Francis L. Camacho Memorial Fund

VFX artist Francis L. Camacho recently passed away in Montreal. His family has created a memorial fund that you can donate to.–X00.facebook

While I didn’t personally know Francis, I was familiar with him in various social media circles as an avid supporter of the blog.

Soldier On.

17 Responses to Francis L. Camacho Memorial Fund

  1. rage dude! says:

    …can someone tell us why he passed away? Stroke? Hard attack?

    • vfxmafia says:

      Someone said while he was in India he wasn’t feeling good and complained of shortness of breath. Shortness of breath seems heart related. His family urged him to come back and see a doctor. He was afraid that the long hours might have given him permenant damage of some kind….and flew to Canada (I believe looking for work in Canada) and died shortly there after.

      My guess being over weight….mixed with too much stress and OT..with some hypertension is a dangerous mix.

      OT can be a dangerous thing once your past 35…you have to eat right and force yourself to exercise. Just by working a 10 hour day increases your chance of heart attack, stroke, or diabetes by %50. Its a very big problem the industry needs to address.

      Please give if you can…the family is gonna have to pay to ship the body back to the states………

      Imagine dying half way around the world chasing work……and your family has to send for your body?

      Thanks for posting the memorial fund link Dan…

      • me says:

        the beauty of VFX…Shame on those who forced him to work OT. They killed him.

      • me says:

        ..and don’t tell me he was not forced, because you know that once you refuse, you are out. This guy is a victim of abuse!

      • vfxmafia says:

        OT is a complex thing.

        Lack of sleep wont kill you….but mixed with a heart condition it can. A sedimentary lifestyle like working 10 -12 hour days wont kill you…but mixed with lack of excercise …stress…and age……that can kill you. A 12 hour day won’t kill you……but working 7 straight 12 hour days and falling asleep at the wheel while driving home will kill you…

        You have to prepare yourself physically as you get older…and have to work these kinds of hours. Mandatory 12 hour days mixed with certain lifestyle choices… potentially dangerous to your health.

        There is some “Personal Responsibility” involved. But you are correct…..when asked to work OT….I never heard anyone say….due to “Personal Responsibility” Im going home…..

      • vfxmafia says:


        that was a great link. I actually switched to a stand up desk recently…too bad it wasn’t 15 years ago…..thanks for posting that

  2. LAFX says:

    Probably one of the most good natured, friendliest guys I’ve met in VFX. Rest in piece Francis. You are one of best.

    • usfilmguy says:

      I couldn’t agree more LAFX. Fran was a terrific person–and this is a tragedy. I worked with Fran at R&H years ago and he was hardworking, beyond pleasant and supportive to all. We have got to figure out a way to make this lifestyle of production healthier. A major film studio is about to begin production (principal photography) on a 1,000-plus shot character(s ) animated film that has to be completed by November 2015. Filming doesn’t begin until March which means that Post won’t be up and running until June (hopefully)—this seems like a cluster F@*K—and dangerous health-wise to all artists involved.

  3. Dan L says:

    I think Francis employment situation was pretty typical of how we artists sometimes find ourselves nowadays – going to the farthest corners of the globe to get work, with long hours (12 hour days from what I heard about Mumbai) and very little reward to show for it.
    Because of that, I decided to make a ontribution to his fund by donating $100 as an initial offering. I hope people on here and anyone you choose to share this link with, will feel the same, and identify with the fact that the stress of the work we have, with the long hours and the distance we often have to go, make us vulnerable to financial loss, and health loss, which is quite possibly what may have happened to Francis frown emoticon..
    Please consider donating, and making a contribution to someone who obviously was affected by the toll our industry takes on people mentally and physically.

  4. Please don't says:

    Can you please not speculate on the reasons for his passing to advance your own personal narrative? Thanks.

    • RIP brother... says:

      @plz dont

      I don’t think DanL was refering to any kind of an agenda. Francis was a supervisor at Prime Focus India. Francis went there after Los Angeles collapsed. What i hear he was pulling mad OT in India and was looking to relax back stateside.

  5. anon says:

    Most VFX artists spend long hours behind desks, every week, with minimal physical exertion or activity.

    What isn’t mentioned much in vfx is that sitting all day at a desk is proven to be very bad for human health, and vfx artists really need some sort of hazard pay or compensation to offset assosciated health problems, IMO.

    Professor Marc Hamilton of the University of Missouri published a paper in the scientific journal Diabetes. the study followed 222,000 people to arrive at this conclusion:

    “Sitting down for extended periods poses a health risk as “insidious” as smoking or over-exposure to the sun, a scientist claims. Millions of workers who sit at desks for hours on end before going home to sit in front of the TV are increasing their chances of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity”
    “The dire concern for the future may rest with growing numbers unaware of the potential insidious dangers of sitting too much.”

    Another study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity followed 63,048 males ages 45-65

    “Compared with those who reported sitting four hours or less per day, those who sat for more than four hours per day were significantly more likely to report having a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The reporting of chronic diseases rose as participants indicated they sat more. Those sitting for at least six hours were significantly more likely to report having diabetes.

    “We saw a steady stair-step increase in risk of chronic diseases the more participants sat,” Rosenkranz said. “The group sitting more than eight hours clearly had the highest risk.”

  6. vfxmafia says:

    This is a good time to post the legendary Director of Photography Haskell Wexler…..who at 75 and still working…..did a documentary….called “Who Needs Sleep”. He pissed off ALOT of people by making this documentary on health and safety standards in the film industry….

  7. me says:

    can someone tell me the name of the Montreal company where Camacho was working when he passed away?

    • chexmix says:

      I think he was looking for work in Montreal and visiting friends. He just ended a contract with Prime Focus India.

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