VFX Soldier Attends CA Democratic Convention


Deana Igelsrud and I speaking about the film subsidy issue to a state politician.

The March in March demonstration caught the attention of many people. One of them was Deana Igelsrud who was a former ILM employee who is now Co-Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party’s Legislative Action Committee. Deana reached out to me last week and invited me to attend the California Democratic Convention last Saturday for a chance to meet with elected officials and speak about our legal effort to curb subsidies in the VFX industry. I have also been contacted by supportive conservative groups that would like to file amicus briefs. This issue seems to transcend party lines.

The event went really well. Deana and I stayed at the convention until midnight as she introduced me to state and local officials. She seemed to know everyone which should be no surprise: Deana was one of the main organizers for the implementation and passing of Proposition 25.

The reception from officials about our legal effort to discipline the subsidy race by using anti-subsidy duties to nullify their effect was quite good. Many exchanged contact info to learn more. My hope is that this will help with our Local Initiative Plan to help gain funding for the legal effort.

Big thanks to Deana for helping out the cause.

It’s worth noting that there was something else that happened last week that I can’t report on yet but I’m hopeful that it will be more good news.

Soldier On.


14 Responses to VFX Soldier Attends CA Democratic Convention

  1. Mark Devlin says:

    Thank you for all your efforts!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Misha says:

    Deana is a great friend and great person…I’m glad you two are working together….

  3. So strange to see the California Democratic Party and Breitbart.com agreee on something.

  4. lhenryfx says:

    This is great news ! Thanks for making it up there, Daniel. I hope we can all pitch in with spirit of cooperation & keep up the momentum you have going. Just reach out if you need a hand with anything.

  5. Whoa says:

    In a way, this recent sting op by the FBI over studio bribery just might work out in our favor. Knowing the FBI are watching must make it a lot tougher to push the legal lobbying limits to any congressmen/women or lobbyists who value their freedom. That along with the recent MPAA gaff have made for perfect timing to fight for the CVD solution and potentially get cooperation from elected officials at the same time.

  6. vfxguy says:

    Breaking news! VFX Soldier wears suit, talks to woman.

  7. seerak says:

    So strange to see the California Democratic Party and Breitbart.com agreee on something.

    It isn’t that strange when you consider that it’s only an endpoint coincidence; each side’s position follows from their internal political hatreds, not something so clean as a principle.

    The Democrats look at the studios, see and hate the media conglomerates behind them. The conservatives look at the studios, see the large Hollywood Democratic donor base, and want to put a dent in that.

    About the only ones on our side from principle are (some) libertarians, who don’t like corporate welfare *or* the Hollywood political monolith.

    But hey, it all counts if it ends up weaning Hollywood off the subsidy crack.

  8. Painter says:

    Daniel, do you have a press kit to download with a mission statement, and maybe links to your interviews, press coverage, etc?

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