known it…Does Not Deserve Your Sympathy

      • phoebius says:

        “Most people are idiots.” All but you?

      • VFX_Jujitsu says:

        “This information gives us insight into forces that have a very real influence on our lives and strategically we’d be idiots not to take advantage.”

        Most people are not aware of the forces shaping their lives and most do not want to know, let alone take “strategic” advantage of knowledge that might help them. Most people will run from and ignore reality until it comes crashing down on them. And usually at that point it is too late. (Bye bye LA VFX)

        By the equation in ThisIsTheNewAmericas quote above , i said that must mean therefore that most people are idiots. Don’t take that so personal. I have been an idiot many times in life and have no problem acknowledging that. I have Idiot Awareness and when I am acting like an idiot, I take corrective action. But the key to not being an idiot in the first place is to be able to be aware that one is behaving like an idiot and make corrections.

        VFX Soldier is doing nothing the mainstream media isn’t doing. In fact what he is doing may actually enlighten you in ways that may help your career in VFX or least give you a leg up. So personally I would think it might be strategically wiser (and therefore less idiotic)to channel the anger elsewhere?

      • phoebius says:

        my god, you’re such an idiot!

  51. Clark says:

    The ambiance on this blog starts to be seriously bad.
    First, educate yourself and go learn what is a “troll”.
    Let me help you. It’s about someone posting something the poster doesn’t necessary believe in. The whole point is only to make you react from this extraneous comment.
    All I red here was people being disagree.
    Aren’t we suppose to be open to different opinion, debate it like adult instead of finishing with insult like morron, troll, etc ??

    Where’s the problem is pro-subsidies, disappointed seeing links to the torrent leaked files or support the MPC academy ??

    Bring your opinion, explain why you agree or disagree. In one word prove us you are a grown up, educated artist seeking for solution while debating. Not just being blind/close minded on your opinion ( which often are the easy mainstream.. ).

    My own experience here is being often agree with VFXSoldier and few time strongly disagree. I can’t count how much I’ve been insulted for not following the mainstream here.

    Anyway, I keep coming here because it’s the only place where we can speak about all of those things related to our industry.

    I’m still full of expectation and hope, please don’t make this place a stupid “you’re with us or against us”. Every topic deserves deep thinking, sometime mind changing. The school yard is behind us. I hope.

    • DaveS says:

      Clark, NOBODY is forcing you to be in VFX or read this website.
      If you don’t like it….leave. Save yourself the stress. The answer is obvious. If there are legal grounds against posting this data then the entire news media should be prosecuted too.

      “All I red here was people being disagree.”

      If you can’t spell “read” or make a coherent sentence, then maybe you didn’t read the words correctly ?

      Production, who have an easy ride on the backs of hard work and OT, really start to squirm with anonymous posters, speaking the truth and revealing how the industry really functions.

      • Clark says:

        Ok so you’re telling me this place is about being agree with VFXSoldier or the mainstream opinion.
        Not open to debate ?
        Don’t have the right to disagree ?
        Or it’s normal to get insulted and we should leave ?
        Is this how you see the world and behave in society ? Sad..

    • DaveS says:

      >Ok so you’re telling me this place is about being agree with >VFXSoldier or the mainstream opinion.

      it’s obviously a place to debate the vfx industry…… is what it is….

      there are, however, trolls who talk shit,

      they are not just disagreeing, they are TRYING to be disagreeable and make the site owner look bad, for doing something that is no different than mainstream media

      the “assholes” don’t want agreement

      some don’t want vfx to be unionized

      they want to suck you in some petty heirarchial system based on greed, games and abuse

      most people live normal lives

      vfx isn’t normal

      it’s idealism and art being brutalised by petty producer politics, vfx artist cliques and studio greed

      vfx artists are seen as easy to abuse because they have no strong union

      • phoebius says:

        This is the truth,

        Trolls will try whatever they can to present an abnormal situation as a normal one.
        They will tell you lies, deform the reality and probably they will try to switch your focus from the real issues in vfx today, saying that everything is ok and it is only YOU that are blacklisted because either “you are not good” or you “are a problem maker”
        Guess what? It is not going to last forever…..

  52. Lonely says:

    Lol, Ghost 🙂

  53. anon says:

    LOS ANGELES — Cybersecurity experts are questioning the FBI’s claim that North Korea is responsible for the hack that crippled Sony Pictures. Kurt Stammberger, a senior vice president with cybersecurity firm Norse, told CBS News his company has data that doubts some of the FBI’s findings.

    “Sony was not just hacked, this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside,” said Stammberger

    While Norse is not involved in the Sony case, it has done its own investigation.

    “We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history,” said Stammberger.

