VFX Soldier Has Been Locked Up!

It was only a matter of time but The Mission statement garnered such a good response that it even made it on to CG Censorship Talk:


But never fear, the good folks at cgtalk.com have made sure to lock the thread up and make sure this kitty cat doesn’t get out of the bag. It’s actually nice to see a post like that even make it on their site. Usually when I try to even spread the word about benefits offered by The Animation Guild on cgtalk it doesn’t even make it on the boards. If a post does make it through the cg thought police are quickly there to take it down!

All jokes aside, the fact that we can’t even discuss about the issues facing our industry and the things we need to do to solve them is a terrible disservice to our community.  Shame on you cgtalk.

Keep walking. Carry on. There is nothing for you to see here.


7 Responses to VFX Soldier Has Been Locked Up!

  1. Frank says:

    Keep fighting vfx Soldier, I and many others fully support your cause.

  2. vfxsoldier says:

    Apparently now I am now banned from cgtalk. I found it interesting that the people who run that site actually edit peoples’ posts. Extreme censorship. I dare you to try to talk about the things I talk about on cgtalk.

  3. LAVFX says:

    Not surprised. Leigh and others at CG TALK are more interested in shutting down threads, moving threads to administrators only areas, than encourage discussion on the forum.

    It’s interesting when when a few of the admins tell people that they can’t take the criticism or articles seriously when there is an anonymous person behind them. There’s a reason for that obviously and the cg talk admins know it [in fact I know of one or two of the big admins there were told by their employers to remove the studios name from their profile and signature on cgtalk].

    Using your real name or your employer when you post is very dangerous, as a few folks on cgtalk found out, especially when you have a studio vs studio call out thread that gets deleted but still causes some drama.

    CGTalk likes to put a happy face on everything, professionals move on, some people game the forum for exposure and serious discussion is squashed if it doesn’t meet mod approval.

    • vfxsoldier says:

      I hate to name names in this but I think my most memorable thread was this one:


      Leigh (cgtalk staff) at one point said:

      “I don’t consider what I do at work to be art at all… if you want glory and royalties and all that stuff, go make your own films.”

      Lee Stranahan rightly points out in a previous comment:

      “a lot of people are really denigrating their own profession and treating themselves as ‘workers’, not artists. That’s bad for everyone.”

      but you get more of the same from another poster:

      “IMHO, most unions are the scum of the earth and should be abolished.”

      “See, here’s the problem. You (thats you, as in most cg people) are a worker, youre not an artist.”

      Something smells fishy.

  4. Polyphemus says:


    The big SoHo studios have a back room deal with their competitors to keep a cap on wages/benefits and to avoid a wage war or people stealing talent from each other.

    One of my friends interviewed with a few of the big SOHO shops, and had 2 job offers. While negotiating salary, he attempted to play one studio off another one in order to get a better deal. He was rebuffed and told “Don’t bother, we know what the other guys are offering you since we all share that info…”

    It looks like some of the mods are employees at those studios, so it’s a small wonder that they share that viewpoint and drink the Kool Aid from their superiors.

    • vfxsoldier says:

      It would be tough find evidence of that but if that were true it would be illegal in the US.

      • Macnowles says:

        A human resources administrator at a game studio in Montreal (if that counts) was rumored for a while to have been in contact with other companies in the city to place a cap on yearly wages so that prospective talent couldn’t negotiate their salaries at different companies for better wages.

        She was promptly fired when the news broke that she had tried to make this happen.

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