    He says Norse data is pointing towards a woman who calls herself “Lena” and claims to be connected with the so-called “Guardians of Peace” hacking group. Norse believes it’s identified this woman as someone who worked at Sony in Los Angeles for ten years until leaving the company this past May.

    “This woman was in precisely the right position and had the deep technical background she would need to locate the specific servers that were compromised,” Stammberger told me.

    Other experts in cybersecurity and private intelligence are also questioning the FBI’s claim that North Korea is solely to blame for the Sony hack.

    “There are certainly North Korean fingerprints on this but when we run all those leads to ground they turn out to be decoys or red herrings,” said Stammberger.

    For instance while the malware used to attack Sony has been used by North Korea before, it is also used by hackers around the world every day.

    It’s worth noting that the original demand of the hackers was for money from Sony in exchange for not releasing embarrassing information. There was no mention of the movie “The Interview,” which will see a limited theatrical release on Christmas Day. The FBI is still continuing its investigation into the Sony hack.

  54. anon says:

    this is the best site revealing a list of exactly what happened etc…:

    A Breakdown and Analysis of the December, 2014 Sony Hack

  55. SquishNStretch says:

    So now Sony has shafted the independent theaters by releasing it on VOD first, after having previously shafted the mainstream theaters.

    Once again Sony goes out of its way to prove to the world that they are a bunch of craven, vacillating chickensh**ts.

  56. anon says:

    “In the movie world, there’s no debate; watching “The Interview” is torture from almost start to finish.

    So how did such a turkey ever escape the studio lot?

    A significant part of the answer lies in the dumbing-down of the audience that began decades ago, when studios discovered that kids would turn out to see almost any piece of junk on any weekend provided the marketing departments did their jobs. Movies weren’t the only coarseners of pop culture, but they led the way, with the eager assent of the paying public.

    The dumbing-downers were so successful for so many years—and became so beholden to a small coterie of popular stars—that they dumbed themselves down to a level of trivialization where reality and reckless fantasy were no longer readily distinguishable.

    As Hollywood spectaculars go, “The Interview” was long in the making.”

    • Jackadullboy says:

      Damn… I was really hoping this movie would be a clever satirical piece offering an wry insight into the tragic situation in North Korea and the very real plight of it’s citizens.

      • q says:

        since “The Interview” functions on the same level as your sarcasm, you might enjoy it ?

        There are moments where it borders on reality, it seems…..but it’s basically junk, like most films Hollywood finances, and gets vfx artists to generate for as close to nothing as possible

        If you want a quality recent quality documentary on NK watch:

        but I am guessing you don’t, like the VFX industry, education is hard, but insults are easy……..

      • Jackadullboy says:

        Yikes.. I really don’t know where you get any of that from my post. No offense was intended, rest assured, but there you are…

        I’m actually an avid viewer of documentaries, (and rarely watch hollywood-generated fiction), but you don’t know me, so I wouldn’t expect you to be aware of that.

        The one you posted seems pretty good, much as I tend to be wary of RT’s output.. It’s gives an insight into the kind of doublethink that’s required to exist safely within such a rigidly controlled system. I can recommend “the Act of Killing” for one of the best takes on this kind of psychology, if you haven’t already seen it. Everyone should IMHO..

      • q says:

        thanks for the comment Jack

  57. dave says:

    BREAKING: We Have IDed Two Female L.A.-Based Persons of Interest in Sony Leak

    A independent investigation has identified two female, L.A.-based persons of interest in the Sony hacking scandal.

    The woman who we will call “Lena2″ is in her mid-to-late thirties and a former Sony pictures employee, who ceased to be employed by Sony in March of this year.

    A review of her LinkedIn page shows that she had both the payroll access, the computer savvy, and the accounting background. She had been at the company for eight years.

    “Lena2″ had both the access and the means to leak the sensitive Sony material. is not releasing her real name at this time, but we have identified her as a person of interest, based upon: Her role as in administering the payroll system; administrator and her social media accounts fits the profile.. (She deleted her Twitter account.) Despite leaving the company earlier this year, we curiously cannot find a separation letter for her, although hundreds of other separation letters were released by the hackers. has also identified a possible motive: pay equality on gender lines.

    The first email from ‘lena’ references “equality.”

    “We Want equality[sic]. Sony doesn’t. It’s an upward battle,” the hackers write in a message published by The Verge.

    We’ve examined the data released by the hackers and found a disproportionate number of women were laid off by Bain & Co., the consulting company brought in by Sony.

    We suspect that Lena2, a female payroll system administrator, would have been one of the first people to witness the pattern of these firings and layoffs, since she would have administered the paperwork.

    In the month that Lena2 left Sony – March 2014 – the payroll cuts were roughly equal to what Seth Rogen was paid for the Interview.

    Also, based upon the cultural references presented by the hackers in their publicly-reported emails, also strongly point to an American citizen (and not a Japanese national), as we previously speculated.

    • jonavark says:

      Catch ’em. Jail ’em. Equal pay in jail. Problem Solved.

    • YappiVFXDesignSlave says:

      Wow this is nuts. Equality ehhh?

    • my name is not dave says:

      management treats employees like garbage and employees react

      I hope these people are never caught and charged

      the system needs to COMPLETELY change

      Ed Snowden and Brad/Chelsea Manning improved the system that was acting in illegal ways, far worse than Nixon’s Whitehouse

      while the entire US middle class wealth declines by a third, 400 people (enough to fill a ballroom) using vast super computers manipulates the entire financial system driving more people into debt by sucking out capital from the market into the pockets of a tiny minority

      • jonavark says:

        They’re already ‘caught’. Sony doesn’t have an infinite number of ex employees. They’ll spend some time in prison once they’re apprehended and convicted. If you want things any different, go ahead and start your own massive company. Then get back to me about “The System”.

        If you were really concerned about things that are far worse than Nixon’s White House you have the current administration to go after.

    • World Gone Bat Sht says:

      ABOUT GOTNEWS.COM founder and editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson is an investigative journalist, author, and sought after researcher.

      He was a contributor to the Daily Caller and the Blaze, and his work is frequently featured on Drudge Report.

      He is author of Why Coolidge Matters: Leadership Lessons from America’s Most Underrated President and The Truth About the IRS Scandal. Charles is an award-winning journalist who has also written for Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Los Angeles Times, American Spectator, Daily Beast, National Review Online, PJ Media, and Weekly Standard.

      Charles has appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs and numerous radio programs, including Rusty Humphries, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, and Mark Levin. He is at work on a new book about the researcher community for St. Martin’s Press.

      There might be something to the story, but not sure we can trust a guy associated with a pack of confabulating liars like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin. Go read the comments section on any news article on any given day on the Blaze site. It’s like sitting in on a Klan meeting.

      • jonavark says:

        Oh what a load of bullshit. Pure illiterate liberal brainwashed bullshit.

      • World Gone Bat Sht says:

        Jona, Jonavark or whoever the fuck you are, why don’t you take your far right wing apologetics and corporate apologies somewhere else? I imagine you are not even a VFX artist but some corporate pencil pusher trying to manage opinion here on this blog. Most VFX artists I know, almost uniformly don’t have a lot of sympathy for these corporations destroying their domestic VFX industry and they certainly don’t go around calling other VFX artists “parasites, maggots, and roaches” for standing up to corporations destroying their way of life and off shoring it in communist China. If are looking for a friendly site for calling struggling people “parasites, maggots, and roaches”.. (Typical right wing slur.) Try Glen Beck’s Blaze or maybe Stormfront. Said another way… Take a hike you poser.

      • jonavark says:

        “parasites, maggots, and roaches”
        The analogy was explained regarding the unethical perusal of personal and private data contained in files from Sony and it stands. Despite your desire to attribute it to VFX artists in general.

        As far as your dream of corporate loyalty to any state, country or person.. not gonna happen. Never has. That’s the way it works, unfortunately. You learn these things when you grow up. It is the real world and has nothing to do with corporate apologies.

        If you’re going to spew your political hatred online you might get blowback. Live with it.

      • World Gone Bat Sht says:

        Corporate destruction of the VFX industry is THE problem. If you don’t understand that, then you are probably not a person in VFX because you would be looking for a way to roll back corporate power to preserve your career or you’d be off somewhere else retraining for a new career rather wasting time on a blog apologizing for corporations triangulating ways to offload your job to communist China.

        Like I said…. take a hike poser.

      • jonavark says:

        blahblahblah corporate power blah blah.. you think that’s new? And you’re going to solve it how? Take a fucking breath and settle down. No one is apologizing for anything. I’m just telling you how it is. As far as China goes.. you can’t stop that. Sorry asshole.

      • anon says:

        I declare a new law, similar to Godwin’s law, which states that the first side of a discussion, who pejoratively uses the word “liberal”, forfeits the argument automatically.

      • jonavark says:

        Nah.. start with “Klan”

      • phoebius says:

        very active this jonovark…dumb, but active.

  58. the system is a monster says:

    what will be the result of this ?

    INCREASED SURVEILLANCE and more management micro managing

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    “Several years ago I worked for a US shipping company. Nearly everything possible that could be connected to your name was recorded; my performance review alone was 17 pages long. One of the old time employees had noted that no matter how good you were there were days things didn’t work out which would go in your file; eventually anyone could be let go for “performance” reasons, so keeping on your job was politics or simply expediency. Endless e-mails and required online training were sent down. Along with exhortations to be creative and flexible were missives on how to conduct our morning meetings down to eye contact and speaking manner. One thing I remember was anytime something didn’t work we were supposed to ask “why” five times each step of the way, up until we “solved” the problem. It was clear these were coming from office workers using trendy buzzwords who had never worked in shipping and had no idea what went on. They didn’t do GPS monitoring because of cost, but they did have security people who would go around and run people through the wringer. One of our employees found out the hard way that reporting a lost or damaged item wound up with him accused of being a thief and the security guy searching his car. As other people have noted, employees today are regarded as if they’re all incompetent or crooks, and it was all a shell game on numbers. When I left I wasn’t listed as quit but downgraded to part time and on call so a termination wouldn’t show on their reports, and nearly a year later I got a phone call from one of the office workers generating memos wanting me to fill out a survey about why I left.”

    • YappiVFXDesignSlave says:

      Interesting quote. Welcome to corporate america. I mean the police state. I mean corporate america.

      • YappiVFXDesignSlave says:

        “When I left I wasn’t listed as quit but downgraded to part time and on call so a termination wouldn’t show on their reports…”
        Typical corporate neo-cheating. I know many instances of this kind of stuff. I see it all the time in various forms.

  59. jack says:

    Suspect accused of the Sony hack, found dead after FBI manhunt

    Loretta Stone, a former Sony cybersecurity manager, was suspected of the massive cyberattack against Sony.

    Stone worked in a ‘key technical’ position in Sony for 10 years but was sent packing in May during a large sweep of lay-offs. Stone used an alias “Lena” then joined to the “Guardians of Peace” hacker group looking for revenge.

    The FBI had joined the manhunt which discovered Stone’s body in the woods near his home. Stone’s whereabouts were unknown before her body was discovered in the forest on Monday.

    According to police, the 35-year-old suspect, Stone, was found dead in an apparent suicide. Stone was accused of releasing confidential data included personal information about Sony Pictures employees and their families, e-mails between employees, information about executive salaries at the company, copies of unreleased Sony films, and other information.

    Media outlets reported that Stone suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

  60. jack says:

    Meanwhile the Serkis is in town : He just invented evrything 🙂

    • . says:

      The quality of the work is incredibly low, the size of Serkis’s ego is very large; he insulted WETA vfx team’s contribution as simply “digital makeup” and in this video tries to take credit for using the same technology ?

      • jonavark says:

        Do you mean the quality of the game engine previews or the rough mocap?

      • Anonymous says:

        The quality of both, the quality of the video presentation, the quality of the associated website (that isn’t developed), the quality of Serkis’s lack of knowledge or ability as a CG artist, who is left for Serkis to demean for power since he himself is now starting to operate the “digital makeup” ?

      • Matt Hanger says:

        You Know it was Weta Digital that coined the phrase “Digital Makeup” Serkis was just repeating it. So you may not like him but it was Joe Leteri who came up with the team and not Serkis.

      • An on says:

        “Earlier today TheWrap‘s Steve Pond posted an interview with WETA’s Joe Letteri that includes a discussion prompted by (and referring to) a recent HE riff about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star Andy Serkis deserving an acting nomination. Serkis has stated in interviews that his performance as Caesar is his own and that WETA has essentially provided “digital makeup.”

        Letteri’s response: “I know that Andy has used that metaphor of digital makeup before, but I think that he was just trying to explain it to an audience that was not technically very savvy. The difference is that makeup is passive. And the more makeup you put on, the more it actually deadens the performance. [Which is why] we sometimes need to enhance the performance. So yes, we do make those sorts of translations all the time. Sometimes we have to exaggerate it so it reads in camera.”

      • anon says:

        Does this comment even make any sense ?

        was the point to confuse the question in smoke and mirrors ?

        “I know that Andy has used that metaphor of digital makeup before, but I think that he was just trying to explain it to an audience that was not technically very savvy. The difference is that makeup is passive. And the more makeup you put on, the more it actually deadens the performance. [Which is why] we sometimes need to enhance the performance. So yes, we do make those sorts of translations all the time. Sometimes we have to exaggerate it so it reads in camera.”

      • Easy says:

        It makes perfect sense.

        Andy has demonstrated some serious diplomatic Jiu Jitsu with that statement. Which amounts to a polite way of saying that Serkis’ analogy to digital makeup is not only totally wrong but the fact is the character animators often fix his performances digitally to make them better.

      • anon says:

        “yes, we do make those sorts of translations”

        other possible Letteri quotes:

        “anyone care to motion vector for lunch ?”

        “descending fluid particles down the y axis made stuck in traffic”

        “the quadruped needs muscle deformation, I’ll take a tennis sphere to the park”

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